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UEFA Champions League

Arke Stadion (ATT 24,000) 7th December 2010 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: C Velasco Carballo

Twente FC Twente vs Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham

Twente 3

D Landzaat (pen 22)
R Rosales (56)
N Chadli (64)


Tottenham 3

P Wisgerhof (og 12)
J Defoe (47, 60)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:36 pm, December 7th 2010

  1. 94

    The home players also vent their fury towards Lennon as play comes to a halt but they manage to stop it going overboard. That would have spoilt a cracking game, which has finished 3-3 as the final whistle goes and Tottenham go through as group winners.

  2. 93

    Sorry, it's De Jong that has gone down and the home crowd are incensed that Lennon has played on, even though he has every right to.

  3. 92

    More penalty shouts from the home crowd as Janssen goes down at the far post from Chadli's left-wing cross.

  4. 91

    Crouch is harshly penalised again after winning a long ball and flicking on for Keane.

  5. 90

    Finally a lull in play as we head into stoppage time in Enschede.

  6. 89

    Twente work it to Tiendalli, who hits a right-footed effort narrowly wide from 25 yards.

  7. 88

    Corluka has to head clear a dangerous cross by Janssen.

  8. 87

    Crouch is penalised for handball as full-time approaches.

  9. 86

    Twente are still trying to maintain possession and come forward. Here's hoping the English sides avoid the Dutch champions in the Europa League's last 32.

  10. 85

    Niko Kranjcar hobbles off to be replaced by Peter Crouch.

  11. 84

    Concern all round about whether Spurs' defence can compete come the knock-out stage...Luke Williams says: "We need a central defender who we can rely on to not get injured! Spurs could have a brilliant defence with a bit of consistancy in the back four. However Gallas is doing a brilliant job with whoever partners him, I think it could be a lot worse!" Stevie Hay adds: "I think our backline is too weak to be strong contenders in the league and against the stronger teams in the Champions League."

  12. 83

    Alfie from London "is a huge Chelsea fan but really admires the way Spurs are playing at the moment and would love to see them go all the way." I'm sure you're not alone, Alfie! Lennon cuts inside but picks out the wrong pass 20 yards out rather than shooting.

  13. 82

    Another low Bale cross towards Keane is cut out by Twente.

  14. 81

    Twente put the ball back into the box and a penalty shout for a handball against Gallas is waved away.

  15. 80

    Chadli cuts in from the left and picks out Janssen in the box but he has to turn back to keep possession.

  16. 79

    Bale earns a free-kick down the left as the two sides continue to press forward.

  17. 78

    Douglas turns a low Bale cross towards his own goal and Boschker does well to save low to his right. I think the veteran keeper may have just made amends now.

  18. 77

    Twente cross from the right and Gomes gathers with De Jong lurking.

  19. 76

    Gomes slices a clearance out for a throw. Not quite as bad as Boschker's error early on.

  20. 75

    Although it's been attack, attack, attack from Spurs in the Champions League, Arsenal fan John was right about their defence: "It seems Assou-Ekotto is involved in most of Spurs' shortcomings. Food for thought!!" Pete in Bradford has responded though, saying: "I don't think the problem lies exclusively with the defenders. The main issue is we have a lack of protection in front of the back four (i.e. no defensive midfielder). Every other "big" team has one except us and until we strike that balance, I don't think we'll be able to truly compete for the major honours."

  21. 74

    And now Keane does come on for Spurs, with Pavlyuchenko making way.

  22. 73

    Twente make a change with Dario Vujicevic coming on for Austrian striker Marc Janko.

  23. 72

    Here's a stat for you...tonight Spurs have become the first side to score two goals in each of their six group games! Harry Redknapp is preparing to bring on Robbie Keane.

  24. 71

    Gomes bundles Janssen's corner behind at the near post. The next delivery again goes out at the near post but this time it's a Spurs goal-kick.

  25. 70

    Gomes has to pull off a fine diving save to deny Brama. Chadli plays it in to Landzaat on the edge of the box and he lays off for Brama to strike from just over 20 yards.

  26. 69

    Bale gets in a cross from the Spurs left but it's easy for Boschker.

  27. 68

    Twente have been controlling possession since their third equaliser, with the home crowd in full voice.

  28. 67

    It's been a strange game as although Tottenham have led three times, they were gifted two goals and Twente have played the better stuff. Another exciting chapter to Spurs' remarkable European adventure!

  29. 66

    Tottenham are still on course to top the group - it's 2-0 to the home side in Bremen - but the two sides have served up a cracker here in Enschede....and there's over 20 minutes left!

  30. 65

    Defoe chases down a long ball but lacks support and loses possession.

  31. 64

    GOAL! And it's a textbook curler from the Belgian midfielder, bending it over the wall and into the top corner. Gomes again has no chance.

  32. 63

    Long delay as Twente prepare to take the free-kick. This time it looks as though Janssen will let Chadli try his luck.

  33. 62

    Lennon is deemed to have clipped the heels of Janko as the Twente forward tried to pull the trigger from just over 20 yards.

  34. 61

    Bale fails to keep the ball in on the Spurs left and it's a goal-kick for Twente.

  35. 60

    Janssen dithered in possession and slipped as he was closed down by Wilson Palacios, giving the Spurs midfielder a clear run at goal. And although his shot is saved by Boschker, Defoe is on hand to turn in the rebound.

  36. 59

    GOAL! Yet Spurs are in front again as Defoe scores his second - and just his third of an injury-hit season.

  37. 58

    Twente have their tails up again and are passing it about with purpose.

  38. 57

    For any rugby league fans out there, Twente's goal anthem is the same song they play at St Helens!

  39. 56

    Twente finds Janssen on the left and he clips the ball across the box, where Rosales has come in from right-back to rise above Assou-Ekotto and direct a header inside the far post beyond Gomes, giving the Spurs keeper no chance.

  40. 55

    GOAL! The hosts draw level again after a fine header by Rosales.

  41. 54

    This from Azzi Griggs before Spurs' second..."I'm a Tottenham fan and would like Spurs to win 3-1 and for Defoe to be on the scoresheet." You may just get your wish!

  42. 53

    Janko now has treatment after a well-timed tackle by Kranjcar.

  43. 52

    Good news from Bremen as Werder go 2-0 up and Spurs are destined to win Group A and avoid the big boys in the last 16.

  44. 51

    Chadli thinks he's won a corner off Corluka but a goal-kick is given.

  45. 50

    Rosales needs treatment after Bale accidentally treads on his foot.

  46. 49

    Twente come straight back at Spurs as De Jong brings down a long ball and lays off for Janko, whose 20-yard effort is deflected wide off Bassong. Chadli heads the corner goalwards but it's an easy save for Gomes.

  47. 48

    Kranjcar plays it wide for Bale, whose cross is deflected but Douglas makes hash of getting it cleared. Lennon nicks it off him on the edge of the box before flicking it through for Defoe, who lifts it over the keeper for his first goal since August. Great pass and tidy finish.

  48. 47

    GOAL! Great start to the second half for Spurs as Jermain Defoe puts them back in front.

  49. 46

    John Wallis, another Arsenal fan, has got in touch as the second half gets started: "Results in the Premiership state that Spurs are not good at the back but are clearly strong up front so I think they will do ok. All the best to the English teams, I say." What do you Spurs fans think about your backline?

  50. A mixed first half but do you think Spurs wil do enough after the break? Let us know your thoughts at

  51. Hammad has got in touch from Pakistan and, despite being an Arsenal fan, wants Spurs to go through as group winners: "Spurs have become very strong under Redknapp. I hope Bremen beat Inter and I see Spurs winning 3-1."

  52. Spurs were gifted the opening goal and although Twente were fortunate to be awarded the penalty for their equaliser, they finished the half the stronger side. And with Inter losing, Spurs will win the group if scores stay as they are.

  53. 47

    Again Spurs break through Bale and his near-post cross is turned a couple of yards over by Defoe. Difficult chance for the England striker...and the whistle goes for half-time.

  54. 46

    Chadli gets to the left byline but his cross is straight at Gomes at the near post.

  55. 45

    Kranjcar is onto the clearance and plays it wide for Lennon, whose cut-back just fails to find Pavlyuchenko.

  56. 44

    Another Spurs attack is led by Defoe, who has been quiet so far, before Bale's cross is cleared by Tiendalli.

  57. 43

    Janko flicks a cross through to Gomes and Spurs break through Bale down the left and Boschker has to punch a teasing cross clear.

  58. 42

    Inter are losing away to Werder Bremen, though, so as it stands, a point will be enough for Spurs to clinch top spot.

  59. 41

    Gomes punches Janssen's corner clear but the ball comes back in. De Jong flicks on for Janko, who takes a touch before slicing his shot wide from 10 yards. Good chance for Twente, who are now on top.

  60. 40

    Rosales launches in a long throw from the right wing and Gallas heads behind for a corner.

  61. 39

    Bale wins another free-kick off Rosales down the Spurs left before Twente come back at Spurs with some more neat play in midfield involving Janssen and Landzaat.

  62. 38

    Twente again attack down the left. This time De Jong goes down as the cross comes in but, rightly, the ref waves away the penalty appeals.

  63. 37

    Corluka prevents Chadli getting a cross in on the Twente left.

  64. 36

    Kranjcar picks it up 25 yards out and lashes a hopeful right-footed effort well wide. The Croatian has struggled to get involved.

  65. 35

    Gomes gathers a long-range strike by De Jong before Kranjcar gives away a free-kick.

  66. 34

    Aaron Lennon comes on to replace the already-departed Jenas.

  67. 33

    Neat passing move by Twente outside the Spurs box before Theo Janssen's touch is just too far long for De Jong.

  68. 32

    The Spurs physio comes on to treat him and as Jenas hobbles off he is booked by the Spanish referee, presumably for time-wasting. It's a costly booking too as Jenas is now suspended for the last 16 first leg.

  69. 31

    Jermaine Jenas signals to come off after suffering an injury. The central midfielder has only just come back from a calf injury.

  70. 30

    Nacer Chadli has two shots blocked in quick succession on the edge of the Spurs box.

  71. 29

    Twente clear Bale's right-wing corner and break, with Gomes gathering a cross at the second attempt.

  72. 28

    Pavlyuchenko heads the corner goalwards at the near post and this time Boschker reaches back to turn it over.

  73. 27

    Pavlyuchenko tries his luck with a swerving 25-yard strike which the home keeper does well to turn wide.

  74. 26

    The Spanish referee opts not to give a free-kick for a handball against Landzaat.

  75. 25

    This time the Spurs keeper comfortably gathers a wayward right-wing cross from Twente.

  76. 24

    De Jong heads a cross goalwards but it's easy for Gomes.

  77. 23

    Twente regain possession and the home crowd are urging them on. A whole different atmosphere to just 10 minutes ago.

  78. 22

    GOAL! Landzaat again finds the back of the net...and this time it counts. The former Holland midfielder is a lucky boy though as he scuffed it down the middle, Gomes had dived to his left and it went in off the keeper. The Brazilian would have stopped that if he stayed still...and perhaps still should have stopped it anyway.

  79. 21

    Landzaat converts from the spot...but it's chalked off for encroachment by players from both sides.

  80. 20

    And Assou-Ekotto is involved again as Twente are awarded a penalty after Rosales' shot is blocked by the Spurs left-back. It did hit Assou-Ekotto's arm but he raised it to prevent the ball smashing into the side of his head!

  81. 19

    Benoit Assou-Ekotto whips in a left-wing cross which is just too long for Jermain Defoe.

  82. 18

    Murmurs all around as another backpass goes towards Boschker. This time it's wide of goal anyway and the keeper hacks it clear.

  83. 17

    Pavlyuchenko gives away a free-kick for a foul on Wisgerhof in the Twente half.

  84. 16

    Yet the home crowd soon rally and get behind their side as they get back on the ball.

  85. 15

    The crowd is in a subdued mood after that shocking goal for Spurs.

  86. 14

    Bale wins a free-kick on the left wing after jinking past right-back Roberto Rosales.

  87. 13

    The Twente legend is making his Champions League debut at the grand old age of 40 but it'll be a night to forget after this. Wisgerhof played a backpass to the veteran keeper, who swung his left foot to punt the ball clear only to see it bobble over his foot and nestle in the bottom corner!

  88. 12

    GOAL! Spurs are gifted the lead through a Peter Wisgerhof own goal but it's a howler from keeper Boschker.

  89. 11

    Pavlyuchenko breaks down the right and cuts back for Bale on the edge of the box but his touch sends him wide. The Welsh star has to dig out a cross from the left and it's easy for the keeper Sander Boschker.

  90. 10

    Gomes is alert to block a close-range header from Twente

  91. 9

    Theo Janssen steps up and curls the free-kick a couple of yards over.

  92. 8

    Wilson Palacios gives away a free-kick 25 yards out for a high challenge on former Wigan midfielder Denny Landzaat.

  93. 7

    Twente clear and begin to build possession.

  94. 6

    Pavlyuchenko lays off for Bale, who bursts into the right channel so is therefore on his weaker foot and his shot is blocked.

  95. 5

    The corner is turned behind at the far post before Pavlyuchenko heads clear and Spurs break.

  96. 4

    Gallas gives away a free-kick in the Twente half. Luuk de Jong chests down a long ball on the edge of the Spurs box and lays off for Wout Brama to test Gomes give a 25-yard strike. Good save by the Spurs keeper, who turns it wide.

  97. 3

    Twente have done well to get five points so far as many expected the Dutch newcomers to finish bottom below Champions League regulars Werder Bremen but Jonathan Phillips predicts a 3-1 away win "for the Mighty Spurs, we've been flying in the Champions League and we have a target to aim for whereas Twente are already guaranteed Europa League football. Super Bale to get 2 goals and Defoe to score as well, it's his time to shine."

  98. 2

    Early spell of possession for Spurs before Bassong puts a long pass out for a throw.

  99. 1

    Twente get the game started after a rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone from the home crowd.

  100. Spurs certainly made them look ordinary at White Hart Lane on that memorable night earlier in the group. What a roller-coaster campaign it's been for Spurs since that play-off away leg at Young Boys! What has the latest installment got in store for us?

  101. Lyndon from London (he admits that looks stupid!) reckons: "Spurs will come away with a point but top the group. Sneaky feeling Inter are going to come unstuck tonight. A turgid Benitez 'inspired' performance methinks. Take Eto'o out and I reckon they're an ordinary side under him."

  102. Chas expects a hard-fought contest, adding: "It's in the midfield where I see a battle being played out. Twente will be playing for pride in front of their fans and Spurs want top spot, so can see quite a tussle and will not be surprised to see a penalty here."

  103. Chas has already got in touch and is pleased with the Spurs side: "Good to see Kranjcar back in the starting line-up and Pav given a start too. That said, Spurs will miss Van der Vaart and Modric. Spurs have fared well despite so many first choices out. Interesting to see the betting odds change this evening with both sides level whereas Spurs were clear favourites at teatime - must be to do with the loss of more players to injury. With Huddlestone out, Palacios and Jenas will have to protect the backline as well as support the forwards."

  104. Can Tottenham get the victory they need to finish top of the group and go into the last 16 as one of the eight seeded clubs? How will they fare in the knock-out stage? Let us know your thoughts at

  105. Fit-again Jermaine Jenas and Roman Pavlyuchenko return up front while Luka Modric (flu) and Peter Crouch are left out. Twente have handed a Champions League debut to veteran goalkeeper Sander Boschker and a recall to Dwight Tiendalli.

  106. Harry Redknapp has kept to his word and handed some of his fringe players a start as Tottenham chase top spot in Group A. Vedran Corluka comes in for his first appearance since September while fellow Croat Niko Kranjcar is also handed a rare start.

  107. Tottenham: Gomes, Corluka, Gallas, Bassong, Assou-Ekotto, Kranjcar, Jenas, Palacios, Bale, Pavlyuchenko, Defoe. Subs: Cudicini, Hutton, Lennon, Keane, Crouch, Giovani, Dawson.

  108. FC Twente: Boschker, Rosales, Wisgerhof, Franco, Tiendalli, Brama, Landzaat, Janssen, de Jong, Janko, Chadli. Subs: Mihailov, Bengtsson, Parker, Buysse, Vujicevic, Leugers, John.

  109. The teams are in for tonight's Champions League clash in Enschede...



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