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Scottish Premiership

Easter Road Stadium (ATT 17,145) 22nd August 2010 - Kick off 12:15 Ref: I Brines

Hibernian Hibernian vs Rangers Rangers

Hibernian 0

K McBride (S/O 44)


Rangers 3

K Lafferty (S/O 44)
K Miller (64, 70, 90+3)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 2:11 pm, August 22nd 2010

  1. 90 + 4

    The full-time whistle goes as Rangers deservedly earn a second successive victory.

  2. 90 + 3

    GOAL KENNY MILLER! Hat-trick for Miller, who finds space down the left. Wotherspoon has his hands up appealing for offside but he's clearly on. Miller drills the ball across Brown and into the back of the net. Clinical.

  3. 90 + 2

    Hogg's long ball is cut out by Edu and Gers break.

  4. 90 + 1

    Rangers taking the sting out of the game now.

  5. 90

    Four minutes to be added on at Easter Road. One booking to tell you about. Liam Miller received a yellow card earlier on, but not sure what for.

  6. 89

    Good effort from Stokes, who takes a short pass from Galbraith but curls the ball straight at McGregor.

  7. 88

    The delivery is pinpoint but Edu's header is superbly tipped over by Brown at point-blank range. The corner is cleared out to Papac and his shot is hacked clear by Wotherspoon.

  8. 87

    Galbraith hacks down the impressive Weiss, who takes the free-kick from near Hibs' corner flag.

  9. 86

    Papac concedes a corner but it comes to nothing. Hibs have a throw though near the corner flag.

  10. 85

    Davis is tackled by Rankin and Hibs break down the left. Naismith is penalised for a foul on Galbraith.

  11. 84

    Davis' corner is overhit but Naismith retains possession. Weir tries to get in a cross but the Hibs defence hold firm.

  12. 83

    Liam Miller wastes possession as he gives the ball away in a good poistion. Rangers break forward ande Edu is tackled on teh edge of the area. Later, Naismith forces a smart save at the near post by Brown.

  13. 81

    Bougherra is cautioned for a silly challenge on Miller by the touchline.

  14. 80

    Stokes' free-kick hits the wall and deflects out for a corner.Galbraith's low inswinger is headed out by Papac.

  15. 79

    Rankin bundled over by Naismith. Free-kick to Hibs 30 yards out which will be taken by Stokes.

  16. 78

    Hibs build down their right and then switch the play. Patient play sees Bougherra head a cross out of the box.

  17. 77

    Whittaker receives the ball with his back to goal inside Hibs' area but is crowded out.

  18. 76

    Weiss is showing some lovely touches which aren't matched by his team-mates on this occasion.

  19. 75

    Papac sends in a low cross which is easily dealt with by Hogg on the edge of the area. Hibs break forward and Rankin overhits a cross from the left.

  20. 74

    Doesn't seem to be any way back for Hibs, who are looking shell-shocked.

  21. 73

    Kenny Miller crosses to the far post but overhits it.

  22. 71

    Weiss deservedly gets the congratulations of his team-mates and the applause of Walter Smith. What a debut.

  23. 70

    GOAL KENNY MILLER! Brilliant work by Weiss as he plays a one-two with Davis. The on-loan Manchester City plar flicks the ball back for Miller to score into an empty net.

  24. 68

    Hart is being helped off the pitch and is replaced by John Rankin. Double substitution sees Nish come on for Hanlon. Both full-backs for Hibs are now off.

  25. 67

    Looks like Colin Nish will be coming on for Hibs. Weiss makes an instant impact as gets past Miller and crosses from the by-line but no-one is on the end of it. Hart now in trouble as he limps off.

  26. 66

    And indeed he is as he is replaced by debutant Vladimir Weiss.

  27. 65

    Looks like Beattie is coming off.

  28. 64

    GOAL KENNY MILLER! Papac's shot takes two deflections which forces Brown to change direction and make a save. Beattie is quickest to react and he lays the ball back for Miller to shoot into the roof of the net.

  29. 61

    The game is opening up now as Rangers press forward looking to break the deadlock. the momentum disappears as Papac's cross is straight to Brown in the Hibs goal.

  30. 60

    Sensational clearance by Bougherra as Hart slips in Galbraith, who gets there before McGregor and crossed for what looks to be a simple tap-in but the Algerian somehow gets there first to clear.

  31. 59

    Edu is tripped by Stokes midway inside Rangers' half. Bougherra brings the ball down the right but Hibs get a throw. Naismith is on the ball and his cross is headed out by Hogg.

  32. 58

    Kenny Miller looks to be through but Bamba makes a terrific challenge in bringing the ball clear.

  33. 57

    Wotherspoon tries a dfence-splitting pass which is intercepted by Bougherra. Hibs are on top and should have taken the lead. Hart delivers a superb cross which evades Weir but Stokes makes a complete hash of his header.

  34. 56

    Riordan gets to his feet and limps off with the knee injury he sustained in an accidental clash with Bougherra. Galbraith is on.

  35. 55

    Riordan has gone to ground and Danny Galbraith prepares to come on as his replacement.

  36. 54

    Hogg clatters into Kenny Miller, who felt the full impact of that collision. Free-kick to Rangers. Looks like Riordan is going to have to come off.

  37. 52

    McGregor is being booed every time he touches the ball. Great chance for the visitors as Naismith gets beyond the defence and delivers a superb cross to the back stick wheer Miller heads over.

  38. 51

    Rangers build slowly from the back. Riordan is OK to continue as Gers send a deep ball into the box which is handled very well by Bamba - not literally.

  39. 49

    Riordan and Bougherra go in for a challenge and colide knees, with the Hibs man coming off worst.

  40. 48

    Papac concedes a corner which is taken by Riordan to Miller, who runs on to the bal on the edge of the area but does not connect cleanly as Gers clear.

  41. 47

    Davis bursts down the left but is well tackled by Hogg. Hibs break and Riordan tries another long-range effort. This time McGregor decides to take it in the chest and gathers the ball at the second attempt.

  42. 46

    Rangers get the second half under way and Kenny Miller is immediately penalised for a handball.

  43. OK, the replay shows Lafferty was unhappy to concede a free-kick whih Hibs took quickly. McBride makes a legitimate challenge sliding in for a loose ball, but Lafferty goes over the top on the Hibs midfielder. Miller then blasts the loose ball at Lafferty, who gets up and lashes out, catching the midfielder and Stokes. A shoving match ensues between Lafferty and McBride, who is unlucky to see red. Lafferty probably deserved to go but tell me what you think by e-mailing

  44. 45 + 1

    The whistle goes for half-time. Will provide more details on the dismissals once the replays ar shown. Strange ending to what was a fairly insipid 45 minutes.

  45. 45

    McBride goes in with a reckless challenge and the loose ball is blasted by Miller straight at Lafferty, who explodes in anger. A melee ensues but it's Lafferty and McBride who are given their marching orders.

  46. 44

    Extraordinary end to the half as Kevin McBride and Lafferty are sent off.

  47. 43

    Bamba slips trying to make an interception and Miller tries to slip the ball through to Davis but it's intercepted.

  48. 42

    Rangers get a corner from that move but it comes to nothing. Hibs break down the left but Bougherra ushers the ball out under pressure from Riordan.

  49. 41

    Good chance for Rangers as Brown comes out to punch a throw-in but he sends it straight to Davis, whose diving header is cleared off the line by Bamba.

  50. 40

    Whittaker sends over a free-kick to Beattie at the far side but it's too high.

  51. 39

    Still awaiting the first shot on target in what has been a disappointing half so far.

  52. 38

    Poor challenge from Papac. Thinks he was booked for that, but will confirm later. Riordan's free-kick deflects for a corner which is taken by the same player. Bamba goes up but Rangers cler their lines.

  53. 37

    The game is starting to get slightly out of control as Hanlon goes in late on Naismith.

  54. 36

    Riordan and McGregor are both booked, but the Rangers man should be embarrassed by his reaction. He fell over and then bounced up straightaway.

  55. 35

    Bit of argy bargy as Hanlon crosses for Riordan, who goes in with McGregor. The Rangers keeper isn't happy as Riordan slides in. McGregor goes down theatrically as their heads come together.

  56. 34

    Both Hibs full-backs are playing well. This time Hart thwarts the run of Papac. Hibs break as Stokes tries to play a one-two with Wotherspoon but the move breaks down.

  57. 33

    Good defending from Hanlon, who keeps out a cross from Whittaker.

  58. 32

    Davis receives a poor pass and Hibs are back on the attack. Hanlon aims to pick out the run of Stokes but McGregor gathers.

  59. 31

    Again Hibs break through Riordan. His shot from 22 yards out is true but it's straight at Bougherra.

  60. 30

    The corner is floated in and the ball drops for Miller, whose shot on the turn seems to strike a Hibs arm.The appeal for a penalty is half-hearted and no spot-kick is awarded.

  61. 29

    Hogg tries an up and under for no apparent reason and Stokes is penalised for a shove on the halfway line. Papac's free-kick is aimed for Lafferty but Bamba heads it out.

  62. 28

    Hart's curling cross from the right strikes Lafferty and the ball spins its way through to McGregor. This game is really lacking chances.

  63. 27

    De Graaf feeds Riordan on the left and his cross from inside the area strikes Bougherra's elbow. Up go the shouts for a penalty but it's not given.

  64. 26

    Gers have throw but Papac is told to move further back after encroaching. Beattie flicks the ball on but Hibs are in possession once more.

  65. 25

    A deep cross from Riordan on the left is looking for Stoke, but he is outmuscled by Weir and the ball drifts out for a goal-kick.

  66. 24

    Good work from Lafferty as he goes past Hart and plays an inside pass for Beattie, who just mistimes his run and is given offisde.

  67. 23

    Papac crosses from the left for Beattie, who outjumps Chris Hogg but heads the ball out of play.

  68. 22

    De Graaf tries to spray the ball out left to Riordan but it does not clear the head of Whittaker, who nods the ball back to McGregor.

  69. 21

    Miller chops down Davis in the middle of the pitch but escapes with a warning.

  70. 20

    Miller doesn't seem to be geting the decisions in his battle with Bamba. Hibs break and Weir hoofs the ball upfield to avert potential threat.

  71. 19

    Naismith plays a poor pass to Miller which is intercepted by Paul Hanlon. Riordan gets forard and cuts inside 25 yards but he drags his shot well wide. Not the best of efforts from the former Celtic man.

  72. 18

    Hart takes a throw down Hibs' left but Rangers get a throw of their own on the halfway line.

  73. 17

    Edgy period of play from Rangers. Lafferty doesn't look comfortable on the ball. Bougherra concedes possession but the visitors are soon back on the ball.

  74. 16

    Miller is penalised for holding his ground as Souleymane Bamba goes over the top of the striker and lands awkwardly. Miller unlucky there.

  75. 15

    Great defensive header from Beattie is cleared to David Wotherspoon, who lobs the ball into the box on the volley but is goes over the bar.

  76. 14

    Whittaker makes a clumsy challege on Riordan down Hibs' left flank. Riordan to take the free-kick.

  77. 13

    Poor control from Lafferty, who lets the ball slip under his feet.

  78. 12

    Hibs switch the play from left to right, but Bougherra intercepts and Gers pres forward through Sasa Papac.

  79. 11

    Madjid Bougherra is fouled by Stokes and Gers have a free-kick.

  80. 10

    Good spell by Hibs, who are starting to get on top now.

  81. 9

    Michael Hart skips past Lafferty and sends in a great cross for Riordan, who miscues his shot. Hart gets the ball back and heads the ball into the danger area, but McGregor pulls off a good save with Stokes waiting to nod teh ball in.

  82. 8

    A similar move from Hibs as Riordan sends a long ball over the top for Stokes, who is flagged offside.

  83. 7

    Beattie, playing slightly deeper, sends a ball over the top for Kenny Miller but Mark Brown races out of goal and clears the danger.

  84. 6

    Edwin De Graaf dives in on Lafferty, who is awarded a fre-kick by Gers' left touchline. A rash challenge but no yellow card.

  85. 5

    Kyle Lafferty and Maurice Edu link up well in the middle of the pitch but Liam Miller brings the ball away.

  86. 4

    Hibs starting to see more of the ball now. Stokes gets in a cross which is cleared by David Weir. Moments later Derek Riordan spots Allan McGregor off his line but his chip sails over the far from long range.

  87. 3

    Steven Whittaker picks out striker James Beattie with a decent pass but the former Stoke man is flagged offside.

  88. 1

    Hibs get the game under way but Rangers are on the attack early on as Steven Naismith tries to feed Steven Davis but overhits his pass.

  89. New signing Vladimir Weiss had to settle for a place on the bench as Rangers faced Hibernian in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.The on-loan Manchester City winger completed his move to the Scottish champions on Thursday but was named among the substitutes for the visit to Easter Road. Fellow new recruit James Beattie retained his place in the starting line-up after making his debut last week, while Steven Davis was also added to the side after recovering from a virus. Hibs were again without the suspended Ian Murray, as they marked the official opening of their new East Stand with the visit of the Walter Smith's side.

  90. Fancy a bet on this one? Sky Bet go 7/2 the Hibs win, with the draw an 11/4 shot and Rangers 8/11. Gers frontman James Beattie is 9/2 for the first goal.

  91. Our referee is Iain Brines.

  92. Rangers: McGregor, Whittaker, Weir, Bougherra, Papac, Lafferty, Davis, Edu, Naismith, Miller, Beattie. Subs: Alexander, Broadfoot, Weiss, McMillan, Little, Wylde, Hutton.

  93. The teams are in. Hibernian: Brown, Hart, Hogg, Bamba, Hanlon, Wotherspoon, Miller, McBride, De Graaf, Stokes, Riordan. Subs: Graeme Smith, Nish, Rankin, Thicot, Stevenson, Galbraith, Stephens.

  94. Welcome to our coverage of the first of today's four SPL games, with Hibs hosting Rangers. Let me know your thoughts on the game with an email to



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