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Scottish Premiership

McDiarmid Park (ATT 6,866) 30th October 2010 - Kick off 12:00 Ref: C Murray

St J'stone St Johnstone vs Celtic Celtic

St J'stone 0

D Grainger (S/O 87)


Celtic 3

N McGinn (2, 89)
E Izaguirre (41)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 1:55 pm, October 30th 2010

  1. The full-time whistle goes as Celtic go level on points with Rangers at the top of the table - at least for three hours. Very disappointing match today as the Bhoys totally dominated their opponents, who created very little.

  2. 90 + 2

    Stokes accepts a short pass inside the area but his cross is intercepted. The play is switched to the left as Izaguirre goes on a mazy run inside St Johnstone's area and sends over a cross with his right foot but Craig heads clear.

  3. 90 + 1

    Stokes is fouled down the right and Ki plays the free-kick short.

  4. 90

    Two minutes extra to be added.

  5. 89

    GOAL McGINN! Ledley picks out the overlapping run of Cha, who cuts the ball back for the unmarked McGinn. He scuffs his shot from around eight yards but it beats Smith at his near post.

  6. 88

    Celtic have handled everything at the back very easily today.

  7. 87

    Ki takes the free-kick from a central poistion about 30 yards out. he curls it around the two-man wall but his shot just finishes the wrong side of the post.

  8. 86

    Ledley has been quiet today and he gives the ball away. Grainger is then shown a second yellow for pushing Stokes. Not really a booking but he's been given his marching orders.

  9. 85

    Samaras and Duberry stare into each other's eyes. but it's no love-in as the Greek is penalised for a foul and is spoken to by Murray. Again the free-kick is floated to the corner of the area but Haber flicks it out for a goal-kick. Very little imagination from St Johnstone today.

  10. 84

    Maybury sends a first-time pass into the Celtic area but Rogne gets ahead of Parkin to clear for a throw-in.

  11. 83

    Maybury drifts a cross to the corner of the Celtic area but Parkin is penalised for pushing Rogne.

  12. 82

    Izaguirre takes out two defenders to pick out the run of McGinn, whose cross is met on the volley by Samaras near the penalty spot but he just sends his shot wide of the near post.

  13. 81

    Grainger is in trouble here. He needlessly pushes Cha in the back near Saints' corner flag. No second yellow but a free-kick is awarded which is sent in by Ki but headed out.

  14. 80

    Saints have a free-kick on the halfway line which is floated in by Duberry. The ball falls to Craig, whose hanging cross is not handled very well by Forster, but the danger is eventually cleared.

  15. 79

    Maybury loops the ball into the Celtic box for Parkin, whose header is saved by Forster, but the offside flag had already been correctly raised.

  16. 78

    Craig plays a good ball out right to pick out the run of Haber, who cuts the ball back across the face of goal but no-one has made a run as Celtic clear easily.

  17. 77

    Grainger sends over a poor cross from the left and Forster's goal-kick is flicked on by Samaras, but played back to Smith by Rutkiewicz.

  18. 76

    Duberry nearly catches Forster off his line with a cross-cum-shot from the right but the ball drops onto the roof of the net. Duberry sends over a long ball up front for Parkin, who loses out in a chaallenge with Rogne.

  19. 75

    Not sure which St Johnstone player delivered that cross-field pass into touch but needless to say it was appalling.

  20. 74

    Final change for St Johnstone sees Myrie-Williams make way for Kevin Rutkiewicz.

  21. 73

    Samaras does well to retain possession as Celtic pass teh ball around the Saints area. Izaguirre's low cross finds Stokes but Duberry deefends well. Moments later Wilson nearly gets a shooting opportunity inside the area.

  22. 72

    St Johnstone prepare to make their third and final change.

  23. 71

    The corner is cleared out to Ki, whose shot misses the target although he is convinced he should have had a corner.

  24. 70

    Forster's goal-kick is headed out by Duberry. Majstorovic sends a ball down the left for Samaras. His cross causes contsernation in defence and teh ball eventually comes out for Cha, whose cross is headed out by Craig.

  25. 69

    Rogne concedes a throw in his battle with Haber near Celtic's corner flag. Graingers sends in the throw but Haber heads wide at the near post.

  26. 68

    Samaras has space outside the area but he drags his 22-yard shot well wide of the intended target.

  27. 67

    Good cross from Samuel to the far post is volleyed goalward, although not claenly, by Myrie-Williams. Haber goes in for a challenge with Forster, but the Celtic keeper gets there first.

  28. 66

    Celtic get down the left but Stokes forgets to take the ball with him and Duberry brings the ball clear.

  29. 65

    Cha does really well to earn a corner down the right which is floated in by Ki and headed over by Majstorovic.

  30. 64

    Grainger sends in a throw which causes panic in the Celtic defence but majstorovic is strong as he clears upfield. McGinn bears down on goal but does not make a clean connection and the ball bobbles through to Smith.

  31. 63

    Samuel is having about as much luck as Myrie-Williams down the right as he is dispossessed by Izaguirre.

  32. 62

    The corner is headed away by Samuel at the near post and Samaras is now back on the pitch.

  33. 61

    Samaras is down after receiving an accidental elbow in his face and he heads to the touchline.

  34. 60

    Saints give away possession with a poor pass inside their own half to give away a throw to Celtic. Later Duberry gives a poor back pass to Smith, who struggles to keep it in and eventually Celtic earn a corner.

  35. 58

    Wilosn tries to pick out Stokes with a cross but Mackay is there to head clear.

  36. 57

    Samuel is outmuscled down the right by Izaguirre, who is having a great game.

  37. 56

    MacDonald and Milne come off and are replaced by Parkin and Samuel. Saints now have a very attacking line-up as they look to get something out of the game.

  38. 56

    Free-kick to Saints on the left is drifted over by Grainger and easily caught by Forster.

  39. 55

    Looks like the home side will make two changes soon, with Collin Samuel and Sam Parkin likely to come on.

  40. 54

    McGinn goes on the outside of Maybury and whips in a cross which is caught and taken over the line by Smith but a goal-kick is incorrectly awarded. Should have been a corner.

  41. 53

    Celtic build slowly from the back aand Majstorovic is forced to play the ball back to Forster under pressure.

  42. 52

    Smith has quite a strong sun to contend with in this half and needs a cap to keep the rays out of his eyes.

  43. 51

    Stokes goes down in the box looking for a penalty under a non-existent challenge from Duberry.

  44. 50

    Close shave for Celtic as Myrie-Williams whips in a fierce shot-cum-cross which is saved one-handed by Forster, who parries teh ball straight into the path of Haber. He misses from three yards out but the flag is incorrectly raised for offside.

  45. 49

    Great chance for the Hoops as Stokes feigns to shoot before laying the ball into the path of Cha, whose rasping shot is pushed out for a corner by Smith.

  46. 48

    Wilson sends the free-kick from the right into the six-yard area but Mackay makes a good headed clearance.

  47. 47

    McGinn is fouled and Celtic have a free-kick inside their own half. MacDonald goes in high on Wilson and is rightly shown a yellow card.

  48. 46

    St Johnstone get the second half under way. No changes as far as I can see at the break. Cha sends a cross over the bar from the right in the early stages.

  49. Only 21 seconds were added as the half-time whistle blows. All too easy for Celtic. Send me your thoughts on the first 45 minutes to

  50. 45 + 1

    Best chance of the half for St Johnstone as Grainger sends in a good throw near Celtic's corner flag which picks out the run of Haber, and although he gets in front of Majstorovic his deft downward header is held by Forster.

  51. 45

    Ledley gets in a good challenge to concede a throw as the half comes towards its conclusion.

  52. 44

    Rogne hacks clear from the edge of the area and Duberry gets in front of Samaras to head the ball into Celtic's half.

  53. 43

    Ki is penalised for a foul just past the halfway line and the free-kick is sent in by Grainger to the far side for Duberry but the ball goes out for a throw-in.

  54. 42

    McInnes will be furious with Milne for that error which has virtually ended St Johnstone's challenge. However, they came back into the game in midweek from three goals down so we'll see how the match pans out.

  55. 41

    GOAL IZAGUIRRE! Samaras plays a poor one-two with Ledley which deflects off Duberry to Steven Milne. He tries to pass the ball back to Smith but finds Izaguirre, who casually steers the ball past Smith for his first goal for Celtic.

  56. 40

    Majstorovic has recovered from that poor clearance earlier as he gets in a good sliding tackle to deny Haber a run on goal.

  57. 39

    Majstorovic clears again - this time from Grainger's header. Saints defeiniteely seeing more of the ball now but still not looking as though they can break through.

  58. 38

    Rogne concedes a corner - Saints' first of the match. Grainger drives it in but Majstorovic gets in a powerful header to clear form near the penalty spot.

  59. 37

    Majstorovic makes a poor clearance on the edge of the area and a cross from the right falls to MacDonald but it's slightly too high for him to control the header which loops over the bar.

  60. 36

    Saints are starting to exert a bit more pressure but haven't penetrated the defence yet.

  61. 35

    Half a chance for Haber, who beats Majstorovic for pace but his left-footed shot is weak and it dribbles through to Fraser Forster. Celtic break forward and Samaras tries to knock the ball beyond the defence from Stokes' pass but the Greek overhits it and the ball runs out for a goal-kick.

  62. 34

    Stokes is getting far too much space from Duberry.

  63. 33

    Moments later Samaras rises above a defender following a cross from the left and directs his header goalwards but Smith gets down well to save.

  64. 32

    Great work down the right by Wilson, whose cross for Stokes inside the six-yard area is just too high.

  65. 31

    St Johnstone just haven't got going but they have a throw on the left which is headed out by Izaguirre straight to Craig. He is always stretching on the edge of the area as he directs his shot wide.

  66. 30

    Ki's poor corner is cleared but the ball is played back into the danger area. Majstorovic has stayed up front and he lays the ball into the path of Samaras, but his left-footed shot is high and wide.

  67. 29

    Samaras plays a great ball to Stokes down the right, and he sends in a low cross for Joe Ledley, but Duberry is there first to clear for a corner.

  68. 28

    Stokes picks up a knock while fouling Millar, who takes a quick free-kick but the attack comes to nothing and Celtic have a goal-kick.

  69. 27

    Smith's drop kick is cleared straight into touch for a throw which is taken by Wilson. Saaints win back possession but Haber is flagged offside. Smith dashes out to get the ball before Cha, who is peenalised for going in late on the keeper, who has takeen a slight knock.

  70. 26

    Can't see anything but a Celtic win on the evidence so far.

  71. 25

    Mackay gets in a good challeneg to take the ball off the toes of Stokes just outside St Johnstone's area. Celtic break forward and McGinn clears the bar with a poor drive from around 30 yards.

  72. 24

    Myrie-Williams loses out in another battle with Izaguirre, who looks impressive every time I see him play.

  73. 23

    Ki has a pop from distance but drags his shot wide for a goal-kick.

  74. 22

    Cha Du-ri shows too much of the ball to Grainger, whose clearance falls to Wilson. He delivers a great cross for Stokes as Duberry is left flat-footed leaving the ball for Alan Maybury. Stokes dows noy get a clean connection and he directs his volley just wide of the post.

  75. 21

    Saints have possession down the left but Samaras gets in a tackle and wins a throw.

  76. 20

    Another chance for Celtic as Mark Wilson delivers a lovely cross on his weaker left foot for Stokes, who gets in front of Duberry but just flicks his header past the far post.

  77. 19

    Once again Honduran right-back Izaguirre wins his battle with Myrie-Williams. Samaras gets a good headed flick on from a long ball to release Stokes, who bears down on Duberry, cuts on to his right foot and forces a good save from Smith at his near post.

  78. 18

    Alan Thompson barks out a few orders to the Celtic players from the dug-out. Myrie-Williams tries to go on the outside of Izaguirre but comes off second best.

  79. 17

    Craig comes across to prevent Izaguirre from getting in a cross but gives away a throw. Izaguirre is then flagged offside.

  80. 16

    Myrie-Williams is fouled by Izaguirre on Saints' right-hand side near the halfway line. Craig floats in the free-kick which is headed out by Majstorovic. The ball falls nicely to Grainger, but his first-time shot is well wide of the near post.

  81. 15

    Izaguirre plays the ball down the left channel for Stokes to chase but he can't keep it in play. Goal-kick to St Johnstone.

  82. 14

    Lone striker Marcus Haber goes in late on Thomas Rogne and concedes a free-kick .

  83. 13

    Chris Millar plays the ball out right for Jennison Myrie-Williams to chase but Izaguirre brings the ball out.

  84. 12

    Izaguirre gets down the left and sends in a cross to the edge of the area which is headed out by David Mackay.

  85. 11

    Peter MacDonald is penalised for a foul inside Celtic's half which is taken too quickly for Collum and play is brought back.

  86. 10

    Samaras tries to go on the outside of Michael Duberry down the left flank but fails and the ball is sent back to Smith, who clears.

  87. 9

    St Johnstone get inside Celtic's area for the first time and although the visitors's defence shows a bit of hesitancy they eventually clear.

  88. 8

    Brilliant bit of skill from Stokes inside the area on the right as he takes out three defenders in playing the ball in for Ki. His shot flashes across the face of goal and strikes the far post.

  89. 7

    Emilio Izaguirre floats in the corner for Majstorovic but the ball is headed out.

  90. 6

    Stokes earns Celtic a corner.

  91. 5

    Derek McInnes looking very anxious on the sidelines.

  92. 4

    What a start to the game. Celtic scored three goals inside 13 minutes against the Saints. Can they do it again?

  93. 3

    McGinn is booked for an excessive celebration, while Danny Grainger is also shown a yellow card, possibly for dissent for the award of the free-kick which led to the goal.

  94. 2

    GOAL NIALL MCGINN! Ki Sung-Yong pulls the ball back for Anthony Stokes to force a great one-handed save by Graeme Smith, but McGinn forces the ball in at the near post.

  95. 1

    Celtic get the game under way on a beautiful day in Perth although the pitch looks a bit soggy. Liam Craig fouls Georgios Samaras to the right of the area

  96. St Johnstone: Smith, Maybury, MacKay, Duberry, Grainger, Myrie-Williams, Millar, Haber, Craig, Milne, MacDonald. Subs: Enckelman, Rutkiewicz, Parkin, Samuel, Jackson, May, Caddis.

  97. Celtic: Forster, Wilson, Majstorovic, Rogne, Izaguirre, McGinn, Ledley, Ki, Maloney, Samaras, Stokes. Subs: Zaluska, Juarez, Hooiveld, Cha, Crosas, McCourt, Towell.

  98. Our referee today is Calum Murray.

  99. Celtic striker Gary Hooper failed a fitness test ahead of the Clydesdale Bank Premier league clash with St Johnstone at McDiarmid Park. The former Scunthorpe player injured a metatarsal in the Co-operative Insurance Cup win over the Saints in midweek and was replaced by skipper Shaun Maloney, back after recovering from an eye injury. In a reshuffled Hoops' side, centre-back Glenn Loovens was replaced by Thomas Rogne and right-back Cha Du-Ri came in for Mark Wilson. St Johnstone boss Derek McInnes made four changes to his side. Out went Murray Davidson, Sam Parkin, Andy Jackson and Collin Samuel and in came Jennison Myrie-Williams, Steven Milne, Marcus Haber and Peter MacDonald.



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Scottish Premiership
Pos Team P Pts
1 Celtic 38 92
2 Aberdeen 38 75
3 Inverness CT 38 65
4 St Johnstone 38 57
5 Dundee United 38 56
6 Dundee 38 45
7 Hamilton Academical 38 53
8 Partick Thistle 38 46
9 Ross County 38 44
10 Kilmarnock 38 41
11 Motherwell 38 36
12 St Mirren 38 30