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Sky Bet League 1

Wembley Stadium (ATT 73,108) 29th May 2010 - Kick off 15:00 Ref: C Webster

Millwall Millwall vs Swindon Town Swindon

Millwall 1

P Robinson (39)


Live Commentary

Last Updated at 4:56 pm, May 29th 2010

  1. Millwall 1, Swindon 0 and the Lions have sealed their spot in the Championship next season! Thoroughly deserved result or were they lucky to get through? Swindon can take plenty of heart from their performances this year. What next for them?

  2. 90+4

    Down to seconds now and Swindon are scrapping for the ball. Late Austin attempt from up close but Forde manages to block it in a heart-stopping moment for the Swindon fans.

  3. 90+3

    Millwall are still composed despite the pressure and keep the ball at their end. The result looks wrapped up unless Swindon can spring a big surprise.

  4. 90+2

    Darby makes a run as Swindon go for a last-ditch attempt but Millwall regain the ball. Swindon get a throw-in.

  5. 90+1

    This four minutes is going to feel like hours for Millwall. Another corner and the Lions are happy just to keep possession.

  6. 90

    Four minutes of added time to play.

  7. 90

    The final minute of regular time and Millwall are in control. Schofield makes a run and they get a corner.

  8. 89

    Ward takes a shot but it's wide. Swindon's hopes are slipping away.

  9. 88

    Millwall are back in possession but Darby sends the ball out to pull them up short.

  10. 87

    Pericard makes a good run but misses his kick and slips on the damp Wembley pitch.

  11. 86

    Millwall fans are already singing. Can Swindon turn it around in the dying minutes?

  12. 85

    The Lions seem to have regained their control and look desperate for another goal to add the insurance. Swindon are battling on with five minutes to go.

  13. 84

    Millwall corner but Darby flicks the ball out with a header for another. No problems this time for Lucas.

  14. 83

    Another good run from Morison but he can't quite make it from close to the goal as Lucas scrapes a save.

  15. 82

    Morison makes another good run off a nice first touch. Accelerates away and takes a shot but can't find his target.

  16. 82

    Vincent Pericard comes on for Billy Paynter.

  17. 81

    Lucas is lucky after coming a long way out and failing to catch a long kick. The Swindon defenders clear the ball.

  18. 80

    Jean-Francois booked for clip on Neil Harris.

  19. 79

    Lions take corner kick but no one can get hold of it. Morison brings the ball back into contention but the Swindon defence hold firm.

  20. 78

    Hackett feeds Harris but he can't get enough turn on the ball and it goes out.

  21. 77

    The Millwall fans are looking at their watches. Swindon take possession once again as Ferry sends the ball forward.

  22. 76

    Could that missed Austin attempt have blown Swindon's chances? Millwall appear back on top.

  23. 74

    Morison takes a shot from far out but can't pull it off and it soars over the net.

  24. 73

    Alan O'Brien comes on for Jon-Paul McGovern.

  25. 72

    Austin has a crucial chance. Makes an impressive run and is away with his pace but hits the wrong angle from in front of the goal and it goes completely wide. Costly mistake for Swindon.

  26. 70

    Millwall appear determined to hang onto their lead, but everything could change in the final 20 minutes.

  27. 69

    Chris Hackett comes on for Shaun Batt.

  28. 69

    Harris ball looks good in the air but it's too long and Lucas easily picks it up.

  29. 68

    Morison looking a particular threat for Millwall upfront as the Lions apply more pressure.

  30. 67

    Stephen Derby comes on for Alan Sheehan.

  31. 66

    Sheehan gets treatment for cramp as Stephen Derby looks likely to come on for Swindon.

  32. 65

    Morison makes an impressive run and Millwall look likely but Lucas has it covered.

  33. 64

    Forde makes an acrobatic save as Swindon come close again. The keeper is so far withstanding the pressure well.

  34. 63

    Swindon are trying to break down Millwall's dominance but the Lions are still holding strong.

  35. 62

    Another Swindon corner as they begin to turn up the heat. Jean-Francois fires a decent header but Forde makes a fairly comfortable save.

  36. 61

    Goal-kick for Forde but it goes straight to Lucas. Both teams are fighting hard to take control.

  37. 60

    Foul on Sheehan and another free-kick for Swindon. Austin makes a nice turn but Millwall make another good block.

  38. 59

    McGovern takes free-kick for Swindon but it doesn't go near and Millwall take the ball upfield.

  39. 57

    Harris feeds Schofield who gets a terrific run, but Lucas blocks it. Trotter gets close again for Millwall but its cleared once more.

  40. 56

    Swindon showing more fight as they keep up the pressure. They've obviously had a talking to in the dressing room.

  41. 55

    Good burst of pace from Morison. He makes a terrific run to get in the box but Cuthbert does some good work and it hits the outside of the net.

  42. 54

    Forde sends a long kick upfield but it goes out and it's a Swindon throw-in. Douglas does the honours.

  43. 53

    Youngster Ward makes a promising run and evades the Millwall defence but can't quite get near enough and it goes out.

  44. 52

    Austin tries to get on the end of a ball near the goal but the Millwall defence fire it clear.

  45. 51

    Better play from Swindon as Ward gets close to the scoring area but Robinson is in his way.

  46. 49

    The ball is kept in the air as both sides struggle to take control. Swindon are obviously not going to give up on that Championship spot without a fight.

  47. 48

    Swindon look more awake as they take early possession in this half but Forde easily scoops up the ball as it gets close.

  48. 47

    But it's not to be as the Millwall defence come through again and send it clear.

  49. 47

    Free-kick for Swindon in the goal area. Could be a game changing moment.

  50. 46

    Swindon get things underway. They will be looking to go up a level after a rocky first half.

  51. 46

    The game restarts.

  52. Remember, throughout the game you can bet in-play at Millwall are now 1/5 to get a win, while Swindon are 11/1 and a draw is at 4/1. Only 1 team in it so far and Millwall, who have been well supported throughout, must wonder how they are only one up. Swindon must surely chase the game so the 11/10 over 2.5 Goals could still be a runner. Full list of in play markets available throughout the 2nd half and extra time betting if applicable.

  53. An exciting first half with Millwall seeing most of the action. Get in touch and share your views by emailing me on

  54. The referee blows the whistle for half-time and it's 1-0 to Millwall at the break through Robinson's goal.

  55. 47

    Millwall still in charge as the first half draws to a close. Swindon will have to pull out something special in the second half.

  56. 45

    Two minutes of added time to be played.

  57. 45

    Swindon go up a gear and get some possession, but the Millwall defence foils an Austin chance.

  58. 43

    Andy Frampton comes on in place of Tony Craig.

  59. 42

    Harris gets a chance off a loose ball but collides with Lucas. Fouls the keeper but referee doesn't give anything.

  60. 41

    Millwall keep on the pressure and still look dangerous. Swindon are struggling to respond.

  61. 39

    Millwall's pressure has paid off and they've got the goal they deserved. A costly mistake from Swindon's defence. How will they come back now?

  62. 38

    Schofield fires a corner and Robinson picks it up in the penalty area with a neat finish.

  63. 38

    GOAL!! Robinson.

  64. 37

    Millwall look likely as Morison chases the ball forward but it goes out and Barron takes the corner.

  65. 35

    Sheehan fires free-kick but it's well defended by Millwall. Swindon showing some resilience as the game progresses.

  66. 34

    Batt fires ball forward but no one is there to meet it and Swindon win it back.

  67. 33

    Collision between Douglas and Batt and both players kick out but referee calls to play on.

  68. 32

    Millwall back on top of things, making it difficult for Swindon to get hold of the ball.

  69. 30

    Swindon taking more possession at last. Sheehan takes a long shot but puts too much power behind it and it goes over.

  70. 29

    Near own-goal as Amankwaah fires a header into the net but flag goes up and it's offside. Could have meant bad news for Swindon.

  71. 28

    Lucas comes long way out to retrieve a kick and only just manages to snatch the ball and keep hold.

  72. 27

    More sloppy defending from Swindon as Schofield gets close once again.

  73. 26

    Sheehan takes free-kick for Swindon but no one can get a touch and it goes wide of the posts.

  74. 25

    Millwall keep attack moving and Batt takes shot from far out. Can't get any power on it and Lucas makes easy save.

  75. 24

    McGovern takes free-kick but it doesn't come close. Millwall back in possession once again.

  76. 22

    Swindon see some action with the ball at last. Bad tackle on Douglas from Batt and free-kick for Swindon.

  77. 21

    Harris attempts a shot but scuffs it across the pitch and it goes wide. Millwall still piling on the pressure.

  78. 20

    Shaky start for Swindon at the back as Millwall come close again.

  79. 18

    Lucas sends goal-kick straight out. Millwall send it straight back downfield.

  80. 17

    Morison makes superb attempt from a difficult angle but it goes over the net. Classy play from Millwall.

  81. 16

    Millwall increase pressure on goal area as Harris puts goal in good area. Sheehan sends it away.

  82. 15

    Swindon free-kick after foul from Trotter. Cuthbert launches it forward.

  83. 14

    Morrison charges on the ball but Lucas gets there first. Sloppy defending from Swindon, almost opened the door for an early goal.

  84. 13

    Lucas fires goal-kick upfield but Millwall take possession once again.

  85. 12

    Batt chases down the right towards the goal but the ball goes out. Barron takes the throw-in.

  86. 11

    Throw in for Millwall but goes straight out. Schofield attempts to move it forward.

  87. 10

    Millwall are putting on the pressure in the early stages but can't find the target.

  88. 9

    Flick in from Robinson for Millwall but Harris fails to pick him up.

  89. 8

    Harris makes good move but Lucas comfortably fends it off.

  90. 7

    Harris offside for frustrated Millwall.

  91. 6

    Austin's ball is too long, goes wide of the posts.

  92. 4

    Forde sends a long goal-kick upfield.

  93. 3

    Sheehan sends a ball in towards Austin but it's too long.

  94. 2

    Throw in for Amankwaah but Craig sends it back out.

  95. 1

    Millwall enjoy early possession and seem to have settled quickly.

  96. The game kicks off and Millwall gets things underway.

  97. John Carolan says: "Millwall are devastating at home - but vunerable away from the Den. If Paynter fit it could be another tough playoff for Millwall."

  98. Just a few minutes until kick-off at Wembley now, and only one team can strut their stuff in the Championship next season.

  99. Ian Matthews writes: After appearing on here last night for the 1st time, hoping for more than 2.5 goals in the Rep of Ireland game (and they did), being a Gillingham fan (yes i know we were relegated on the last day of the season!!) I would again like to see 2.5 goals in this game, I think it will be an open game as both teams like to attack attack attack!!!

  100. Today's referee is Colin Webster.

  101. Swindon team: Lucas, Cuthbert, Sheehan, Douglas, McGovern, Amankwaah, Jean-Francois, Paynter, Ward, Ferry, Austin. Subs: Smith, Easton, O'Brien, Timlin, Morrisson, Pericard, Darby.

  102. Millwall team: Forde, Barron, Craig, Abdou, Robinson, Ward, Trotter, Schofield, Harris, Morison, Batt. Subs: Sullivan, Frampton, Laird, Fuseini, Alexander, Hackett, Obika.

  103. It's a gloomy day in London but it's doing little to dampen the spirits of the Wembley crowd, who have turned out in full force.

  104. Who will come out on top? Who are the ones to watch? Can Swindon do the business or will Millwall be able to end years of play-off heartache? Let me know your thoughts.

  105. Feel free to contact me with your opinions on the game throughout the afternoon at

  106. Throughout the game you can bet in-play at Millwall start as evens favourites with Swindon at 11/4 and a draw at 12/5. You can get Steve Morison at 4/1 or Charlie Austin at 11/2 to open the scoring.

  107. Swindon lost to Millwall 3-2 in the league three weeks ago, and it should be an entertaining afternoon at Wembley with both teams full of goals.

  108. Welcome to Wembley for our coverage of League One play-off final between Millwall and Swindon.



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