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Sky Bet League 2

The L.B Barking & Dagenham Stadium (ATT 4,566) 16th May 2010 - Kick off 13:30 Ref: C Webster

Dag + Red Dagenham & Redbridge vs Morecambe Morecambe

Dag + Red 6

P Benson (4, 66)
J Scott (35, 48, 54, 69)


Live Commentary

Last Updated at 3:24 pm, May 16th 2010

  1. It's a record score in the play-offs as the full-time whistle goes. Scott pats referee Webster on the back as he contemplates a trip to Wembley. The second leg is still to come but Morecambe can start preparing for another season in League Two.

  2. 90 + 3

    Free-kick to Morecambe deep inside their own half is taken by Roche and headed clear.

  3. 90 + 2

    Scott goes down the left and squares it to Vincelot, but his chip from 25 yards clears the keeper and the bar.

  4. 90 + 1

    Three minutes to be added. Green tries to get on the scoresheet with a shot from distance but it doesn't trouble Roche.

  5. 90

    Again Arber is there to chest the ball back to Roberts from Wilson's searching cross. Gain comes off for Tom Tejan-Sie.

  6. 89

    Duffy gets to the by-line and his cross is headed out by Arber.

  7. 88

    Green earns Dagenham another corner which is taken short. Green tries to run the clock down and Wilson goes in hard and the two look like they might square up but Green's not interested.

  8. 87

    First booking of the game goes to Vincelot for a foul on Laurence Wilson . Morecambe have a corner which is headed over by Artell.

  9. 86

    Roberts slices his clearance to Mullin but races back into his area to collect the striker's header.

  10. 85

    Another corner for the Daggers which goes out for a goal-kick.

  11. 84

    Scott is unplayable. He moves infield from the right and goes past the sluggish Artell before shooting past the near post.

  12. 83

    Green really has had a great game. He cuts past a couple of defenders and tris to slip the ball through to Scott but it runs through to Roche.

  13. 82

    Nurse gets to Green's corner but it's half-cleared to Gain, who lofts the ball into the arms of Roche.

  14. 81

    A drop ball ensues and Nurse boots the ball downfield. The impetus seems to have gone out of the game now, although the Daggers now have a corner.

  15. 80

    Play stops for an injury to Doe, who went down trying to deal with a cross from the left. He limps off and is replaced by Anwar Uddin.

  16. 79

    Nurse hacks the ball clear after Panther threatened the spectacular from 25 yards.

  17. 78

    Duffy goes on a good run down the right and he crosses for Jevons, who stumbles slightly and loses possession. The Daggers break and Scott is loking for a fifth but the punt upfield is too long.

  18. 77

    Doe sweeps up at the back and Ogogo hacks clear after Jevons cut the ball back to no-one.

  19. 76

    Phil Jevons is on for Hunter, although you feel the change won't make much difference.

  20. 75

    It's becoming slightly comical now as Duffy takes a swing at the ball inside the box but only takes a slight touch as he falls to his knees.

  21. 74

    Could have been five for Scott as Benson latches on to a long ball but it bfalls kindly for Scott, whose shot on the volley skims the bar.

  22. 73

    Benson creates a yard of space in the box and tries to lay the ball off but his effort is intercepted.

  23. 72

    McCrory's throw is headed out by Parrish and poked out for a throw-in to the Daggers.

  24. 71

    The Dagenham fans are ecstactic as they contemplate a trip to Wembley.

  25. 70

    McIlroy must be wishing the ground would swallow him up. Duffy's shot takes a deflection and is kept in by Roberts.

  26. 69

    GOAL SCOTT! Another terrible mistake. Haining fails to clear the ball from the corner flag. Scott simply takes the ball off him, runs into the box unchallenged and shoots under the body of Roche. Fourth goal for Scott!

  27. 68

    Dagenham are still pressing for more goals. You have to feel for Morecambe.

  28. 67

    Benson on defensive duties as he blocks Hunter's shot from outside the area.

  29. 66

    GOAL BENSON! Long ball from Roberts is flicked on and Parrish makes a terrible mistake in heading the ball back. Benson gets ahead of Roche and shoots over the keeper. Great finish

  30. 64

    Parrish is looking for someone to throw to. Haining gets another chance with a throw into the box, but Mullin heads wide from inside the six-yard box.

  31. 63

    Duffy gets in a good cross to the near post where Stewart Drummond's header deflects out for a corner. The ball flashes across the face of goal but nothing comes of the second ball.

  32. 62

    Another change from McIlroy as skipper Bentley is replaced by Emmanuel Panther.

  33. 61

    Curtis flagged offside standing near the left touchline.

  34. 60

    Benson nips down the left channel and cuts into the box where he squeezes in a weak shot which is fluffed by Roche. Lucky escape for the vissitors, who have been very poor today.

  35. 59

    Scott sniffs another chance from about 30 yards but he's not up to the task this time. Morecambe break but it's an appalling lay-off from Haining as Ogogo mops up.

  36. 58

    Artell clears for a throw-in near the Shrimps corner flag. Gain sends in a cross to the faar post but it comes off Arber for a goal-kick.

  37. 57

    No-nonsense defending from Bentley as Scott threatens to break clear. Have it!

  38. 56

    Romain Vincelot tries his luck from 22 yards but misses the target.

  39. 55

    Morecambe are facing the uphill struggle of all uphill struggles now and there could be more goals to follow.

  40. 54

    GOAL SCOTT! Green's cross is headed in by Scott for his hat-trick. Parrish could have put more of a challenge in, but a good finish nevertheless.

  41. 54

    Green's cross to the far post for Arber is headed out by Artell for another corner.

  42. 53

    McCrory whips in a great cross on the overlap but Bentley heads it out for a corner.

  43. 52

    It's an attacking change obviously as left-back Moss makes way for the heavily-tattooed Wayne Curtis.

  44. 51

    Looks like McIlroy is about to make a change.

  45. 50

    Duffy is flagged offside as he plays in a forward role to support Mullin.

  46. 49

    Green sends in a dangerous cross but it's just too far in front of Scott as Roche collects.

  47. 48

    GOAL SCOTT! Arber's penalty to the right is saved by Roche. Scott sends the follow-up against the post but the ball falls staright to the Daggers striker again and he taps in from close in for his second goal of the game.

  48. 47

    Green nips in ahead of Bentley, who brings down the winger. Arber to take the penalty.

  49. 46

    Morecambe get the second half under way, no changes at half-time. First chance falls to Duffy, who makes a hash of his shot on the edge of the area.

  50. One way traffic so far but, in an action-packed match, evens over 3.5 goals could still be interesting. Full range of in-play betting available. Sky Bet make Dagenham 1/16, the draw 17/2 and it's 33/1 Morecambe.

  51. 45 + 3

    Another long throw from Green is headed out by Bentley, and Mullin breaks but the whistle goes to end the half just as he gets into a promising position

  52. 45 + 2

    Sammy McIlroy enjoying a chat with one or two supporters. Don't think he'll be so pleasant in the dressing room.

  53. 45 + 1

    Two extra minutes to be played. Gain plays the ball to Nurse down the left, but the visitors get a throw-in.

  54. 45

    Duffy is penalised for kicking Doe in the head although the defender did stopp to clear the ball.

  55. 44

    Green is OK to continue. Morecambe are awarded a free-kick near their corner flag after Moss' clearance strikes the hand of Scott.

  56. 43

    Green is down clutching the back of his head after an awkward landing following a challenge on Darren Moss.

  57. 42

    Green's long ball for Scott is headed out by Artell this time. Morecambe need this half-time whistle. Nurse robs Hunter inside The Shrimps box, the ball is laid back to Green, who shoots wide again. Great chance.

  58. 41

    Long throw from Green is cleared and played back in by Nurse and the defence hesitates before Bentley hacks it away

  59. 40

    Duffy isn't happy to be penalised for grappling with Ogogo.

  60. 39

    Hunter's centre is headed out by Arber and Dagenham breaks down the left.

  61. 38

    Empty can of Stella Artois on the pitch which is causing all sorts of consternation. The referee wants it removed.

  62. 37

    Nurse bursts down the left and squares the ball to Green standing on the edge of the area but he drags his shot wide. Another great chance as Green gets forward and slips the ball into Benson only for Bentley to get in a challenge which puts off the striker.

  63. 36

    Morecambe need something to ensure the second leg isn't a formality because Wembley is a long way, away at the moment.

  64. 35

    GOAL SCOTT! Poor goal-kick from Roche goes straight to Scott, who outpaces Bentley and shoots left-footed beyond the Morecambe keeper. Great finish from the best player on the pitch.

  65. 34

    The referee checks that the ball is in the quadrant - which it is. Over it comes and the ball is flicked out to the far side where Benson's cross is poor.

  66. 33

    Benson is penalised for a flailing arm on Dave Artell and the twi have a few words with each other. Another corner for Dagenham. Green to take it.

  67. 32

    Mullin beats the offside trap down the left flank but his cross is blocked by Agogo.

  68. 31

    Scott has his back to goal near the six-yard box but the ball bounces over his head and is collected by Roche.

  69. 30

    Mark Arber coolly plays the ball back to Roberts under pressure from Mullin.

  70. 29

    Scott gets behind the Morecambe defence but he overhits his cross for Benson.

  71. 28

    Another corner for Dagenham, who are really pressing for a second goal but Mullin heads it away at the back stick.

  72. 27

    Mullin nearly latches on to a long ball but Scott Doe does well to head it back to Roberts.

  73. 25

    The Shrimps get a free-kick following a foul on Garry Hunter by McCrory which takes an age to be taken by Haining, who can't even clear the one-man wall. Poor effort.

  74. 24

    Great delivery by Green but Haining gets in a brave header to clear the danger at the near post.

  75. 23

    Duffy concedes a corner which Green is preparing to take.

  76. 22

    Peter Gain whips in a cross from the left and Bentley heads clear. Morecambe are getting batterd here.

  77. 21

    Duffy needlessly shoves Jon Nurse in the back near the home side's corner flag and a free-kick is awarded.

  78. 20

    Daggers defender Abu Agogo intercepts a loose call and piles down the right from inside his own half. He gets into the box but the ball bobbles on a difficult pitch and he can't squeeze in his cross after going through two tackles.

  79. 19

    Roche takes a good catch under pressure from both Benson and Scott.

  80. 18

    Green delivers another great centre from the right which is cleared well by Jim Bentley at the near post.

  81. 17

    Good cross from Green into the box is headed over by Scott, who is looking dangerous.

  82. 16

    The visitors are being forced to rush their clearances and as a result are conceding possession.

  83. 15

    Garry Hunter plays the ball out wide right to Mark Duffy, who is penalised for a foul on Damien McCrory.

  84. 14

    Moss takes a thrown down the left and the ball is sent back and forth for a few seconds in a scrappy spell.

  85. 13

    Scott nearly capitalises on a mistake by Will Hanining but gets crowded out in the box before he has the chance to pull the trigger.

  86. 11

    Scott struggles to kee in a long throw from Green down the right channel.

  87. 10

    Narrow escape for the Shrimps as a Green cross is flicked on and flicks the arm of Andy Parrish. Cries of 'handball' go up but no penalty is awarded.

  88. 9

    Roberts makes a hash of his clearance but gets away with it. Morecambe left-back Darren Moss is spoken to by the referee to for a fierce challenge on Green.

  89. 8

    Mullin in the thick of the action again as his far-post header just clears the bar.

  90. 7

    Paul Mullin forces a great save from Tony Roberts, who pushes the ball out for a corner.

  91. 6

    Morecambe are struggling to clear their lines at the moment. Scott is flagged offside as Morecambe relieve the pressure.

  92. 5

    Morecambe boss Sammy McIlroy won't be happy when he sees the replay.

  93. 4

    GOAL PAUL BENSON! The ball is lofted into the box for Scott to get in a header which is parried by Barry Roche into the path of Benson, who taps home. Benson was in an offside position when the ball was first played into the area. A talking point already!

  94. 3

    Danny Green takes his third throw-in which causes panic in the Shrimps defence. The ball is ecventually cleared at the third attempt.

  95. 2

    Decent start for the Daggers who look like they'll be deploying the long throw to break down the Morecambe defence.

  96. 1

    Dagenham & Redbridge get the game under way and Dave Artell makes a crucial challenge to prevent a goalscoring opportunity for Josh Scott.

  97. This game promises to be more exciting than the Aldershot-Rotherham match and Sky Bet make the Daggers 11/10 to win over 90 minutes, the draw is 12/5 and Morecambe are also 12/5. It is 5/6 each of two for under and over 2.5 goals but if you want goal related bets, corners or bookings the odds are Sky Bet will meet your requirement in running.

  98. The teams are in and they line up as follows:

  99. Dag & Red: Roberts, Ogogo, Doe, Arber, McCrory, Green, Vincelot, Gain, Nurse, Scott, Benson. Subs: Lewington, Uddin, Currie, Montgomery, Bingham, Tejan-Sie, Walsh.

  100. Morecambe: Roche, Parrish, Artell, Bentley, Moss, Haining, Wilson, Drummond, Duffy, Hunter, Mullin. Subs: Scott Davies, Curtis, Jevons, Wainwright, Panther, McLachlan, McStay.

  101. Out referee today is Colin Webster.

  102. Good afternoon and welcome to this afternoon's clockwatch for the first leg of the League Two play-off semi-final between Dagenham & Redbridge and Morecambe. If you have any thoughts about the game feel free to drop me a line on



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