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European Championship Qualifying

Aviva Stadium (ATT 45,200) 11th October 2011 - Kick off 18:45 Ref: E Iturralde Gonzalez

Rep Ire Republic of Ireland vs Armenia Armenia

Rep Ire 2

V Aleksanian (og 43)
R Dunne (59)
K Doyle (S/O 81)


Armenia 1

R Berezovsky (S/O 26)
H Mkhitaryan (62)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 8:40 pm, October 11th 2011

  1. And that's that! We hope you enjoyed the coverage and look forward to finding out who await Ireland when the draw is made on Friday.

  2. Congratulations to the Ireland side who had to fight hard. Watch out for Henrikh Mkhitarian by the way, he's destined for great things on this showing.

  3. That's it! Ireland are into the draw for the Euro 2012 play-offs. On balance they deserve it, but it has to be said they rode their luck tonight. Armenia didn't deserve to lose and conceded two very, very soft goals, but they can take encouragement from their best ever qualifying campaign.

  4. 90+4

    St. Ledger blocks Movsisyan's shot before a cross goes deep allowing Duff to clear. Armenia come again and win a free kick near the corner flag, which is cleared by O'Shea.

  5. 90+3

    All of the luck has been Ireland's tonight. They probably deserve it after what happened two years ago in Paris, but Armenia can feel aggreived at going out like this. Credit to them for showing fantastic spirit though and quality to go with it - whoever is in their group next time will know they've got two tough games to play.

  6. 90+2

    Hayrapetyan cuts in from the short corner to shoot on his weaker right foot and it's wide.

  7. 90+1

    Russia meanwhile are 6-0 up as Armenia win a corner. We're into the first of four added minutes.

  8. 90

    Throw for Armenia as we enter our final minute of normal time. They need two goals but are running out of ideas and the Irish crowd have started to applaud their side as if it's over, which it just about is.

  9. 89

    Walters finds space again and receives an excellent ball to feet, but his shot slices past the post. We're within a few minutes of full time.

  10. 88

    Armenia's first attack in a while ends tamely as O'Shea makes a simple intervention. The visitors are back though and attack down the right with Mkhitarian and Hovsepyan combining, but Given collects the cross.

  11. 87

    Credit to Ireland, as since it's been ten v ten they've stepped up their game and haven't let Armenia have a sniff.

  12. 86

    Walters has been lively already on what is his full debut but his shot is straight at Petrosyan.

  13. 85

    A good two minute spell for Ireland as Duff and Hunt use their experience to keep the ball. Eventually it's all the way back to Given but that's fine and his clearance is back with Duff.

  14. 84

    More controversy, as an Armenian defender makes a world class tackle to deny Hunt, who is brought down by the keeper immediately after. Was the ball already out? Who knows. Corner for Ireland which they take short.

  15. 83

    A chance for Ireland to put the game to bed as Walters does well to find Hunt, but his first touch is poor so he needs a second, and Armenia can clear.

  16. 82

    So Armenia have more than matched Ireland with a man down, can they score twice now it's ten on ten? Odds are probably not, but it makes for a more interesting end to the game.

  17. 81

    RED CARD! Kevin Doyle gets his second booking for a foul on Mkrtchain and the referee has no hesitation in dismissing him. Doyle led with his elbow in jumping for a header and did make contact, without intent. Tough call, but it's hard to say it's the wrong one.

  18. 80

    St. Ledger grateful to be fouled by Movsisyan in his own box as Ireland make another change, Walters coming on for Cox, who hasn't had his best game.

  19. 79

    Doyle concedes a cheap free kick and Armenia continue their dominance in terms of possession. You sense than with 11 v 11, this would've been a really tough night for Ireland.

  20. 78

    Movsisyan spreads it to Manucharyan who momentarily looks a threat before Ireland clear. Armenia come at them again though down the right but once more it comes to nothing.

  21. 77

    Perhaps it's more than cramp, that or coincidence, as he's off for Fahey.

  22. 76

    Movsisyan decides to shoot instead of pass and it costs Armenia, eventually resulting in an Ireland goal kick as Whelan is down with cramp. He's up quickly though.

  23. 75

    Cox is offside and Armenia can clear once more. Do they begin to throw men forward? They surely have to.

  24. 74

    I am massively impressed by Armenia, by the way. It's been generally hard to tell they're a man down, with the exception of the first ten minutes of this half - they're a testament to organisation and technical skill.

  25. 73

    Ireland go left to right and then back again before Cox's touch lets him down. They're back in control though as Given holds onto it for a while before Sarkisov tries to beat him from at least 45 yards. Needless to say, it's not a goal.

  26. 72

    Mkrtchain has combined well with him in midfield too as Armenia continue to poke away, trying to find gaps. Ireland have stalled since the visitors' goal.

  27. 71

    Mkhitarian, who looks Premier League class, wins a free kick but Hayrapetyan lets it slip under his boot for an Ireland throw. Armenia are quickly back on the ball though.

  28. 70

    Neat stuff from Armenia as Mkrtchain is found space to shoot. His effort is deflected wide for a corner which the goalscorer will take. It's long to Manucharyan, whose header is over the bar.

  29. 69

    Wild challenge from Doyle, who gets a yellow and will miss the first play-off game now. Armenia have a free kick 35 yards out.

  30. 68

    That's McGeady's last contribution as Hunt takes to the field.

  31. 67

    Movsisyan almost picks out a team-mate with a sweeping ball but Ireland can break, with Duff finding McGeady in space in the box. His attempt is very poor and Armenia clear.

  32. 66

    Movsisyan finds half a yard of space but skews his shot over. Armenia have grown in stature following their goal, they believe they can score again. Of course, they need two more as Stephen Hunt is ready to come on.

  33. 65

    It's cleared and Ireland go back to Given eventually, who launches it forwards for Armenia to clear again. McGeady is then booked for a dangerous tackle and rightly so, while Duff is safe and sound.

  34. 64

    Sarkhisov is on for Armenia as Ireland win a corner.

  35. 63

    Duff goes down under a heavy challenge from Aleksanyan, who has a yellow card to go with his own goal.

  36. 62

    Huge credit to the visitors. Far more experienced sides would've given up the ghost but they've carried on fighting and deserve to have something to cheer.

  37. 61

    GOAL Mkhitarian! Well, I told you he was good. Movsisyan finds Mkhitarian in space 20 yards out and he strokes it into the bottom corner.

  38. 60

    Mkhitarian looks a proper player, he really does, and after taking on Ireland on his own wins a free kick 30 yards out. He takes it himself and goes wide, before getting on the end of the cross but his header is blocked.

  39. 59

    GOAL Dunne! World class defending from Mkrtchain, who takes it off the toe of Simon Cox six yards out. From the resulting corner, McGeady finds space and the young keeper flaps at the ball, which goes past him and hits Dunne before going over the line. Two of the softest goals you'll see, but do Ireland care? No. They've got a play-off place.

  40. 59

    Cox fouls Hovsepyan deep inside the Armenia half and the away side knock it around at the back before a long ball is dealt with. Ireland dominant.

  41. 58

    Mkhitarian continues to impress for Armenia but he's fighting on his own at the moment and his side are chasing shadows now that Ireland have finally realised that keeping it on the ground is the way to close this out.

  42. 57

    Andrews goes backwards when he had time and space to run at the Armenian defence but it matters not as Duff is more direct, going deep inside the opposition half before again going sideways. No rush and rightly so.

  43. 56

    Mkhitarian takes it short and it's a waste as Doyle does some solid work to win it back. Ireland take their time in launching another attack. One more goal and this is over.

  44. 55

    It's impossible to see anything bar Ireland qualification at this stage, as they've upped their game in the second half. As I say that, Armenia break at pace and win a corner.

  45. 54

    A quick throw in ends at the feet of Andrews, whose shot looks to have the keeper beat but flies just wide.

  46. 54

    It's lovely stuff from Ireland to open up Armenia but Kelly hesitates when in space inside the box, so they'll settle for a throw. Pizelli is off and Manucharayan is on in his place.

  47. 53

    Ireland are now having plenty of the ball inside the Armenian half and Doyle's hard work enables them to go left. Space is worked for Duff but his right-foot shot is tame.

  48. 52

    Hovsepyan does well to win the ball but gives it back cheaply and Ireland work it down the left again. Virtually everything has gone through Duff this evening.

  49. 51

    The cross finds Cox at the back post but his shot is blocked and Armenia clear, before Duff launches another attack. He's switched to the left, has the Fulham winger.

  50. 50

    As was the case just before Ireland scored, Armenia are more than matching them. However, they've very few options up front and again Ireland clear through St. Ledger. Eventually McGeady wins a free kick deep inside the Armenia half.

  51. 49

    The referee has allegedly looked at a monitor and maintained that it was a handball. A bit odd, because it wasn't. Anyway, Armenia attack again but Given can comfortably collect.

  52. 48

    Cox does wellto keep it in and finds Doyle, whose shot loops into the air and is collected by substitute keeper Petrosyan.

  53. 47

    Ireland start brightly with Duff finding Cox, who can't return the favour. Armenia break through Mkhitarian and then Movsisyan, whose shot is straight at Given.

  54. 46

    We're back underway. If you're just joining us, Armenia are down to ten men following a rough decision and it was their own goal that gave Ireland the lead.

  55. Sky Bet go 1/20 Ireland, 12/1 the draw and 66/1 Armenia.

  56. Well, that was an interesting half that lacked quality in the final third and included a comedy own goal and a very harsh sending off. What it means though is that Ireland are on the verge of a play-off spot, leading as they are by a goal to nil at the break.

  57. 45+2

    Movsisyan, who looks a good player, has a go but succeeds only in lofting it over the bar.

  58. Meanwhile Russia are 4-0 up at home to Andorra.

  59. 45+1

    We're into the first of two minutes to be added on and Armenia have a free kick 30 yards out.

  60. 45

    It's poor from McGeady, who hasn't had much of an impact on this game, and Armenia clear.

  61. 44

    Petrosyan slides to collect the ball but keeps going and ends up with the ball in his hands, outside the area. He's booked and McGeady is over it.

  62. 43

    GOAL Aleksanyan og! So unlucky and, well, quite funny really. Duff crosses and Doyle attempts a backheel, missing completely. It looks like the danger has passed for about 0.001 of a second as Aleksanyan's strange attempt to clear goes over the line. Incredible. He's devastated.

  63. 42

    McGeady finds himself offside on the left and it's respite for Armenia. At this stage Ireland are lacking creativity and in terms of the spectacle the sending off was a fine shame, albeit one that should mean the hosts qualify. Should...

  64. 41

    Dunne's clearance finds Doyle who helps it out to McGeady. Ireland are tying to keep it on the ground at last and do so before Duff's shot is blocked. 52%-48% read the possession stats.

  65. 40

    Aleksanyan and Mkoyan combine to slow the game down before clearing only as far as Duff. Ireland again try the right but Armenia aren't allowing them much space and eventually Mkhitarian wins it back and gets body-checked on the edge of the Ireland area. No foul, somehow.

  66. 39

    Movsisyan again comes deep before eventually winning a throw and at this stage Ireland aren't taking advantage of the generous situation they find themselves in.

  67. 38

    Duff does well on the left before losing the ball cheaply and Ghazarian does well to initiate a break, albeit one that comes to nothing thanks to St. Ledger.

  68. 37

    Free kick to Armenia as O'Shea is adjudged to have gone in heavily on Ghazarian. The away side use the ball well, opening up space for Pizelli, whose shot from distance isn't far wide.

  69. 36

    Credit to the visitors, they're still keen to knock it around, with Mkrtchain advertising a level of quality in finding Hovsepyan, whose run is blocked.

  70. 35

    Playing devil's advocat, the outrage when Thierry Henry did what he did was astonishing. Cox basically did the same thing, albeit in a different area of the pitch. Armenia can count themselves very unlucky as Ireland now dominate possession.

  71. 34

    Whelan wins a free kick on halfway and Ireland go again through McGeady, but once more his threat is dealt with. The hosts win it back quickly though and this is going to be a long night for Armenia, who need a win.

  72. 33

    Given goes long and Cox does well to bring it down before shooting from range. It's tame and easily dealt with by Petrosyan.

  73. 32

    The corner is cleared as Russia go 3-0 up. Ireland win it back but McGeady is hounded and Pizelli breaks before finding Movsisyan, whose cross is good but there's nobody there to get on the end of it.

  74. 31

    Duff gets to the byline and wins Ireland a corner.

  75. 30

    Dunne wins another header but Armenia attack again through Movsisyan, who looks unlucky not to win a corner. Goal kick, which goes long.

  76. 29

    McGeady finally gets the game back underway with a free kick fired over the bar.

  77. Meanwhile Russia have gone 2-0 up.

  78. 28

    Very hard one to call but I think he's been hard done by - that hits him on the chest. Petrosyan is on for Malakyan to take over between the sticks. This is his debut at international level.

  79. 26

    RED CARD! Berezovsky is off! Ireland throw one long and the Armenia keeper rushes out, even though there were two defenders challenging Cox. Cox shoots and the 'keeper raises his arms, outside the box, and is deemed to have handled it. Very tough to call even after a replay, but one thing is for sure - Cox handled it first!

  80. 25

    Ireland try to attack down the left but there's no change from the Armenian back-line. Eventually they win it back as the game goes a little quiet.

  81. 24

    Movsisyan comes deep to get the ball before making the wrong decision to shoot from 30 yards out instead of finding a team-mate.

  82. 23

    Cheeky from Simon Cox. Berezovsky put the ball down and Cox tapped it in to the United net. Some speculation that the ref didn't actually whistle for a free kick, which would mean an Ireland goal, but it would've been ridiculous and very, very bad for the spirit of the game!

  83. 22

    Duff has seen plenty of the ball but this time helps switch it to McGeady, who hasn't. He finds Kelly, who crosses towards Cox. His challenge on Berezovsky in the Armenia goal is strong and the keeper wins a free kick before going down theatrically.

  84. 21

    Ghazarian brings down Duff with a slightly wild challenge and Ireland have a chance to throw one high into the opposition area. Duff does so but it lacks height and is cleared.

  85. 20

    Dunne is called upon for a crucial interception as Pizelli looked to get through on goal. Neat interplay allows Duff to play towards Cox but it's out for an Armenia throw.

  86. 19

    Free kick for Ireland just inside their own half as O'Shea is felled by Ghazarian. Dunne goes long with the restart and Doyle's flick on causes problems for Armenia, who eventually clear their lines.

  87. 18

    Cox goes down after an accidental knee-to-head from Mkoyan. He has to go off and come back on, but he's fine and a drop-ball gets us back underway.

  88. 17

    Armenia attack after Dunne's defensive header is weak but they're patient and go backwards before Mkhitarian's cross-field ball is cleared.

  89. 16

    Doyle's header down enables Ireland to attack once more down the left and he's close to accepting a return pass from Duff. Ireland have a throw deep inside the Armenian half but Duff carelessly gets himself offside.

  90. 15

    The challenge was from Stephen Kelly and he's been booked, after advantage had been given. Pizelli is back on and from the restart he almost finds Movsisyan, but his touch around Given is heavy. The Irish stopper was excellent in staying on his feet.

  91. 14

    Hayrapetyan kicks it out as Pizelli goes down under a heavy challenge and we have a slight pause. It's been a lively start.

  92. 13

    Armenia clear but Movsisyan is isolated and Ireland clear. Cox does well to find space in the box and find Doyle, whose shot is straight at Berezovsky.

  93. 12

    More good work from Whelan to get the ball back and find Duff, who plays it to O'Shea. His cross is blocked but it's a corner for Ireland and the big men are forward.

  94. 11

    This referee isn't giving much as Cox goes down 30 yards out, nothing doing. Whelan wins it back and again Ireland go to the right flank before a clip forward is cleared.

  95. 10

    Dunne and St. Ledger were excellent in the air during Ireland's last game and it looks as though it'll be a similar case today. Dunne's clearance header allows Duff to find Cox, whose flick on is cleared.

  96. 9

    Mkrtchain is controlling the tempo of the game from midfield and the Armenians are passing it around nicely, despite the fact that Ireland are pressing very high.

  97. 8

    Hayrapetyan goes long but Ireland clear before the visitors can once again build from the back. They've started with real intent.

  98. 7

    Given launches a free kick towards Doyle, who can't keep it. Andrews then fouls Pizelli and it's a free kick on halfway for Armenia.

  99. Goal for Russia. Already it seems a play-off spot is the prize tonight.

  100. 6

    Hovsepyan plays through towards Movsisyan and he wins a corner, which is played short before Mkhitarian crosses. It's deflected behind for another corner, which is cleared for a throw.

  101. 5

    Ireland go long through St. Ledger and then Doyle does superbly, beating three men before looking unlucky not to win a free kick on the edge of the Armenian area.

  102. 4

    Early touch for Berezovsky in the Armenia goal and they quickly try to attack, with Pizelli failing to find Movsisyan.

  103. 3

    Sloppy ball from Doyle when Ireland had a chance to cause Armenia real problems. The away side win a throw which Ghazarian holds up before Mkhitarian dribbles and launches a shot from 20 yards, which goes wide.

  104. 2

    Nice stuff from Armenia, spreading across the pitch before Ireland break it down and counter. Glenn Whelan's ball is poor though.

  105. 1

    Armenia go long early but Ireland win a throw down the right. Cox and Duff combine before the latter's cross is too strong for Doyle. Nice start.

  106. And we are underway courtesy of Armenia, arguably the most improved side in Europe.

  107. As we eagerly await the start of the match, rest assured that I'll keep you aprised of events in Russia too. Plenty of Andorra fans in Ireland this evening.

  108. It's anthem time, and it's a robust performance from the Irish fans. John O'Shea takes top player honours along with Shay Given, the seniors giving it their all.

  109. That'd make for an exciting/terrifying night for the home fans.

  110. Would Ireland take that right now I wonder? Russia are 1/100 to beat Andorra and it'd be the upset of the century were they to fail to do so, therefore if I'm Irish I take the draw right now!

  111. The teams are coming out onto the pitch with six or seven minutes until kick-off. It's a packed house, naturally.

  112. Watch out for Shakhtar midfielder Henrikh Mkhitarian too. He's scored in each of Armenia's last three games and averages a goal every three games at club level.

  113. Sky Bet offer 4/6 about Ireland, 14/5 the draw and 4/1 Armenia. For what it's worth I can see the away side causing Ireland problems and getting a draw, one that would do for the hosts assuming Russia win.

  114. And now Armenia: Berezovsky, Hovsepyan, Mkrtchyan, Pizelli, Malakyan, Ghazaryan, Movsisyan, Mkoyan, Aleksanyan, Mkhitaryan, Hayrapetyan. Subs: Petrosyan, Yuspashyan, Artur Edigaryan, Sarkisov, Artak Edigaryan, Badoyan, Manucharyan.

  115. Here's the Republic of Ireland side: Given, St, Ledger, Dunne, O'Shea, Kelly, McGeady, Whelan, Andrews, Duff, Doyle, Cox. Subs: Westwood, Coleman, Walters, Long, Hunt, Fahey, O'Dea.

  116. For Ireland, a point sees them into the play-offs once again. A win and they could top the group and qualify, but they'd need Russia to stumble at home to Andorra which frankly won't happen. So, to avoid defeat is the main aim.

  117. You can email me your thoughts on the game at any stage via or if Tweeting is more your thing, I'm @BenColeyGolf.

  118. Good evening and welcome along to coverage of Republic of Ireland versus Armenia, which promises to be an absolute cracker.


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