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European Championship Qualifying

Millennium Stadium (ATT 12,317) 7th October 2011 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: B Kuipers

Wales Wales vs Switzerland Switzerland

Wales 2

A Ramsey (pen 60)
G Bale (71)


Switzerland 0

R Ziegler (S/O 55)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:43 pm, October 7th 2011

  1. Thanks for joining us for what was a thoroughly entertaining night in Wales. Gary Speed's men continue their progression while Switzerland's hopes of qualifying for Euro 2012 are hanging by a threat. Goodbye.

  2. 90+3

    That is that. A fine second half performance by Wales, aided in no small part by some naive defending from the Swiss. But Wales more than matched them in the first 45 and the way they started the second showed they meant business.

  3. 90+3

    Hennessy bowls out to Allen who plays in Bellamy. He cuts in before crossing to Bale, who volleys first-time, just wide. I believe he was given offside despite being around three yards on, but it's all irrelevant really.

  4. 90+2

    Klose goes down under the challenge of Ramsey and the referee calls for the physio. He's alright, the big man, but will have to go off to come back on now.

  5. 90+1

    Mehmedi's shot is blocked and Wales are happy to let Switzerland have the ball now. Behrami the next to have a go and this is the best of the lot, clipping the outside of the post with Hennessy struggling.

  6. 90

    Williams on duty again as Mehmedi attempts to bring it down in the box. Three minutes will be added on.

  7. 90

    Inler the latest to shoot from range and it's deflected behind for a corner. Switzerland play it short and Wales deal with the problem, Ramsey eventually clearing.

  8. 89

    Mehmedi breaks past the Wales midfield and has space 25 yards out. But, off-balance, his shot flies high and wide.

  9. 88

    Bellamy is keen to get on the scoresheet but it's at the cost of his team as another hopeful effort flies well over the bar.

  10. 87

    Gunter and Bale combine but the Tottenham man's cross is cleared for a Wales throw.

  11. 86

    Switzerland forced to go long but Williams and Blake have dealt with aerial threats all day. Church finds space but his cross to Ramsey is poor.

  12. 85

    Mehmedi tries to find Derdiyok but can't and Wales clear. Switzerland have come back into this game in the last ten minutes but it's all too late, they lost the game long ago.

  13. 84

    It was Vaughan, trying to chest but misjudging the bounce. I've seen them given. Meanwhile Wales go forward but Taylor's ball to Ramsey is poor.

  14. 83

    Derdiyok has a go but Williams blocks, summing up his night. After some head tennis Switzerland appeal for a penalty, claiming handball. We'll wait for the replay but the box was crowded, a tough one to give.

  15. 82

    No threat from Switzerland as the game resumes, until Blake fouls Emeghara on the edge of the box having let the ball bounce. It wasn't a foul, but he's in the book.

  16. 82

    Changes for Wales too as Morison, who has put in a shift, is replaced by Church. Crofts off as well and Vaughan is on.

  17. 81

    Williams is forced to clear and Switzerland have a throw. First, Xhaka is off and Mehmedi comes on.

  18. 80

    Wales choose to go down the right and then backwards as play slows down. They've put a lot into this, in fact both sides have, and the game is just going through a very brief lull.

  19. 79

    Nice interplay between Derdiyok and Emeghara but Hennessy saves Xhaka's tame shot before collecting a Rodriguez cross when Switzerland try again.

  20. 78

    Bellamy again cuts in as Wales counter, but instead of laying in a fellow attacker he shoots wide.

  21. 77

    To their credit Switzerland are still keen to attack, they're just not able to keep the ball long enough to do so on the whole. This time they win a corner which Xhaka crosses straight to Hennessy.

  22. 76

    For the record, it hit Klose's arm but only having rebounded up off his knee. Never a penalty. Switzerland attack but Williams clears once more. Morison breaks free but his cross doesn't find Bellamy.

  23. 75

    Allen finds Bale who again cuts in before giving it to Crofts. He moves it effortlessly wide where Bellamy dances inside the box before giving it back to Crofts, then Gunter and Bale exchange passes, Gunter crosses, and handball claims are turned down. Sumptuous play.

  24. 74

    Ramsey is craving the ball, a wonderful thing to see of any player, especially one still so young. Him and Bale, fierce rivals a week ago, combine to find Bellamy on the left but his shot is tame.

  25. 73

    Throw in for Wales as Benaglio's clearance can only find touch. Switzerland must know that their chances of qualifying for Euro 2012 have ended in the last 25 minutes.

  26. 72

    GOAL Bale! Morison plays in Bale who, through on goal, finishes in composed fashion. Game over.

  27. 71

    Emeghara on for Frei as Switzerland try to change things up.

  28. 71

    65-35 in terms of possession this half. Bellamy attacks again but misses the chance to play in Allen. He gives it instead to Ramsey whose ball to Bale is long. He was just offside anyway.

  29. 70

    Derdiyok has to drop into his own half to get the ball and eventually the faultless Williams clears. Wales building again through midfield and are a completely different side to that of two years ago.

  30. 69

    Ramsey finds Bellamy and he returns it to the captain. Eventually the ball goes right to Gunter and then Bale before Crofts switches it to Bellamy, who cuts inside before forcing a save from Benaglio.

  31. 68

    Bale finds space on the right and cuts in before shooting from 20 yards. He was off-balance though and it's wide. Wales quickly back in control of the ball after the restart.

  32. 67

    Klose and Rodriguez combine but Crofts has done plenty of hard work breaking down attacks and does so again. Switzerland are still seeing enough of the ball but not in dangerous places.

  33. 66

    Corner for Wales as Bellamy attacks down the right, Lichsteiner eventually putting it behind. Bellamy himself takes it and finds Morison eight yards out, but he can only head wide despite being alone.

  34. 65

    Ramsey has been very good for Wales. So has Bale. Their big name players have put in good shifts tonight. Ramsey now enjoying the freedom from which he can pop off passes.

  35. 64

    Rodriguez throws a hopeful ball forward and Wales can comfortably collect, building once again from the back.

  36. 63

    The corner sails over a stranded Hennessy but goes behind for a goal kick.

  37. 62

    Shaqiri off and Rodriguez on as Switzerland win a corner.

  38. 62

    Von Bergen is also in the book for an earlier incident.

  39. 61

    Klose got a yellow for his troubles, by the way. Anyway, Wales continue to dominate possession as Switzerland prepare a change.

  40. 60

    GOAL Ramsey! The Arsenal man lashes it low and hard and Benaglio can't keep it out despite diving the right way. Wales deserve to be in front having been denied a stone wall penalty earlier, the irony being that the one they were given was the least clear.

  41. 59

    Wales have a penalty now! Gunter goes down under the lightest of touches from Klose.

  42. 58

    Wales dominating play but a long ball to Bale goes out for a goal kick.

  43. 57

    It's all kicking off now. Blake goes down in the box and he was pushed by Lichsteiner. Limited appeals from Wales but that was probably a penalty, too.

  44. 56

    After a replay, it's worst that I thought at first and it's a yellow and a half least.

  45. 55

    Gunter is fouled by Ziegler who receives a red card! I have to say, it didn't even look a yellow. We await a replay.

  46. 54

    The second corner breaks to Chris Gunter who lets fly from 35 yards. It's hit well but is wide. I'm still in shock. Genuinely, it's one of those that looked a penalty at the time and was. Switzerland fortunate that three men surrounded Bale and perhaps the ref couldn't see Behrami's shin contacting Bale's.

  47. 53

    Wales are furious. They have a corner, but it should be a penalty. No doubt about it. They win another corner. Behrami looks guilty, and is.

  48. 52

    Switzerland are tireless in their pursuit of the ball and Williams almost gives it away. Wales counter and Bale goes down in the box. Looks a stone-waller and is. Awful decision. No penalty.

  49. 51

    Free kick for Wales now following Hennessy's clearance. Bellamy is going to cross from the left. It's a good ball but Morison's header lacks power.

  50. 50

    Shaqiri wins a cheap free kick after Taylor goes in a little heavy. It's 35 yards out and he whips in to Derdiyok, who finds the net...but he's offside. He was off by a whisker. Superb decision.

  51. 49

    Direct from Wales, Bale launching a long one towards Morison. Benaglio spills for the Swiss eventually clear.

  52. 49

    Hennessy ventures outside his box to take a Wales free kick. He punts it long towards Bale and the Switzerland clearance goes out for a Wales throw.

  53. 48

    The corner from Shaqiri is long and goes out for a Wales throw on the opposite side of the pitch.

  54. 47

    It's cleared but only to Allen, who strikes from 20 yards. It's blocked and eventually Switzerland break with Derdiyok clear on goal. He goes too wide but wins a corner.

  55. 46

    We're underway and Wales win a corner as Frei hits a pass far too hard. Bale will hit an inswinger.

  56. I've been particularly impressed by Joe Allen, making his first start for Wales. He's not quite been their best player but he's been composed. The players are back out and Bale is among them.

  57. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed that first half and am eagerly anticipating the return of the teams. Switzerland playing like a team that have to win, Wales like a team with nothing to lose.

  58. Not a problem Jamie. You do realise that this game is a nailed-on draw now that we've laid our cards on the table, don't you?

  59. Wales in to 11/4 with Sky Bet, the draw now 13/8 and Switzerland drifting to 5/4 having been 10/11 at the start. I need Wales for my accumulator. Sorry Switzerland fans.

  60. 45+3

    A free kick in their own half for Wales ends the first 45. It's been entertaining and although Switzerland are perhaps better on the ball in general, Wales have created the game's best chances. 0-0.

  61. 45+2

    Switzerland patient in their approach despite Wales being temporarily down to 10. Eventually Behrami shoots from 35 yards, and Hennessy saves. Bale is back on.

  62. 45+1

    He's up and able to limp off.

  63. 45+1

    The physio is on and he does look genuinely in pain. Fortunately, we're on the verge of half-time.

  64. 45

    Bale is down injured after the challenge, which was a fair one.

  65. 44

    Behrami goes deep to start a Switzerland attack. Again Lichsteiner is involved but Wales break it up and here goes Bale, however Behrami recovers to put in a crucial tackle.

  66. 43

    Behrami finds Lichsteiner, who has produced very little in terms of delivery despite finding more space than anyone. Wales clear and Bellamy has space on the left, his cross overhit but kept in by Bale, whose return ball is collected by Benaglio.

  67. 42

    Bale finds three defenders blocking his path and goes back to Gunter, who gives it away and Switzerland break. Blake intercepts and clears to Bellamy, who plays it square to Ramsey...the shot is blocked.

  68. 41

    Bale makes life tough for Behrami and his header is therefore easily collected by Hennessy. Wales break through Gunter and Ramsey but have to turn backwards and try the left.

  69. 40

    Morison penalised for little or no reason and Switzerland break. Shaqiri plays in Derdiyok, who has been quiet. He shoots and it's deflected wide for another corner.

  70. 39

    Hennessy is motionless as Inler lets fly from fully 30 yards out. A foot or two wide.

  71. 38

    All of the chances have gone to Wales, essentially. Only a world-class, instinctive reaction keeps the game at 0-0.

  72. 37

    Bellamy and Bale combine down the left as Wales continue to try to play their way through Switzerland. Eventually they switch to Gunter who combines with Allen before a high ball from Blake finds Morison. He brings it down and shoots but it's a phenomenal save from Benaglio. Corner.

  73. 36

    Another Shaqiri cross, another clearance. Ramsey is stranded and Wales have to go long but it breaks to Taylor who finds Bellamy. Back to Ramsey who loses it and Switzerland break. Williams does excellently to clear.

  74. 35

    Wales again clear and Bale is clearly impeded as he attempts to make ground down the right. Not only does Klose not get a yellow that he deserved, he isn't even found guilty of a foul. Switzerland back on the attack.

  75. 34

    Wales clear again before Allen, who has looked composed and class, finds Ramsey. He attempts to switch passes with Bellamy with the Swiss defence exposed but Von Bergen intercepts. Switzerland break and win another corner.

  76. 33

    Shaqiri's left foot is a potent weapon and he crosses low, with Williams deciding to clear for a corner despite there being nobody behind him to pose a threat. One corner once again leads to another as Blake clears.

  77. 32

    Von Bergen, a late replacement for Senderos, finds Klose but Wales break it up and fly forward. Behrami reads a Bellamy pass brilliantly and deals with the situation.

  78. 31

    It's been a case of these sides taking it in turns to dominate possession and it's Switzerland's go, Shaqiri and Inler combining to switch it to Ziegler, but Bale makes a good tackle.

  79. 30

    Morison seemingly accidentally knocks into Klose but the referee judges in favour of the Swiss player. They break but Xhaka can't keep Shaqiri's ball in.

  80. 29

    Klose finds Lichsteiner who finally delivers a good ball to Frei, who beats Blake to the ball but heads over the bar.

  81. 28

    Bale marginally offside when put through by Morison. He was in on goal there and it was very, very tight.

  82. 27

    Inler finds space on the left and cuts inside onto his right foot. Wales throw bodies at the ball and Taylor makes a crucial block.

  83. 26

    More good work from Bellamy who has come alive recently. His shot is blocked - possibly by a hand - before he fails to find Ramsey. Switzerland break but Williams makes a great interception.

  84. 25

    Wales coming into the game in the last 10 minutes and Bale puts pressure on Benaglio, who deals with it well and Switzerland clear comfortably.

  85. 24

    Lichsteiner again marauding down the right but Allen intercepts and beats two men before launching an attack. Taylor crosses to Morison who plays it down to Bellamy, before his shot goes over.

  86. 23

    Williams plays a glorious ball to Bellamy, who has been quiet. He takes it first time on the chest and can shoot with his second touch from 20 yards, but it goes wide. Wales have had the best chances.

  87. 22

    After keeping the ball for a prolonged period, Blake lumps it towards Morison who can't keep it in and Switzerland have a goal kick. It's played short and they build down the right before conceding a throw in to Wales.

  88. 21

    Bale has been excellent in his own half and once again clears. Wales win a throw and take the chance to get the ball down on the floor again.

  89. 20

    Lichsteiner again delivers a cross that Williams clears before Shaqiri concedes a throw. Switzerland collect the long ball though and attack through Frei and Ziegler down the left, with a corner the result.

  90. 19

    Big chance for Wales from the resulting clearance. Bale is able to bring it down in the Switzerland box and finds Ramsey, who takes a touch before trying to find Bellamy when the chance to shoot was there. Switzerland had time to recovery and Ziegler does so.

  91. 18

    Free kick for Switzerland on the right and Shaqiri's delivery is good. It flicks of Williams' head and behind, but a goal kick is given.

  92. 17

    More nice football from the Swiss but all in their own half. For the last five minutes at least, Wales have been more organised and neither defence has been troubled.

  93. 16

    Free kick for Wales around 40 yards out but it's Inler who comes off worst after committing a foul. He's ok though. Bale inexplicably decides to shoot and it's poor, Switzerland can clear.

  94. 15

    Inler is seeing more of the ball now and finds Shaqiri, who has been very lively. His deep ball sails out of play for a Wales goal kick.

  95. 14

    Switzerland get a free kick after some head tennis in the middle of the pitch. Behrami switches it out to Frei but Blake clears.

  96. 13

    Inler loses out and Bale charges forward, covering 50 yards before crossing but Morison can't get across the defender.

  97. 12

    Bale finds Ramsey who switches wide to Bellamy. Switzerland are well organised but eventually Ramsey receives the ball and shoots from 30 yards. It's well hit, but straight at Benaglio.

  98. 11

    68% possession for Switzerland in the first ten minutes. Wales go long for Morison but he's isolated and Switzerland are back in control.

  99. 10

    Bale again clears before Shaqiri's 25 yard attempt is blocked. Switzerland back at them though and Shaqiri's cross causes trouble before Williams hoofs clear.

  100. 9

    Lichsteiner again finds space down the right - he's keen to get forward - and wins a corner. It's delivered deep and cleared by Bale for another.

  101. 8

    Very cheap corner for Wales as Klose, under no pressure whatsoever, tries to head back to his 'keeper but just sends it straight past him. Bale's delivery is good but it's cleared. Bellamy returns the ball and Blake has a free header, which he sends wide. Chance gone.

  102. 7

    Wales clear through Taylor but Switzerland are quickly back in control and are certainly on top early.

  103. 6

    Nothing comes of it but Switzerland are quickly back in possession and Lichtsteiner has two crosses cleared.

  104. 5

    Switzerland's turn to take the early sting out of this game. Xhaka, Behrami and Shaqiri all keen to get on the ball and they combine to win a throw deep inside the Wales half.

  105. 4

    Bellamy's delivery is poor and Xhaka clears but a Wales throw, from which the home side take the opportunity to play keep-ball for a few seconds.

  106. 3

    Free-kick for Wales down the left as Von Bergen brings down Morison. Mistimed not malicious, but the ref is having none of it.

  107. 2

    From the goal kick, Morison flicks on and Ziegler clears for a Wales corner. Bale swings it in but Benaglio collects under pressure.

  108. 1

    Bright start from the Swiss with Shaqiri winning a throw, from which they gain a free-kick. Shaqiri takes it but it's too long for Frei.

  109. A very well observed silence for the lost Welsh miners, and we're not set to go. Switzerland will get us underway.

  110. Not only have they not lost, they've won the other five meetings. Anyway, Sky Bet offer 3/1 Wales, 5/2 the draw and 10/11 Switzerland. Of course, this game is theoretically more important for the Swiss.

  111. History points to Switzerland though. They're on a fine run of form and haven't lost to Wales since 1950ish!

  112. 10 minutes until kick-off. Any last minute wagers, folks? I've tipped Wales to win in the 'draw no bet' market. Felt they were excellent against England.

  113. Switzerland: Benaglio, Lichtsteiner, Senderos, Klose, Ziegler, Frei, Inler, Shaqiri, Xhaka, Behrami, Derdiyok Subs: Wolfli, Von Bergen, Degen, Rodriguez, Emeghara, Fernandes, Mehmedi.

  114. Wales: Hennessey, Gunter, Blake, Ashley Williams, Taylor, Bale, Crofts, Ramsey, Allen, Bellamy, Morison Subs: Myhill, Matthews, Nyatanga, Vaughan, Edwards, Robson-Kanu, Church.

  115. Full teams on the way but the headline for Wales, albeit an unsurprising one, is that the Holy Trinity of Bale, Ramsey and Bellamy start.

  116. Good evening and welcome along to coverage of Wales v Switzerland. I'm Ben Coley and you can send me your thoughts. Not telepathically, obviously: or @bencoleygolf.


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