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European Championship Qualifying

Estadi Comunal de Aixovall (ATT 500) 7th October 2011 - Kick off 20:30 Ref: L Kovarik

Andorra Andorra vs Republic of Ireland Rep Ire

Andorra 0


Rep Ire 2

K Doyle (7)
A McGeady (20)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 10:29 pm, October 7th 2011

  1. It's winner-takes-all on Tuesday as ROI face Armenia with the winner in likelihood taking the second place play-off spot, after Russia beat Slovakia earlier tonight. A professional performance from Giovani Trapattoni's men, as they face one more hurdle in their bid to be back in the play-offs for a major tournament.

  2. FULL TIME. Andorra 0 Rep of Ireland 2.

  3. 91

    Hunt shoots on the edge of the area, which was going wide before Sonejee gets in the way to block and Keane ends up with the ball on the right before Ayala gets back to boot upfield.

  4. 90

    Two minutes of stoppage time added on as Long searches out Fahey's long ball, which Martinez clears.

  5. 89

    Comfortable defending for ROI as O'Dea rolls it back to Given, with Trapattoni surely happy with his side's work for the night.

  6. 88

    Ward skips past Garcia and Martinez like they're not even there, before playing an odd to the ball past with McGeady losing out to Gomez. If the full-back had have shot he would likely stood a better chance of scoring.

  7. 87

    Andrews plays the corner short but McGeady's ball to Keane flies over the top of the striker, with Andorra caught napping again, but this time the ball goes behind for a goal kick.

  8. 86

    Good pressure from Garcia and Vieira down the right forces O'Dea into a hurried clearance which amazingly finds Keane in a glorious position, as he looks to find McGeady with Sonejee sliding clearing behind for a corner.

  9. 85

    Free-kick to Andorra after an enthusiastic Fahey slides in on Vieira, with Andorra running out of time to salvage anything from the tie.

  10. 83

    Peppe nearly plays Martinez into trouble, as Long picks it up in the centre of the park before launching a ball to Hunt, who finds Ward behind Garcia with the left-back's ball to Long resulting in a header wide.

  11. 82

    Moreno and Peppe link up nicely on the left, but Ayala's ball to Vieira is simple for O'Shea to clear on the edge of the penalty area.

  12. 81

    Lima, the Andorra captain makes way and Oscar Sonejee takes his place and the armband in the process.

  13. 80

    Ward shows a glorious turn of pace to skip past Garcia but Gutierrez again cuts him off, blocking and clearing his cross from the by-line.

  14. 79

    The corner is cleared eventually by Gutierrez but Hunt wins it back on the left and earns a throw-in off Garcia.

  15. 78

    Ivan Lorenzo is the man coming on for Andorra with Martinez making way.

  16. 78

    McGeady, now occupying his trade on the right, passes to Long who tries an auspicious shot which ends up going for a corner off Martinez.

  17. 77

    Ward works an opening on the left before crossing in, which Gutierrez blocks well, with the deflection landing in the arms of a grateful Gomez.

  18. 76

    Duff comes off after a sterling shift and Stephen Hunt comes on for ROI.

  19. 76

    Duff does magnificently to skip past Peppe and Ayala before he is eventually hacked down by Lima and ROI win a free-kick 40 yards out.

  20. 75

    Lima again tries a long ball over the top to Vieira, and it is again poor giving the Andorra winger no chance of retrieving it.

  21. 74

    McGeady wins a corner, which he takes, and O'Shea gets his head to it with the ball flying over when it really should have hit the back of the net from 10 yards.

  22. 73

    Lima plays a fine through ball into the box between O'Dea and St Ledger but again Andorra lack that striker with the instincts to get into the six-yard box. Given claims.

  23. 72

    Doyle is taken off and West Brom striker Shane Long replaces the Wolves man.

  24. 71

    McGeady charges at Andorra's defence with Keane looking to have the ball in play but the referee's whistle has gone and a throw-in is given to the visitors.

  25. 70

    Doyle seeks out Keane but Gomez claims as Andorra look to work an opening again with Silva disappointing once more as he concedes possession to Fahey.

  26. 69

    A beautiful long ball from Vieira finds Peppe on the left before Silva is hussled off the ball by St Ledger, with Doyle finding himself in possession of the ball on the halfway line looking to break.

  27. 68

    Andrews takes the free-kick as St Ledger gets up to the header but he can't control it and it drifts wide.

  28. 67

    Ward does brilliantly to skip past Peppe and Ayala cuts him down and takes a booking for his troubles.

  29. 66

    Straight away, Fahey tries an audacious cross to McGeady which is cut out by Martinez, with Garcia looking to keep in play a cross-field pass from Peppe but the right-back fails.

  30. 65

    Whelan comes off for ROI and Keith Fahey makes an appearance for the final 25 minutes.

  31. 64

    McGeady has been a livewire on the left as he earns a throw-in off Garcia who seems in awe of the ROI winger.

  32. 63

    St Ledger clears the cross in and McGeady gets stuck in with Peppe to win back possession for the visitors.

  33. 62

    Silva is down after an apparant elbow from O'Dea and the Andorra players are not happy as no action is given besides a free-kick.

  34. 61

    Ward sells Garcia for a fool and plays in McGeady who whips into the back post for Keane, with the striker losing his bearings for a second and firing over from five yards. Amazing chance to make it 3-0.

  35. 60

    Substitution for Andorra with Carlos Peppe replacing Pujol.

  36. 59

    In Andorra's first real attack of the match, Pujol finds Moreno who tries a half-cross, half-shot which nearly catches Given off guard but he sidesteps and deals with it well.

  37. 58

    ROI work the ball well with Andrews and Whelan but McGeady's sprayed cross-field ball to Duff carries far too much momentum and Andorra win the throw.

  38. 57

    Andorra win a corner after good work for Vieira, but the corner in from Lima goes out of play before it reaches the penalty area. Sums up the entire campaign for them.

  39. 56

    Martinez is not happy as ROI win a corner which the Andorra man claims to have come off Ward last, as Andorra step up the pressure with their midfield finally starting to pile forward.

  40. 55

    Silva launches a long ball over the top of O'Dea but everyone is switched off as Given collects and plays it back out to O'Shea.

  41. 54

    Given pushes his luck as he dummies the ball around Silva and clears, but the lack of the Andorran urgency allows him to get away with it.

  42. 53

    It's O'Dea who attempts an overhead kick from Andrews' ball in, but he is off balance and it ends behind goal.

  43. 52

    Duff skips past Garcia and Pujol goes in hard on the winger, with ROI earning a free-kick 20 yards put.

  44. 51

    Duff does well to control Whelan's ball and plays in McGeady who strikes from 20 yards, with Gomez parrying brilliantly at the near post.

  45. 50

    Vieira picks it up on the right and looks to play a one-two with Silva who isn't on the same wavelength and his return ball ends up with Ward.

  46. 49

    Doyle runs what must have been 30 yards through the middle before eventually Ayala cuts in to prevent what would have been a wonder goal had Doyle struck in time.

  47. 48

    In perhaps the poorest disguise of a push ever seen, McGeady is shoved off the ball by Lima before Whelan plays in Keane with Gomez again launching himself at the ball, with Garcia clearing.

  48. 47

    Lima's good hold up play on the right ends up with Given claiming, before Doyle is penalised for a foul on Martinez.

  49. 46

    No changes to report at the break, and ROI kick off, with Whelan's long ball up to Keane flying over the top of the striker to Gomez.

  50. 45

    After a thorough inspection of the net cord, I can tell you that everything is fine, and the second half can get under way.

  51. A routine half for the visitors as they hold a comfortable, expected 2-0 lead. Andorra looked truly shocking in the first 20 minutes but eventually they started hussling more and looked slightly threatening towards the end of the half. Second half predictions can be e-mailed to

  52. HALF TIME. Andorra 0 Rep of Ireland 2.

  53. 45+3

    Whelan dinks a ball into the box for Keane but Garcia clears and through good persistance from Lima they win another throw-in on the right.

  54. 45+2

    Pujol lays it off for Lima who strikes and the effort is on target but does not carry enough venom or height to trouble Given who saves.

  55. 45+1

    Well, it should have been a corner, but a goal kick is given and now Andorra have a free-kick 25 yards from goal. Let's see if they can do better with this one.

  56. 45

    It's a corner to ROI after Keane has a pop in the penalty area and Gomez parries behind goal.

  57. 44

    Vieira tangles with Andrews and the ROI man wins a free-kick before playing it short to McGeady.

  58. 43

    Martinez does well and sets up Moreno who has a pop from a tough angle and draws Given into action, who catches comfortably.

  59. 42

    Neat passing between Silva and Moreno results in O'Shea dispossessing but Duff loses control and Andorra win a throw-in on the right side.

  60. 41

    Martinez takes the free-kick and it lands half-way inbetween the goal and the corner flag. Dreadful effort.

  61. 40

    Pujol is back on and Andorra look to get the ball down before Lima shoots from range, with the result a goal kick, taking a knock from Andrews in the process.

  62. 39

    Ward's long ball up to McGeady runs on too far as Gomez clears, while Pujol's back injury may be more seriously than first thought as he continues to be treated on the sidelines.

  63. 38

    Pujol receives treatment on the pitch but looks like he will continue as he hobbles off to come on again, such is the rules.

  64. 37

    Pujol hussles and bussles Whelan before taking a tumble and he looks in some distress after a crunching colliision with the ROI man.

  65. 36

    McGeady strikes from 35 yards and while his effort looked like it took a deflection nothing is given and Gomez takes the goal kick.

  66. 35

    ROI have by no means been on top form, as a passing move from Whelan to Duff ends up with Ayala on the left, but Andorra need to kick-start their passing game again if they are to stand any chance of getting something from this.

  67. 34

    Silva fouls Andrews and the upteenth free-kick of the half to ROI commences, with Duff's long ball winning a throw-in off Gutierrez.

  68. 33

    McGeady plays a one-two with Whelan but the return pass from the former is too strong and Garcia clears, with Andorra's right side being completely exploited.

  69. 32

    Whelan has a pop from long ranger which is charged down by Martinez, before another foul is given after Lima raised his studs in a tackle with Whelan.

  70. 30

    O'Dea stays cool as he calmly plays the ball back to Given under pressure from Moreno, before Ward gets forward down the right and goes down under Gutierrez, with no free-kick given.

  71. 29

    Given is recieving plenty of the ball but unfortunately for Andorra it's only through poor balls from their midfield, as Pujol's long ball again finds only Given's hands.

  72. 28

    McGeady is tearing Gutierrez a metaphorical "new one" on the left side as he whips it in to the near post but Whelan can't meet it and it goes for a goal kick.

  73. 27

    Andorra pass the ball around nicely, but ROI still look in complete control, with O'Dea eventually stepping in and winning back possession for the visitors.

  74. 26

    Free-kick to Andorra after Whelan goes in recklessly on Silva on the half-way line.

  75. 25

    Duff finds Whelan in the penalty area, who is taken down by Gutierrez with no penalty given despite the evidence seemingly suggesting it was stone wall.

  76. 24

    Another Andorra attack ends up in the path of Given, who sprays it out to Duff on the right who tries to carve an opening and earns another free-kick from Martinez.

  77. 23

    McGeady finds Keane in space on the edge of the penalty area and the striker has a pop but he puts too much weight on his curling shot and it ends up behind goal.

  78. 22

    Moreno takes the free-kick which is cleared at the near post by Sean St Ledger, while a foul is given against Bernaus for flooring O'Dea.

  79. 21

    This could genuinely be anything such is the poor quality of Andorra's defending, but Andorra have a free-kick after Silva clashes with Stephen Ward.

  80. 20

    ROI take the free-kick short, which complete catches Andorra out, with McGeady picking it up from Whelan before lashing in from 15 yards.

  81. 20

    GOAL! McGeady makes it 2-0!

  82. 19

    The ball is set up for Andrews who shoots with Martinez booked for charging the effort down too quickly, and ROI will re-take their free kick.

  83. 18

    Given is alert as Pujol's long ball from midfield is picked up by the ROI keeper before a foul is given against Garcia for crashing into McGeady.

  84. 17

    Moreno takes a free-kick to the far post and Vieira meets the ball with a header but he can't keep it down and it sails over.

  85. 16

    Gomez eventually takes the goal-kcick and a free-kick is given against O'Shea for a foul on Marc Bernaus.

  86. 15

    Minute three of Goal net cord watch - a specialised net physician is on the pitch and is sorting out the net. Play to resume momentarily.

  87. 14

    The problem is that a cord has broken in the net, which naturally requires quite the attention so that the game to continue. Goal net cord updates to follow...

  88. 13

    Can't quite tell what's happening but the referee has called halt to play for an apparant problem with the Andorra net.

  89. 12

    Andorra's defence is a shambles as Keane is fortunately given offside from a Duff corner, when the goal was gaping at his mercy.

  90. 11

    Free-kick to ROI which Duff takes, with McGeady firing on the edge of the area which Doyle ends up blocking on the goal-line!

  91. 10

    Given is forced to rush 15 yards out of his area to clear a long ball from Ildefons Lima, with the ROI keeper lucky his kick wasn't charged down by Silva.

  92. 9

    ROI are straight back on the offensive as McGeady finds Keane, but the striker's touch deserts him as he crosses into the back post with no-one in sight.

  93. 8

    HInts of offside in the goal but nothing is given and Giovani Trapattoni's side are delighted with the lead.

  94. 7

    McGeady twists and turns on the left before earning a corner off Alexandre Gutierrez, with a goalmouth scramble erupting before Doyle poked home from close range. First blood to ROI!

  95. 7

    GOAL! Kevin Doyle scores!

  96. 7

    Damien Duff's ball into the back post is divine but John O'Shea drifts offside and ends up heading wide anyway.

  97. 6

    Shay Given claims comfortably and throws out to McGeady who takes a tumble from Josep Ayala and ROI win a free kick 30 yards out.

  98. 5

    Corner to Andorra after a deflected shot seemingly took a touch off Andrews.

  99. 4

    Keane hits the bar! A lovely ball in from Aiden McGeady finds Keane who draws another fine save from Gomez before launching the re-bound on to the bar and behind.

  100. 3

    Free-kick to Andorra after a collision between Keith Andres and Fernando Silva, which is headed on by Moreno and rolls out for a goal kick.

  101. 2

    Great early save from Josep Gomez after Robbie Keane was neatly played in by Keith Andrews, forcing the Andorra keeper into palming out, with Emili Garcia sweeping up the danger.

  102. 1

    Andorra kick off and Darren O'Dea steps in immediately to clear the ball out of the path of Sergi Moreno.

  103. Just an update on the standings, and Armenia's 4-1 victory over Macedonia earlier today leaves them top of Group B, as things stand. A win for ROI tonight would put them on top though and set them firmly on course for automatic qualification. Andorra are yet to win a point in this group and Giovani Trapattoni's side will be optimistic that Euro 2012 could be the year that this generation of ROI stars finally make it to a major finals.

  104. Here's the team news...Sean St Ledger returns from suspension in place of the banned Richard Dunne as the Republic of Ireland go in search of a Euro 2012 qualifying victory in Andorra. St Ledger lines up alongside Darren O'Dea in central defence at the Estadi Comunal while the fit-again John O'Shea returns in place of Stephen Kelly at right-back. Andorra boss Koldo Alvarez includes Cristian Martinez, scorer of his side's only goal to date in the campaign against Ireland in Dublin, in his starting line-up.

  105. Sky Bet make ROI overwhelming favourites to win at 1/14 in Andorra tonight. Andorra to win is at 25/1 while a draw is priced at 10/1.

  106. Andorra: Josep Anton Gomez, Bernaus, Gutierrez, Emili Garcia, Lima, Christian Martinez, Pujol, Ayala, Vieira, Silva, Moreno. Subs: Perianes Meca, Sonejee, Sanchez, Sebastian Gomez, Lorenzo, Marc Garcia, Peppe.

  107. Rep of Ireland: Given, St, Ledger, O'Shea, O'Dea, Ward, McGeady, Whelan, Andrews, Duff, Doyle, Keane. Subs: Forde, Kelly, Long, Fahey, Hunt, Cox, Lawrence.

  108. Referee: Libor Kovarik (Czech Rep).

  109. Good evening everyone and welcome to live commentary of the Euro 2012 Group B clash between Andorra and Republic of Ireland. I'll post tonight's team up momentarily. Send your e-mails with detailed predictions into and I'll publish the best ones.


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