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European Championship Qualifying

Luzhniki Stadium (ATT 48,717) 6th September 2011 - Kick off 16:00 Ref: F Brych

Russia Russia vs Republic of Ireland Rep Ireland

Russia 0


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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 5:54 pm, September 6th 2011

  1. 90+3

    Full-time in Russia.

  2. 90+2

    Russia have men falling over like dominos inside the box but the referee waves away lame appeals for a penalty.

  3. 90+1

    Ward goes into the book and that just about sums up his night. Meanwhile, three minutes have been added.

  4. 90

    We're into the 90th minute now with Ireland desperately clinging to a point here.

  5. 89

    Zyryanov steals in at the back post and somehow heads straight at Given and Andrews produces a magnificent clock to deny Russia on the rebound.

  6. 88

    Ward's delivery is too deep and the Russia keeper ignites a counter attack with Ireland struggling to get back.

  7. 87

    Hunt can't control his header and Russia are in a hurry to take the goal-kick, they'll be disappointed with anything less than a win here.

  8. 86

    Bilyaletdinov glances a header into the side netting from Arshavin's delivery. Russia are getting closer.

  9. 85

    Dunne produces yet another heroic block but McGeady hands Russia a chance from a wide free-kick.

  10. 84

    O'Dea's misplaced header allows Russia in and they're still knocking at the door with possession in the final third.

  11. 83

    Arshavin drags a shot across the face of goal and well wide, he wants a corner but the referee says no chance. Ireland are looking tired.

  12. 82

    Bilyaletdinov is teed up for a big chance but he gets his angles all wrong as, leaning back, he balloons his effort high and wide.

  13. 81

    Cox loses possession on the flank but Ireland win a free-kick around the half-way line from Russia's clearance.

  14. 80

    Ten minutes to go in Moscow and you could cut the tension with a knife.

  15. 79

    Dunne produces a towering header to clear the danger, he looks unfazed by the head injury so far.

  16. 78

    Hunt halts a run of Arshavin and goes into the book.

  17. 77

    Comically, the Irish bench have been forced to draw on a number 5 on Dunne's makeshift white training shirt having covered his original one in blood.

  18. 76

    Dunne is being told by the referee he has to get off the field, the referee is unhappy with something.

  19. 75

    Bilyaletdinov of Everton replaces Zhirkov.

  20. 74

    Dunne is back on but at what cost? He looks like he doesn't know where he is after that blow to the head.

  21. 73

    Dunne goes into the book for the tackle despite having his face bloodied. He will now miss the game against Andorra.

  22. 72

    Dunne has a head injury having smacked his face on the artificial surface while Zhirkov should be ok to carry on with his elbow knock.

  23. 71

    Dunne takes out Zhirkov on the flank with a ferocious tackle and both players require treatment.

  24. 70

    Ignashevich shields the ball from McGeady and Russia have a goal-kick.

  25. 69

    Ward glances a header back to Given, who takes his time in punting up-field.

  26. 68

    Hunt looks as though he's gone to the left with McGeady making his way, eventually, over to the right.

  27. 67

    An Ireland counter breaks down when Cox runs into traffic.

  28. 66

    And it's Duff who makes way for Hunt. Now which flank will he slot into?

  29. 65

    Hunt is being prepared to come on...

  30. 64

    Cox collects with his back to goal and turns before firing a wayward effort way off target from around 30 yards.

  31. 63

    Ward is having a bit of a 'mare as first he slices a cross wide when under little pressure and second he misplaces a simple pass down the line to Keane's frustration.

  32. 62

    Another wasted delivery for the Irish as Duff's delivery is headed clear - they need to find a new idea with their free-kicks.

  33. 61

    Duff draws a foul and Ireland need to take their time with this delivery.

  34. 60

    Kelly doesn't hear the call and is forced to put wide after Russia find a way through the last line of Ireland's defence once more.

  35. 59

    Doyle, who looks very much displeased at the decision, is replaced by West Brom striker Simon Cox.

  36. 58

    Whelan puts the ball into touch deep inside his own half and Russia have a chance to launch a throw.

  37. 57

    The game is really stretched now as both sides counter-attack each other. Ireland are preparing to bring on Cox.

  38. 56

    Fantastic run from Dunne, who is eventually halted but the big man picks himself up to track back and win possession back for his side.

  39. 55

    Pavlyuchenko comes on for Kerzhakov, can the Spurs man prove more clinical?

  40. 54

    Arshavin collects from another short Russia corner, but the Arsenal man bends an effort well wide of the far post.

  41. 53

    Andrews concedes a free-kick in a central area but Kerzhakov fires it into the Irish wall.

  42. 51

    Ignashevich goes down under a challenge from Doyle, but should be ok to continue. Tottenham striker Pavlyuchenko is warming up by the way.

  43. 50

    Duff is forced to retreat back to Given but will take confidence from a rare bout of possession.

  44. 49

    Ireland are venturing out wide when in possession so far this half, an instruction from the Trap perhaps?

  45. 48

    Shirokov picks up a pass inside the penalty area but sees his shot blocked by Dunne from point-blank range.

  46. 47

    Incidentally, neither side have made a change at the break. On the field, Doyle wins a free-kick on the left flank and McGeady or Whelan will deliver.

  47. 46

    The hosts get the ball rolling once more in Russia.

  48. Russia are out and ready to re-start while Ireland continue to stall in taking up their positions.

  49. 45+1

    Half-time in Moscow.

  50. 45

    Another crucial clearance from Duff, this time off the line after a header on target from the Russia corner.

  51. 44

    Duff is forced to turn the ball wide for a Russia corner.

  52. 43

    Wards drives forward and wins a corner but Keane's deep cross from the short take loses possession.

  53. 42

    Doyle wins a free-kick and Ireland are likely to lump this one forward.

  54. 41

    Arshavin now shoots from range but it's fairly central and Given makes the stop. The Ireland keeper is struggling to keep hold of their low, powerful shots, though, with the pitch appearing to add an unnatural spin in the ball.

  55. 40

    Russia are upping the tempo as Zhirkov whips in a corner and it actually comes back off the post. The former Chelsea player collects the rebound and fizzes in another effort, but Dunne emerges to head clear.

  56. 39

    Semshov is told to get to his feet by the referee after a body clash with Whelan.

  57. 38

    Ward's cross is too deep as Ireland muster up a rare attack.

  58. 37

    Kelly shields off Zhirkov and earns an Irish throw-in.

  59. 36

    Malafeev claims a loose ball and the Russia fans are upping the atmosphere as their team prepare another attack.

  60. 35

    Back to that big chance for Russia - it's the closest either side has come to an opener, and it was ignited by Zhirkov, who beat two Irish defenders before teeing up Semshov, who can't beat Dunne after beating Given with his low strike towards the bottom corner.

  61. 34

    Kerzhakov is offside and Ireland must slow things down now.

  62. 33

    Heroic defending from Dunne! The Villa defender blocks a goal-bound shot literally on the line with Given beaten!

  63. 32

    Another long range effort sails high and wide from Russia, Ireland will be encouraged that they're reducing the hosts to such measures.

  64. 31

    McGeady makes up for allowing Aniukov to steal a march on him, getting back to block his cross but conceding a corner in the process.

  65. 30

    We're at the half-hour stage and it remains goalless. Ireland have defended well and have offered a slight threat at the other end. But there's still a lot of hard work to be done.

  66. 29

    Given punts an Irish free-kick up field but the Russians emerge with possession.

  67. 28

    Zyryanov is the latest Russian to shoot from range but he's way off target.

  68. 27

    McGeady floats in a free-kick for Ireland, but Duff is penalised somewhere in the mix of things, and he's as miffed as I am.

  69. 26

    The free-kick is dragged wide and Ireland can re-group once again with Given's goal-kick.

  70. 25

    Andrews trips up Zhirkov, handing Russia a free-kick in a dangerous position.

  71. 24

    Keane is flagged offside when he had no need to be in that position.

  72. 23

    Given redeems himself by making the corner his own, timing his leap to perfection to claim the delivery.

  73. 22

    Ireland's most-capped is keeping them in the game at the minute, but Given gifts Russia a corner by spilling a tame shot at his near post.

  74. 21

    Fantastic save from Given! Kerzhakov cuts back for Semshov, who produces an aerial volley, which the keeper pushes away from goal.

  75. 20

    Doyle can't quite keep the ball in play and Russia have a goal-kick.

  76. 19

    Arshavin is told to get to his feet by the referee, but the Arsenal man is starting to influence the game.

  77. 18

    O'Dea gets away with a handball, but the artificial pitch no doubt had a hand of its own in that one.

  78. 17

    Arshavin is penalised for an accidental but beneficial handball and Ireland can catch some breath.

  79. 16

    Dunne toe-pokes the ball into touch under pressure from Kerzhakov.

  80. 15

    Arshavin bends in a cross from the flank and Kerzhakov opts to head at goal from a distance, looping his effort onto the roof of the net.

  81. 14

    Russia win a corner through good tracking back by McGeady. They take it short, and it's flashed across the face of goal and, luckily for Ireland, there's no one there to force it in.

  82. 13

    A speculative effort from Doyle produces Ireland's first shot on target of the match, but Malafeev gets his full body behind it in making the save.

  83. 12

    Arshavin takes too long in feeding Aniukov, who had strayed offside even if he had collected the heavy pass.

  84. 11

    O'Dea clears a low cross from Kerzhakov and now Russia have a deep throw of their own in the opposition territory.

  85. 10

    Doyle knocks on for Keane, who wins a throw-in deep in Russia's half.

  86. 9

    Ignashevich tries his luck from the half-way line with given off his line, but the Ireland keeper backtracks and saves comfortably.

  87. 8

    Kelly's stabbed clearance falls kindly for Arshavin, who drills a low shot from outside the area, which is palmed wide by Given!

  88. 7

    Keane's flighted cross is too deep for Doyle.

  89. 6

    The artificial pitch is already playing its part, with the bounce of the ball proving difficult to judge by the Irish players.

  90. 5

    Whelan looks for the run of Kelly but just puts too much lift on the ball and it drifts beyond the full-back and out of play for a Russia goal-kick.

  91. 4

    The Ireland backline pass calmly across the face of goal with the home crowd urging their team to close them down.

  92. 3

    Kerzhakov's control lets him down and Given has a free-kick. He had space, so that's a let off for the Irish.

  93. 2

    Doyle bundles over Aniukov and Russia have the game's first free-kick.

  94. 1

    The visitors get the ball rolling in Moscow! How much of a factor will the artificial pitch have in this game I wonder?

  95. In fact, Russia boss Dick Advocaat has made just one change to the side which beat Macedonia 1-0 on Tuesday night as Sergei Ignashevich replaces the suspended Igor Denisov.

  96. Ok - we have team news from Russia - and Tottenham's Roman Pavlyuchenko is on the bench:

  97. Russia: Malafeev, Aniukov, Vasili Berezutsky, Ignashevich, Alexei Berezutsky, Zhirkov, Semshov, Shirokov, Zyryanov, Kerzhakov, Arshavin. Subs: Shunin, Pogrebniak, Torbinsky, Pavlyuchenko, Bilyaletdinov, Glushakov, Shishkin.

  98. As ever, the Trap has named his starting XI a day before kick-off, but for your information the Republic's squad is as follows:

  99. Republic of Ireland: Given, Kelly, Dunne, O'Dea, Ward, Duff, Whelan, Andrews, McGeady, Keane, Doyle. Subs: Westwood, Foley, Delaney, Lawrence, Hunt, McCarthy, Cox

  100. Live updates will appear here from 1600 BST.


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