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International Match

Wembley Stadium (ATT 88,638) 24th May 2010 - Kick off 20:00 Ref: Masaaki Toma

England England vs Mexico Mexico

England 3

L King (17)
P Crouch (35)
G Johnson (47)


Mexico 1

G Franco (45+3)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 2:47 pm, June 2nd 2010

  1. Thanks for joining me for the commentary this evening, I hope you enjoyed the game. I'll see you next time.

  2. It wasn't all plain sailing though and Mexico will perhaps feel aggrieved with the defeat. Fabio Capello will want an improved performance against Japan in Austria at the weekend.

  3. Well another win for the Three Lions, as they sign off with a victory on home soil.

  4. The referee blows his final whistle and England have won this 3-1!

  5. 90+3

    Lennon is penalised for a high foot and we are nearly done here.

  6. 90+1

    Clumsy foul by Ledley King in the England half. Mexico take it quickly but the Three Lions are back in numbers and quash the threat.

  7. 90

    Baines strikes it from the right edge of the area...into the wall! Three minutes added time to be played.

  8. 89

    Lennon burns Rodriguez for pace and the Mexican hacks him down. Yellow card and a dangerous free-kick for England.

  9. 89

    Mexico are seeing most of the ball but can England hold out for the last stages?

  10. 87

    The crowd are in good voice now as the minutes tick away at Wembley.

  11. 86

    Rooney finds Adam Johnson in the area, he is having his shirt tugged in the box but doesn't go down, he tries to find Defoe in the middle...but the defender intercepts.

  12. 85

    King hacks a clearance straight up in the air and Barrera runs forward, he tries a curling left-foot effort, straight at Hart.

  13. 85

    England sub: Adam Johnson on, Milner off.

  14. 84

    Great effort from Rooney there. At the other end Hernandez tries a crack from long range...wide of the target.

  15. 83

    Defoe is fed in but Perez comes out to clear outside the box. It falls to Rooney though who tries a long-range chip....headed off the line!

  16. 82

    Pressure from Mexico and England keep trying to run the ball out of defence, to no avail. They just need to keep possession.

  17. 81

    Good defending Jamie Carragher, to sheperd the ball back to Hart.

  18. 80

    Great challenge from Marquez in the middle. Mexico put some pressure on and Blanco crosses from the beats everyone though.

  19. 78

    Guardado strikes the free-kick, but it flies well over the bar.

  20. 78

    Free-kick given against Gerrard in a dangerous position after a challenge on Blanco. Gerrard looked to get a foot on the ball there.

  21. 77

    England sub: Lennon on, Walcott off.

  22. 77

    Barrera beats Baines yet again on the touchline, he flashes it across goal, but no-one can poke it home. Dangerous play though.

  23. 76

    Mexico cross from a free-kick down the right, but Hart comes out to claim with confidence. Aaron Lennon is preparing to come on for England.

  24. 75

    Barrero beats Baines but Milner manages to clear the danger. Baines has certainly had a tough evening, but he has done ok.

  25. 74

    There's still a quarter of an hour to go here, are we going to see another goal?

  26. 72

    The corner comes in but nothing is made of it, as Hart holds onto a low ball into the box.

  27. 72

    Mexico sub: Dos Santos off, Blanco on.

  28. 71

    The ball goes right across to the other side of the pitch, and Barrero can't beat Milner...another corner.

  29. 70

    Mexico corner, won off Walcott in the right-back position.

  30. 69

    Johnson is nearly in....but Salcido gets a vital foot in to concede the corner. Gerrard whips it in but Perez punches clear.

  31. 68

    Dos Santos was booked for clear encroachment before that free-kick.

  32. 68

    Milner lays it off to Gerrard who strikes it....just wide! The low shot wasn't far away there.

  33. 67

    Lucky not to be a red card there after a sweeping counter by England, and it is a free-kick on the edge of the box.

  34. 66

    Blatant foul on Gerrard after a great counter attack...yellow card for a shove by Barrera.

  35. 65

    Defoe controls it well and beats a couple of men, but Marquez tackles him on the edge of the box. Barrera then has a pop for Mexico...saved by Hart.

  36. 64

    Salcido gets down the left well but commits the foul on Theo Walcott, who tracked back well.

  37. 63

    Can Tom Huddlestone make an impact, with Carrick having a so-so game.

  38. 62

    Mexico sub: Guardado on, Vela off.

  39. 62

    England sub: Carrick off, Huddlestone on.

  40. 61

    Quick feet from Rooney and Osorio brings him down...foul.

  41. 60

    Milner feeds in Rooney on the left, but he can't get it under control and it runs out for a throw.

  42. 59

    More England players preparing to come on.

  43. 58

    Dos Santos cuts inside on the right and chips a left-foot cross to the backpost, but it beats everyone and flashes out for a goal-kick.

  44. 57

    There's a tangle of legs between Rooney and the defender but no foul says the referee, much to the annoyance of Rooney.

  45. 56

    Mexico attack and the substitute Barrera has a crack from the edge of the area...saved comfortably by Hart.

  46. 56

    Nice play from Gerrard and Rooney, but the Liverpool man was just eased off the ball on the edge of the area by the defender.

  47. 55

    England look a lot better now that Gerrard has come into the middle and Milner has gone out left.

  48. 54

    Gerrard feeds in Walcott wide, who lays it back to Gerrard who tries a curling effort...onto the roof of the net.

  49. 53

    Steven Gerrard has taken the captain's armband and his club team-mate Carragher has been solid so far in the heart of defence.

  50. 52

    Mexico sub: Aguilar off, Barrera on.

  51. 51

    Great break forward from Baines and England put some pressure on. Walcott flashes a lovely ball across the face of goal but it beats everyone.

  52. 50

    The ball is played over the top for Vela, but it runs away from him. Walcott was down after that Johnson goal by the way, but he was able to get up and continue.

  53. 49

    So, England's two-goal lead is restored, but can Mexico respond? They are knocking it around in midfield well but no penetration as yet.

  54. 48

    What a goal from Johnson! A mazy run forward and a great strike with his left-foot, which flew into the net!

  55. 47


  56. 47

    So, a few changes then. How will the returning Jamie Carragher do, and can Man United signing Hernandez make an impact?

  57. 46

    The game restarts.

  58. Mexico substitution: Hernandez on, Franco off.

  59. England substitutions: Hart on for Green, Carragher on for Ferdinand, Defoe on for Crouch.

  60. Well what will the changes be at the break, if any? Robert Green is probably the only player that shone in the opening period.

  61. The referee blows for half-time. 2-1 the score at the break, and despite the lead, not a great performance from England.

  62. Marquez gets the header on target from the corner, Baines headed it off the line, but Franco nodded it in from close range! 2-1!

  63. 45+3


  64. 45+2

    Gerrard concedes the corner down the left.

  65. 45+1

    Ferdinand scrambles it away and Gerrard wins a free-kick on the touchline. But he can't take it quickly.

  66. 45

    Two added minutes to be played.

  67. 45

    So the half draws to a close, and despite the scoreline, Capello will not be overly happy with the display.

  68. 44

    King does really well to wrap his foot around a low cross...there was no attacker behind him, but he wasn't to know that.

  69. 43

    Mexico try and put some pressure on and Salcido has another crack from long range...straight at Green.

  70. 42

    Dos Santos drives forward with great pace but Carrick does really well to get a foot in.

  71. 41

    Franco is down but after a bit of limping, he should be ok to continue.

  72. 41

    The ball comes out to Carrick who loops it over for Walcott, but his cross from the by-line is deflected away.

  73. 40

    Walcott does really well to win a free-kick by the corner flag, after a shove by Salcido.

  74. 39

    Theo Walcott is down injured and there a few worried faces out there for a moment...but he gets up and is able to continue.

  75. 38

    The shot comes in from outside the area...Green loses it...but there is no danger and he can pick it up.

  76. 37

    Corner to Mexico after King came across well. They take it short but England do well to clear the danger.

  77. 36

    Looking at a replay of that Crouch goal, it looked to go in off his arm. But it would have been difficult to see from the referee's point of view.

  78. 35

    Chance for Vela...palmed away by Green! The defence went asleep but Vela hit it straight at the keeper, who stood up well.

  79. Crouch scrambles it home after a cross from Gerrard - Rooney powered the header at goal and the rebound flew into the air, but Crouch got it home.

  80. 34


  81. 34

    Lovely ball from Rooney to Crouch and Rodriguez has to head behind with the tall striker ready to pounce.

  82. 33

    Green comes to claim a cross, but Mexico are bossing the game at the moment. England's midfield is all over the shop - Milner and Carrick have been nowhere.

  83. 32

    Well, Vela has missed a great chance and Salcido hits the post - how England are winning here I don't know.

  84. 31

    Salcido hits the post! He has a crack from the edge of the area...blocked by Milner...he has another curler, but it hits the woodwork!

  85. 30

    Mexico cut through England like a knife through butter there after Baines missed the interception. Franco has a shot now...charged down by Ferdinand.

  86. 29

    Great save Green! Wonderful stop after Mexico launched an excellent counter attack.

  87. 28

    Salcido has a header from inside the box...but Green saves. The flag goes up for offside anyway, as he was past the last defender when the initial shot deflected up off Ferdinand.

  88. 27

    That was really poor from Walcott after another good run. Would Lennon have done better?

  89. 26

    Walcott picks the ball up in midfield after a loose pass. He beats the defender but yet again he wastes it by passing to Rooney in an offside position.

  90. 25

    The corner is cleared by Ferdinand but still Mexico press. Another firm header from England - this time King in the way.

  91. 24

    Pressure from Mexico. Salcido catches Walcott ball-watching and fires it across goal. It beats everyone but Mexico win corner from another cross.

  92. 23

    Rooney is undoubtedly the key man for England. All Three Lions fans will be praying he doesn't get injured.

  93. 22

    Great challenge Rodriguez! Rooney picked it up near the half-way line and drove forward after an excellent touch and turn, but the Mexico defender slid in brilliantly in the box.

  94. 21

    Dos Santos whips it in from the left but there is no-one in the middle. England are getting a bit tighter in defence now.

  95. 20

    Well England don't really deserve to be leading tonight, but can they now settle down and play some football?

  96. 19

    Osorio crosses for Vela but the Arsenal man can't get enough purchase on his header and it goes straight up in the air.

  97. 18

    Mexico try and respond and Vela has a crack...blocked.

  98. Gerrard whips the corner in deep, Crouch knocks it back and King glances the header in! 1-0 England!

  99. 17

    GOAL - KING!

  100. 16

    Corner to England conceded by Aguilar who made a mistake under pressure from Baines.

  101. 15

    Walcott is in space but instead of taking on the defender, England fo all the way back to the defence. Steven Gerrard comes back into the game.

  102. 14

    Mexico are holding on to it and England are chasing shadows at the moment.

  103. 13

    Gerrard clashes heads with Juarez and there is blood on his face. He comes off to receive treatment.

  104. 12

    Pressure from Rooney and Rodriguez concedes the throw. Carrick then gives it away and Mexico retain the ball once more. Good defending King to sheperd it back to Green with Dos Santos prowling.

  105. 11

    Milner comes forward and crosses for just evades his head though and the keeper scrambles it away.

  106. 10

    Mexico flash it across goal....but there is no-one there to tuck it home! Milner and Baines should have done more to prevent the cross there.

  107. 9

    The corner eventually comes in but Walcott smacks it clear. More pressure from Mexico though.

  108. 8

    England can't quite find their tempo at the moment. They give it away though Carrick and Mexico have a crack...deflected wide from Dos Santos.

  109. 7

    Good play from Mexico outside the area and they knock it around comfortably. But England are pretty solid and they are not broken down.

  110. 6

    Gerrard is found by Crouch and England are two on one, but the Liverpool skipper cannot find Rooney in the middle.

  111. 5

    Franco turns and gets away from King inside the area...the shot comes in but he slices it wide. Lovely swivel from the West Ham man.

  112. 4

    Bright start here and Walcott will be disappointed with his delivery there. He has to do better than that after a good run.

  113. 3

    Walcott is found by Milner and he is in oceans of space. He goes past his man but his cross is poor and intercepted. Mexico break and they have men over, but the move breaks down and Robert Green can calm the situation.

  114. 2

    Early shot from Juarez from outside the box...but it flies over. Early warning sign though.

  115. 1

    We're off - who is going to grab the headlines tonight?!

  116. 1

    The game gets underway on a fine evening in Wembley.

  117. The cross of St George is waved by many fans, as God Save the Queen is sung loud and proud.

  118. The national anthems are played. Just two minutes from kick-off now.

  119. The teams emerge from the tunnel and the players are welcomed to mass applause.

  120. The referee this evening is Masaaki Toma (Japan).

  121. I agree with you Jamie, I do feel sorry for Joe Hart, but I'm sure he will get his chance at some point tonight - hopefully half-time. Green will be hoping for a solid showing with no howlers.

  122. This Mexican side will be tough to beat tonight - as always they are sure to be tough in the tackle and with the likes of Vela, Dos Santos and Franco in the team, they have flair going forward.

  123. MEXICO: Perez, Juarez, Rodriguez, Osorio, Salcido, Aguilar, Marquez, Torrado, Dos Santos, Vela, Franco.

  124. The Mexico team is in...

  125. Fancy a bet tonight? SKYBET have priced England at 4/9, the draw is 3/1 and a Mexico win is 11/2.

  126. David Beckham is here of course, I'm sure he wishes he was playing, but Becks may have an important role to play this summer nonetheless.

  127. Leighton Baines wins his second cap at left-back ahead of Stephen Warnock. Further forward, Michael Carrick and James Milner are paired together in central midfield, flanked by Theo Walcott and Steven Gerrard. There is also an opportunity for Peter Crouch to extend his impressive record of 20 goals in 37 international appearances alongside number one striker Wayne Rooney.

  128. Ledley King ends a three-year England exile as he is paired with new skipper Rio Ferdinand in central defence. The Tottenham captain won the last of his 19 caps against Estonia in 2007, since then his career has been badly affected by chronic knee problems. However, he is said to have impressed during last week's World Cup training camp in Austria and with all five players involved in the FA Cup final missing out, King has been asked to step in for John Terry. There is no place in the starting line-up for another returning international as Glen Johnson beats Liverpool team-mate Jamie Carragher to the right-back slot.

  129. ENGLAND: Green, Johnson, Ferdinand, King, Baines, Walcott, Milner, Carrick, Gerrard, Crouch, Rooney.

  130. The much-awaited team news is in...

  131. Then there's the issue of the pitch. The surface at Wembley has occupied more column inches than the game itself - hopefully we won't see any injuries on it this evening.

  132. This could be a massive night for a number of players in Fabio Capello's 30-man preliminary squad. He will trim it down to 23 on 1st June, so now is the time to impress.

  133. Hi there and welcome to's live text commentary of England versus Mexico from Wembley.

  134. Live updates will appear here from 2000 BST.