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European Championship Qualifying

Windsor Park (ATT 13,026) 2nd September 2011 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: T Einwaller

N Ireland Northern Ireland vs Serbia Serbia


Serbia 1

M Pantelic (67)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 1:26 pm, September 6th 2011

  1. Perhaps the right result on the face of the 90 minutes but Nigel Worthington will be so disappointed at the manner of Serbia's goal, with Steven Davis' terrible back-pass punished by Marko Pantelic. A great win for Serbia but NI will be devastated at a home defeat where they looked in control at the time of the goal. Thank you for your company at the Windsor Park Stadium!

  2. FULL TIME. Northern Ireland 0 Serbia 1.

  3. 90+3

    Yellow card for Petrovic for kicking the ball away and Serbia are furious with Evans who was apparantly too eager to head the ball on to Feeney from McAuley's free-kick, pushing Rajkovic in the process.

  4. 90+2

    Kolarov curls the free-kick towards the far post but Camp is again great as he gets down well and claims with safe hands.

  5. 90+1

    Jonny Evans' frustration boils over and he is booked for a late tackle on Jovanovic and will miss NI's next qualifier along with his namesake Corry.

  6. 90

    Serbia have been throughly professional since their goal as Rajkovic again clears powerfully in the air to prevent Feeney latching on to Brunt's long ball.

  7. 89

    Kuzmanovic seems fine but is replaced nonetheless as Ranko Despotovic comes on.

  8. 88

    Free-kick to Serbia, as the medics worryingly rush on to the field to deal with an injury suffered to Kuzmanovic.

  9. 87

    NI are pushing forward but it's at limited pace as Feeney looks to find McQuoid and Rajkovic holds firm and blocks off the striker, allowing the ball to run to Jorgacevic.

  10. 85

    McQuoid immediately drifts offside from McGinn's short ball as Serbia's defence continues to impress in the second half.

  11. 84

    Healy comes off after a tough night's work and Josh McQuoid replaces the striker.

  12. 83

    It's Feeney's turn to battle with Kolarov and the left-back again stands strong to win a corner for Serbia, leaving NI more frustrated by the minute.

  13. 82

    NI are pressing admirably as they seek an equaliser but Davis is too eager and fouls Kuzmanovic as the Serbians launch the ball upfield.

  14. 81

    Kolarov wars with McGinn and the left-back wins out as he prevents a corner before calmly clearing the danger.

  15. 80

    Kuzmanovic is getting nearer as his rasping shot from 25-yards is calmly left by Camp but is marginally wide as it smacks the boards behind goal.

  16. 79

    Tosic comes off after an impressive shift and Adem Ljajic takes his place.

  17. 79

    Healy has been frustrated all night and he tries a pop on the turn but it flies over the bar as the striker looks throughly miserable.

  18. 78

    Jovanovic stays onside to meet Stankovic's through ball but mistakenly crosses far and behind Tosic with NI picking up possession with Brunt crossing in at the far post before Jorgacevic claims.

  19. 77

    Kolarov fancies a strike from the cleared corner but luckily for Camp his ferocious effort skims across goal as Serbia continue to press for a second.

  20. 76

    Tosic takes the corner and earns another instantaneously from Cathcart's header wide.

  21. 75

    Camp is again inspired as he denies Jovanovic at the near post, the NI goalkeeper tipping the ball over for a corner.

  22. 74

    Ninkovic is replaced by new Blackburn signing Radosav Petrovic for Serbia.

  23. 73

    Serbia have tightened up their midfield as they cut out the space for the hosts to play in and Jonny Evans concedes a throw-in on the left.

  24. 72

    Pantelic nearly flicks on the ball at the near post but Cathcart clears as NI look to find their attacking impetus again before Brunt concedes possession.

  25. 71

    McCann makes way and Warren Feeney comes on for NI.

  26. 70

    That goal has really take the sail out of NI's wings as the visitors grind the pace to a halt and pass the ball around with the hosts looking shell-shocked at their misfortune.

  27. 69

    Pantelic eyes a second, this time from range as he has a pop with Jonny Evans getting stepping well to deflect clear.

  28. 67

    Davis makes an atrocious back pass to Camp which carries no weight and Pantelic nips in behind Evans, skins Camp and slots into an open goal in a disastrous moment for the hosts just as they were looking the more likely to score.

  29. 67

    GOAL! Northern Ireland 0 Serbia 1. Pantelic scores after a howler in the NI defence!

  30. 66

    It's an easy clearance at the near post for Cathcart before Tosic is dispossessed and Healy looks to break before Ivanovic steps up and knocks it out.

  31. 66

    Camp is again making a strong claim for Man-of-the-match as he tips a vicious Stankovic strike over the bar for a corner.

  32. 65

    McCann gifts the ball to Serbia and the visitors look to maintain a spell of possession after some top attacking play by NI.

  33. 64

    McGinn is in the thick of it as he picks up Brunt's deflected cross and tries to feed in Healy but the striker makes poor contact and the ball runs out.

  34. 63

    Brunt launches a long ball up to Healy with eventually falls to McCann, whose audacious chip is acrobatically saved by Jorgacevic, perhaps looking to make amends for his terrible clearance earlier.

  35. 62

    Subotic makes a great tackle to stop Healy's cross coming into the area and Serbia look to break but Stankovic is sloppy and the ball runs on to Camp.

  36. 61

    Having said that, Kuzmanovic is then presented with a glorious chance up the other end, fluffing his lines by powering a 25-yard shot high over the bar.

  37. 60

    The NI fans have found their voice as their side starts to look the more threatening with Healy out-jumped by Rajkovic as the Serbs are forced to clear Brunt's ball in.

  38. 59

    Corry Evans is replaced immediately and Niall McGinn comes on.

  39. 58

    NI are defending very deep but for now it seems to be working as McAuley steals the ball from Tosic and gets the ball straight up the other end as Healy's ball in is parried with Brunt's shot blocked by Rajkovic.

  40. 58

    Corry Evans will miss NI's next qualifier after a poor tackle on Ninkovic which earned the midfielder a yellow card.

  41. 57

    Healy is offside after Kolarov stepped up, with the striker inches away from having a one-on-one.

  42. 56

    NI's best chance of the match by far as Serbia start to look rattled with the hosts piling forward with Davis and Brunt starting to exert influence in the centre.

  43. 55

    Tidy play from Brunt who finds Davis on the left with NI looking to formulate an attack with Jonny Evans drifiting a curling cross into Corry Evans who heads narrowly wide in what was a great chance for the hosts.

  44. 54

    Jonny Evans is forward taking a throw-in but Serbia regain possession instantly as NI are forced to retreat with Evans tracking back to clear Tosic's cross in.

  45. 53

    Stankovic chips in to the near post and Kuzmanovic meets it but he can't keep his header down and sails over Camp's goal.

  46. 52

    After scrambles in either side's half, Cathcart flies in on Ninkovic and concedes a foul on the edge of the penalty area as the game explodes into life.

  47. 51

    Tosic tries a shot from the edge of the area but Jonny Evans again steps in to block, with Serbia starting to again find their feet as they spray the ball around.

  48. 50

    McCann fouls Ninkovic and Serbia look to regain their momentum of the first half but Stankovic's ball into the box is claimed well by the excellent Camp.

  49. 49

    Serbia remain on the back foot early on as Ivanovic does well to head behind a Brunt ball, before Jorgacevic is nearly caught out by Healy, taking too long the ball and eventually clearing.

  50. 48

    NI have comes out the traps flying as Healy vyes with Rajkovic and is judged to have fouled the Serbian as their rivalry continues from the first half.

  51. 47

    Good work from Davis who combines magically with Hughes before crossing in at the far post with Brunt too far away from making contact.

  52. 46

    NI kick off with Healy heading on before Subotic clears upfield and Serbia work the ball round with Stankovic at the helm.

  53. A completely one sided half that has seen a lot of courageous defending from Northern Ireland with Serbia getting nearer and nearer to breaking down their doors. Stay tuned for the seconf half and send your predictions and analysis to

  54. HALF TIME. Nothern Ireland 0 Serbia 0.

  55. 45+1

    Corry Evans gets forward and picks up Brunt's ball, directing a toe poke at goal which is saved after a good NI attack.

  56. 45

    Tosic sets up for a shot and another NI body gets in the way to block before Rajkovic is booked for a shocking tackle on Healy who has stayed down after taking a knee to the head.

  57. 44

    Tosic's ball in is cleared at the near post but Kolarov finds space again with Hughes standing firm to block the full-back's cross in.

  58. 43

    The corner runs on to Kolarov who wins another corner with Serbia distinctly finishing the half on top.

  59. 42

    Kolarov nutmegs Corry Evans and crosses into Tosic whose shot is gloriously blocked by Jonny Evans for a corner.

  60. 41

    Ivanovic makes a scorching run into NI's half with McAuley doing enough to put off the right back who trips and the ball runs out for a goal kick.

  61. 40

    NI cut out a good Serbia move and Ninkovic receives a yellow card for a late tackle on Davis.

  62. 39

    Serbia again knock it around sweetly with Tosic gaining confidence by the minute as he drives across goal with the result only inches wide.

  63. 37

    Cathcart's diagonal pass is superb to McCann who nods the ball too far forward and concedes a goal kick as NI continue to struggle in the final third.

  64. 36

    Pantelic is offside as he runs on to Stankovic's pass with the NI offside trap working perfectly.

  65. 35

    What looked set to be a corner is a NI goal kick as McAuley does superbly againts Jovanovic, with NI continuing to deny the Serbs so far.

  66. 34

    Pantelic misses the ball in and NI clear with Brunt's ball to Healy carrying too much weight and Serbia get the throw-in.

  67. 33

    Evans is too enthusastic and fouls Jovanovic out wide as Tosic whips in a good looking ball and Cathcart heads behind for a Serbian corner.

  68. 32

    It's all Serbia right now as Brunt and Hughes struggle to keep the ball in between them before Kolarov steps in and nicks it anyway.

  69. 31

    Penalty claims from Serbia after Kolarov went down under Hughes but the referee waves play on.

  70. 30

    McCann is reckless and hacks down Stankovic from behind with the first yellow card of the night produced.

  71. 29

    Confusion in the NI defence as Camp comes out but forgets to claim the ball as Pantelic runs past Evans and chips over Camp but too far over as the ball lands behind goal.

  72. 28

    Stankovic goes for the spectacular, as Evans clears the corner into the midfielders's path, trying a half-volley from 30 yards which is only narrowly over.

  73. 27

    Another Serbia corner as Evans again getting in the way to deny Tosic's cross getting into the penalty area.

  74. 26

    Tosic takes a gamble and shoots from 30 yards with Evans getting in the way and taking the sting off the shot which lands in Camp's hands.

  75. 25

    For all Serbia's good play their first touch is often poor as Pantelic gives the ball away to Evans but NI can't capitalise and Ivanovic wins it back off Brunt.

  76. 24

    Brilliant move from the visitors as Jovanovic plays a one-two with Pantelic before scuffing his shot wide as the rain lashes down at Windsor Park Stadium.

  77. 23

    Serbia's passing is lovely up until the final third as Cathcart again steps up to cut out a misplaced pass from Stankovic, but Tosic gets on the ball again and crosses in from the right with Camp getting down well to save.

  78. 22

    Kolarov whips a ball in from the touchline and Evans clears as Serbia again start to step up the pressure.

  79. 21

    A push is given against Rajkovic against McAuley and NI win a free-kick from the corner.

  80. 20

    Tosic is superb as he skins Hughes, who is eventually denied by the right-back who recovers well to block the striker's shot out for a corner.

  81. 19

    The hosts have re-arranged their shape as they deny Serbia space, with the passing of the last few minutes dissolved with Evans and Cathcart stepping up to block off Tosic.

  82. 17

    Healy puts good pressure on Subotic and the ball is forced back to Jorgacevic as NI start to step up the pressing of the Serbs.

  83. 16

    Kolarov is destroying Hughes on the left but NI are spared for the time being as Pantelic abandons the passing play and has a pop from 25 yards which, to Camp's relief, sails over.

  84. 15

    The passing is sublime for Serbia as NI struggle to follow their markers, with Hughes forced into a desperate clearance from Zoran Tosic's run into the box.

  85. 14

    Serbia are playing with a step in their stride now as Camp is again forced into action, making a top drawer save as Kolarov cuts inside Evans and powers it at the NI keeper who parries it clear.

  86. 13

    Kuzmanovic is outstanding as he plays a one-two with Ninkovic before cutting inside Jonny Evans and firing on goal with Evans deflecting the effort off the crossbar.

  87. 12

    Corry Evans goes in hard on Stankovic and runs with pace into Serbia's half, lining up a shot before Stankovic recovers remarkably and tackles the NI man, retrieving possession.

  88. 11

    Pantelic beautifully knocks the ball down for Stankovic who eventually chips back into Kuzmanovic who bombs into the box past Cathcart and scuffs his shot into the arms of Camp.

  89. 10

    NI pass the ball around and Hughes gets forward before crossing into the box but Brunt steps offside and Serbia take the free-kick.

  90. 9

    Craig Cathcart clears the free-kick into the box and Serbia pick up the ball. Good pressing from Healy puts Subotic under pressure though and NI win a throw.

  91. 8

    Hughes is penalised for a trip on Aleksandar Kolarov and the Fulham man is perhaps lucky not to be cautioned.

  92. 7

    Slobodan Rajkovic is fouled by McCann in the penalty area after Brunt's cross in was cleared, with both teams looking very lively in these early exchanges.

  93. 6

    Serbia think they have space to break but Chris Brunt tackles Ninkovic superbly and charges at goal before unleashing a shot which is saved well by Jorgacevic. Great chance for the hosts.

  94. 5

    Aaron Hughes takes a free-kick for NI after Davis was floored by Milos Ninkovic with the hosts winning a throw-in deep in Serbia's half.

  95. 4

    Stankovic and Kuzmanovic share passes before Pantelic picks the ball up and has a pop from 20 yards which is only narrowly over, with Lee Camp fuming at his defence for them allowing the shot.

  96. 3

    Serbia spray the ball around the park nicely with every player getting a touch before Davis reads a ball from Zdravko Kuzmanovic but concedes a foul when trying to press forward.

  97. 2

    Foul by Milan Jovanovic on Steven Davis after a good break by the Serbs with nice inter-play between Dejan Stankovic and Marko Pantelic.

  98. 1

    Serbia k/o playing from right to left with Grant McCann immediately dispossesing Branislav Ivanovic and nearly feeding in David Healy before Neven Subotic steps in.

  99. Northern Ireland boss Nigel Worthington is dealt a blow ahead of the Euro 2012 qualifier against Serbia as Paddy McCourt and Kyle Lafferty are both ruled out of the match. The key pair have been struggling with calf injuries and despite being given every chance to prove their fitness, neither man is able to take their place in the matchday squad. That means record scorer David Healy, without an international goal in almost three years, is named as a lone striker and Chris Brunt returned from suspension to add the creative spark McCourt provided in the 4-0 win over the Faroe Islands last time out. For Group C rivals Serbia, Inter Milan's Dejan Stankovic wins a 99th cap.

  100. Serbia are clear favourites to win at Windsor Park Stadium with Sky Bet pricing the visitors at 11/10. A Northern Ireland victory is avaliable at 5/2 while the draw is at 11/5.

  101. Northern Ireland: Camp, McAuley, Cathcart, Hughes, Jonathan Evans, Baird, Corry Evans, Davis, McCann, Brunt, Healy. Subs: Taylor, McGivern, Hodson, Feeney, McQuoid, McGinn, Gorman.

  102. Serbia: Jorgacevic, Rajkovic, Ivanovic, Subotic, Kolarov, Zoran Tosic, Stankovic, Ninkovic, Kuzmanovic, Jovanovic, Pantelic. Subs: Kahriman, Dusko Tosic, Bisevac, Fejsa, Ljajic, Petrovic, Despotovic.

  103. Referee: Thomas Einwaller (Austria)

  104. Welcome to live commentary of Northern Ireland's European Championship Qualifying Group C clash with Serbia at Windsor Park Stadium. Team news will be uploaded shortly. Send all your e-mails with predictions and analysis to and I'll publish the best ones.


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