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FIFA World Cup

Free State Stadium (ATT 28,042) 25th June 2010 - Kick off 19:30

Switzerland Switzerland vs Honduras Honduras

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:22 pm, June 25th 2010

  1. FT

    The referee blows his whistle for full-time. Switzerland and Honduras are out of the World Cup after this 0-0 draw. Spain and Chile move from Group H to the knockout stages.

  2. 90+4

    Honduras waste the chance to create a late winner as Welcome slides an attempted through ball straight out of play for goal-kick.

  3. 90+3

    Shaqiri's cross from the left is headed straight at Valladares from the edge of the six-yard box by Yakin. Switzerland's frustrating night continues.

  4. 90+2

    Honduras nearly take the lead from the corner as the ball narrowly evades Chavez and Welcome inside the six-yard box. Los Catrachos have had chances to win this match.

  5. 90+2

    Welcome storms forward and sees a driven effort from the edge of the box deflected behind for a corner.

  6. 90+1

    Frei is caught offside in the Honduras box and Los Catrachos use the free-kick to break at speed.

  7. 90+1

    We are in the first of four minutes of additional time.

  8. 90

    Yakin again fails to shine from a free-kick as his effort is blocked the Honduras wall. Time has nearly run out for Switzerland.

  9. 89

    Shaqiri is bundled to the ground by Wilson Palacios on the edge of the box. Free-kick to Switzerland and the Honduras midfielder is booked.

  10. 88

    Valladares is back on his feet so Honduras use this chance to make their final change. Danilo Turcios replaces Suazo.

  11. 87

    We have a break in play as Valladares receives treatment. The Honduras goalkeeper also did well to block a shot from Derdiyok just before Frei's shot.

  12. 86

    Frei is caught offside as he sends a powerful shot towards goal. Valladares did well to turn the ball away from goal and it looks like has picked up an injury in that incident.

  13. 85

    Alvarez pokes the ball into the Switzerland goal but his joy doesn't last for very long as the linesman raises his flag for offside. It remains 0-0.

  14. 84

    Frei's cross from the right narrowly evades Derdiyok and Yakin. The ball races out of play for a throw-in on the opposite flank. This is turning into a very frustrating night for Switzerland.

  15. 83

    Yakin's corner from the right is punched away from danger by Valladares. The Honduras goalkeeper has enjoyed a good night.

  16. 82

    Suazo wastes the chance to put Von Bergen under pressure as he allows the Switzerland defender to win the ball with a smart challenge. This match is becoming very open.

  17. 81

    Lichtsteiner storms forward and sends a driven effort high over the bar from the edge of the box. Time is running out for Switzerland to secure a win by two goals.

  18. 80

    Wilson Palacios dwells on the ball on the edge of the Switzerland box. Poor play from the midfielder as he lost possession when Honduras had the chance to create a chance.

  19. 79

    Honduras also make another change with Georgie Welcome taking the place of Jerry Palacios.

  20. 78

    Switzerland make their final change with Xherdan Shaqiri replacing Huggel.

  21. 77

    Yakin fails to find Frei with an attempted through ball with Valladares easily gathering possession. Switzerland only have themselves to blame if they fail to reach the last 16. Their attacking play has been very poor tonight.

  22. 76

    Jerry Palacios finds himself with space in the Switzerland box but he fails to take the chance as Von Bergen pokes the ball behind for a corner. The resulting flag-kick is cleared.

  23. 75

    With the score in the other Group H clash still Spain 2 Chile 1 - that leaves Switzerland needing a two-goal win from this match.

  24. 74

    Yakin's free-kick from the right falls to Frei at the far post but the Switzerland striker can only knock the ball wide of goal. The Swiss have wasted plenty of chances tonight.

  25. 73

    Barnetta's cut-back from the left is turned over the top of the bar by a lofted poke from Frei. Poor attempt from the Switzerland sub.

  26. 72

    Honduras break forward at speed and Suazo works the ball through to Alvarez. The winger is one-on-one with Bengalio and sees his powerful effort turned over the top of the bar by a great save. The resulting corner is cleared.

  27. 72

    Yakin sends the corner from the left in at pace and Valladares is equal to the challenge as he punches the ball clear.

  28. 71

    Derdiyok finally produces some great play as his storming run down the right is halted by Wilson Palacios. Corner to Switzerland.

  29. 70

    Switzerland make the change they have needed to make for some time as Alexander Frei takes the place of Nkufo.

  30. 70

    Switzerland work the free-kick short and the resulting cross is headed away from Lichtsteiner by Chavez at the far post.

  31. 69

    Switzerland win another free-kick in a shooting position as Yakin tumbles under Thomas' loose challenge. Switzerland are on top but still don't look like scoring.

  32. 68

    Ziegler's corner from the left falls to Yakin at the far post but he slips and allows Figueroa the chance to clear the danger.

  33. 67

    Honduras make their first change before the corner can be taken with Walter Martinez taking the place of Nunez.

  34. 66

    Yakin's free-kick takes a deflection off the top of the Honduras wall and goes behind for a corner. There wasn't much power on the shot.

  35. 65

    We wait for the free-kick with Yakin standing over the ball.

  36. 64

    Derdiyok gets back in the action by winning a free-kick on the edge of the box as he is knocked over by Chavez's late challenge. The Honduras defender is correctly booked.

  37. 63

    Derdiyok continues his awful performance as he sends a weak effort from just inside the box straight at Valladares. The Honduras goalkeeper has enjoyed a comfortable night so far.

  38. 62

    Nunez's cross from the left is headed clear by Von Bergen. Wasted chance for Honduras as Suazo was free in the six-yard box.

  39. 61

    Honduras win a free-kick as Yakin handles the ball on the halfway line. Los Catrachos are looking dangerous when they get the chance to break.

  40. 60

    Barnetta makes space on the edge of the Honduras defence but he can only send a weak effort straight at Valladares. Switzerland must do better when they get the chance to shoot.

  41. 59

    Suazo is booked for a late challenge on Grichting. Another correct decision from the referee.

  42. 58

    Chavez is back on his feet and play is able to continue. It has been a stop-start opening to this half. Hopefully the entertainment level will rise.

  43. 57

    We have a break in play as Chavez receives treatment after tangling with Nkufo. It looks like he is in a bit of pain.

  44. 56

    Good work from Benaglio as he races out of his goal to stop Sabillon's long ball forward reaching Alvarez. Throw-in to Honduras.

  45. 55

    Yakin's weak free-kick from 30 yards is claimed on the bounce by Valladares. Switzerland really need to improve or they will start to find time running out.

  46. 54

    Honduras could rue that miss as the match goes on. Suazo should have headed home to put his side 1-0 up.

  47. 53

    Alvarez's cross from the right is headed wide of Benaglio's far post by Suazo on the edge of the six-yard box. That should have been the moment when Honduras scored their first goal in this World Cup.

  48. 52

    Nkufo's cross from the right is easily gathered by Valladares as Grichting returns to the field. The Switzerland defender is a tough character.

  49. 51

    Play gets back under way with Grichting receiving treatment behind the goal. He looked to have come off worse in that collision.

  50. 50

    Play is halted here after an aerial challenge between Grichting and Jerry Palacios. Both men will need a bit of treatment.

  51. 49

    And the score in the other Group H match hasn't stayed the same. Chile have struck to reduce Spain's lead to 2-1. That means Switzerland are back to needing a win by two goals.

  52. 48

    With Chile currently losing 2-0 against Spain that means Switzerland only need a win by one-goal in this match to reach the last 16 if the other Group H score stays the same.

  53. 47

    Yakin looks to make an impact early on but he fails to shine as his effort goes well wide of the Honduras goal.

  54. 46

    The second half is under way with Switzerland making a change at the break. Hakan Yakin has replaced Fernandes.

  55. Switzerland are 10/11 to win this match with Sky Bet, Honduras are 5/1 and the draw can be backed at 6/4.

  56. HT

    The referee blows his whistle for half-time. Switzerland have been the better side but both Derdiyok and Nkufo have been very poor and will need to provide more after the break. Thoughts on the action so far to

  57. 45+1

    We are in the one and only minute of additional time.

  58. 45

    Ziegler's free-kick finds Nkufo at the far post but once again he wastes the chance as he heads wide from close-range. He was offside but that doesn't hide how poor he has been in this half.

  59. 44

    Switzerland win a free-kick as Barnetta is bundled to the ground by Figueroa's challenge on the right.

  60. 43

    Derdiyok fires the ball in from the left and finds Nkufo in space at the far post. He fails to take advantage of the chance as he can only chest the ball straight at Valladares. A wasted chance for Switzerland.

  61. 42

    Chavez is equal to the challenge from Barnetta's corner as he heads the ball clear of danger.

  62. 41

    Switzerland win a corner and Barnetta will take it.

  63. 40

    More drama in the other Group H clash with Chile defender Marco Estrada sent off. His side are losing 2-0 against Spain but that still leaves Switzerland needing a win against Honduras.

  64. 38

    Derdiyok's tough match continues as he scuffs a shot and allows Honduras to clear the ball away from danger. Frei can expect a call from the bench in the second half.

  65. 37

    Jerry Palacios is caught offside as he looks to find space behind the Switzerland defence. Honduras need a little more composure when they attack.

  66. 36

    Andres Iniesta has scored in the other Group H clash to give Spain a 2-0 lead against Chile. That is good news for Switzerland as it could bring down their required winning margin in this match.

  67. 35

    Bernardez gets a bit excited at the free-kick as he sends his effort high over the bar and into the crowd. That wasn't very good from the Honduras defender.

  68. 34

    Gelson Fernandes shoves Wilson Palacios to the floor as The Honduras midfielder looks to push forward. Fernandes is booked and that is the correct decision.

  69. 33

    Barnetta's free-kick from the left falls to Grichting at the far post but he can only catch Wilson Palacios with a late challenge as he looks to shoot at goal.

  70. 32

    Barnetta continues to provide the most entertainment in this match as he is hauled to the ground by Sabillon on the left flank. Free-kick to Switzerland.

  71. 31

    Alvarez is a bit sloppy on the right flank as he gets caught offside. Honduras need to find a bit more composure when they near the final third.

  72. 30

    Ziegler's cross from the left is sent flying out of play for a goal-kick. Still no real quality in this contest.

  73. 29

    Barnetta's lofted free-kick from the left is cleared by Honduras after a slight scramble in the box. Switzerland are on top but continue to lack quality in the final third.

  74. 28

    The corner is easily cleared after Blaise Nkufo's flicked header fails to cause any worries for the Honduras defence. It will be interesting to see if Alexander Frei enters the match in the second half if the score remains 0-0.

  75. 27

    Lichsteiner's cross from the right is turned behind for a corner by Bernardez.

  76. 26

    Honduras break forward at speed but Switzerland get men back and clear the danger. Suazo is the man to watch when Los Catrachos are on the attack.

  77. 25

    We have a goal in the other Group H clash with David Villa giving Spain a 1-0 lead against Chile. That puts a bit more pressure on Switzerland with a two-goal victory looking like the required result for them in this game.

  78. 24

    Huggel's cross from the right is headed clear by Osman Chavez. Switzerland are on top without looking like scoring at the moment.

  79. 23

    Barnetta continues his lively start to this match with a low effort from 20 yards easily saved in the centre of his goal by Valladares.

  80. 22

    Mauricio Sabillon loses control on the right flank and the ball goes out of play for a throw-in. Honduras are starting to spend more of the game in defence.

  81. 21

    Switzerland are starting to produce a bit more quality in the final third. Barnetta looks like the most likely player to make an impact.

  82. 20

    Huggel nearly takes control of a flick from Barnetta but he runs out of space as the Honduras defence stay strong on the edge of their box.

  83. 19

    Suazo is caught offside as he looks to find Alvarez's ball behind the Switzerland defence. The Genoa striker looks like he will be Honduras' main attacking threat in this match.

  84. 18

    Barnetta's superb cross from the right is headed narrowly wide of Derdiyok from the edge of the six-yard box. The Switzerland striker should have given his side a lead they don't deserve.

  85. 17

    Nunez tries his luck from long-range but a brave block from Steve Von Bergen stops the ball getting near the goal.

  86. 16

    Lichsteiner's low cross from the right is easily clear by the Honduras defence with no Switzerland forward close to the penalty area. The Swiss need to up their game.

  87. 15

    Diego Benagilo is awake to some danger in the Switzerland goal as he dives at the feet of Suazo to stop Thomas' through ball from reaching its intended target.

  88. 14

    Reto Ziegler's bid to find Eren Derdiyok behind the Honduras defence ends in failure as Victor Bernardez cuts out the danger.

  89. 13

    Switzerland are enjoying more possession now. They are keeping the ball at the back as the quiet start to this game continues.

  90. 12

    Barnetta looks to spark Switzerland into life but he runs out of space after a jinking run and can only knock the ball out of play for a throw-in.

  91. 11

    Inler has the first shot of the match but he fails to make Noel Valladares work as he drags his effort wide of the Honduras goal from the edge of the box.

  92. 10

    Ramon Nunez looks to continue Honduras' bright start to this match but his run down the left is halted by a strong challenge from Tranquillo Barnetta.

  93. 9

    It has been a very quiet start to this match. Even the vuvuzela seem a little less loud than normal.

  94. 8

    Maynor Figueroa's long ball drifts over the head of David Suazo and out of play for a goal-kick. Honduras continue to make the early running in this match.

  95. 7

    We have a break in play as Huggel receives treatment. He was caught by a late challenge from Wilson Palacios but will be fine to continue.

  96. 6

    Switzerland are a bit quiet at the start of this match. Honduras are dominating possession and look like they want to end their World Cup on a high.

  97. 5

    Hendry Thomas is the first player to be booked tonight as he knocks Gokhan Inler to the ground with a stupid challenge. Correct decision from the referee.

  98. 4

    Edgar Alvarez storms down the right flank but fails to win a corner as Stephane Grichting plays the ball off him and behind for a goal-kick. Bright start from Honduras.

  99. 3

    Wilson Palacios wins a free-kick just inside the Switzerland half as he is bundled to the ground by a strong challenge from Benjamin Huggel.

  100. 2

    Honduras are keeping the ball early on with Switzerland happy to keep men behind the ball.

  101. 1

    The action is under way with Switzerland and Honduras meeting for the first time.

  102. The national anthems are being played. Not long now until kick-off.

  103. Here is some team news for the game. Switzerland make two changes with captain Alexander Frei and the suspended Valon Behrami replaced by Eren Derdiyok and Tranquillo Barnetta. It is six changes from Honduras with Jerry Palacios, brother of Wilson, handed a spot in the starting XI. Johnny Palacios is on the bench.

  104. Here are the teams for this match: Switzerland: Benaglio, Lichtsteiner, Von Bergen, Grichting, Ziegler, Barnetta, Huggel, Inler, Fernandes, Derdiyok, Nkufo. Subs: Wolfli, Magnin, Frei, Padalino, Yakin, Bunjaku, Schwegler, Eggiman, Shaqiri, Leoni.

  105. Honduras: Valladares, Sabillon, Chavez, Bernardez, Figueroa, Alvarez, Wilson Palacios, Thomas, Nunez, Jerry Palacios, Suazo. Subs: Canales, Johnny Palacios, Pavon, Welcome, Espinoza, Garcia, Martinez, Turcios, Guevara, Izaguirre, Mendoza, Escober.

  106. The referee for this match is Hector Baldassi from Argentina.

  107. Switzerland are 8/15 to win this match with our friends at Sky Bet, Honduras are 5/1 and the draw can be backed at 3/1.

  108. Welcome to our live coverage of the World Cup Group H clash between Switzerland and Honduras. The Swiss need a two-goal win to reach the last 16 while Los Catrachos can only go through on goal difference as they need to overturn a four-goal gap to Spain. Thoughts on the maths and the football to



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