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FIFA World Cup

Moses Mabhida Stadium (ATT 62,712) 25th June 2010 - Kick off 15:00

Portugal Portugal vs Brazil Brazil


Brazil 0

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 6:15 pm, June 25th 2010

  1. 90 + 6

    A few boos ring out as the final whistle goes to bring to an end a match which promised so much and delivered so little. Portugal are safely through, but more importantly Dan in North Wales is safe from being arrested for flouting indecency laws. Glad to see Portugal through but they won't win the World Cup playing like that. Thanks for your e-mails which kept me entertained and to Ian for pointing out a few glitches.

  2. 90 + 5

    Simao's corner is headed out by the artist Grafite and Brazil bring the ball clear.

  3. 90 + 4

    A defensive blunder from Juan nearly allows Danny to create a shooting chance inside the six-yard area but his touch is heavy and Cesar slides out to collect. Danny is caught by the boot of Cesar and remains down.

  4. 90 + 2

    Portugal are going through without having conceded a goal in the group.

  5. 90 + 1

    Brazil nearly score! Ramires finds a yard of space 25 yards out and his shot take a wicked deflection off Bruno Alves which forces Eduardo to claw the ball away. Very good save, but it can't mask the mediocrity of the game.

  6. 90

    Dani Alves tries an audacious shot from the corner of the area which swerves wide of the angle between bar and post.

  7. 89

    It's a poor end to a very disappointing game. Was really looking forward to this match but it's simply failed to deliver. Thank goodness I'm not a member of the paying public. Anyone know a good lawyer?

  8. 88

    Brazil have had 61% possession. Using your maths skills guess what Portugal have had?

  9. 87

    Ramires gets down the right and his cross deflects for a corner. Dani Alves' corner is poor but he gets the ball back and sends in a better effort for Lucio, whose header is caught comfortably by Eduardo.

  10. 86

    Final change of the match sees Libano Batista Grafite (any relation to Banksy?) come on for the surprisingly ineffectual Fabiano.

  11. 84

    Portugal follow suit as Miguel Veloso replaces Meireles.

  12. 83

    Another change for Brazil as Ramires comes on for Baptista.

  13. 82

    Again Simao can't clear the defender. Ronaldo is then upended by Silva but no free-kick is awarded.

  14. 81

    Michel Bastos is now penalised for a foul on the right.

  15. 80

    That's a fierce tackle by Carvalho on Baptista on the edge of the area. Ouch! Timed it perfectly though.

  16. 79

    Carvalho brings the ball out but Portugal lose posssession. Fabiano's touch then lets him down again.

  17. 77

    Simao gets down the left and his cross deflects off Gilberto Silva to Ronaldo. He gets ahead of Lucio but can't squeeze in a shot.

  18. 76

    Long ball from the back is too heavy for Nilmar. McCarthy calls Portugal's approach "parasite football".

  19. 75

    Lucio goes on a run and tries to offload the ball to Nilmar but it's intercepted.

  20. 74

    Mick McCarthy hates Mexican waves. He really is full of joy this afternoon.

  21. 74

    Poor piece of control from Fabiano as he tries to attack Simao down the right but his touch is poor and the ball ricochets off the Brazil striker for a goal-kick.

  22. 73

    Dani Alves is full of running as he has a pop from 30 yardss but the ball dips and misses the post by a yard or two.

  23. 72

    Tiago had better watch himself as he trips Julio Baptista as the midfielder was bursting forward.

  24. 71

    Ronaldo plays a one-two and thinks he's been fouled on the edge of the area by Lucio. He certainly had a case.

  25. 70

    Julio Baptista thinks he's been fouled by Coentrao but the free-kick goes the other way.

  26. 69

    Mick McCarthy has just said he wishes someone would get elbowed to liven the game up after Dani Alves complained about a similar offence. That's Yorkshire grit for you.

  27. 68

    Ronaldo knocks the ball past Lucio and is blocked by the defender 35 yards out. Proof that the ball just isn't right as Ronaldo's free-kick bobbles and swerves away from goal.

  28. 67

    Danny thinks he's through on the right but the flag is incorrectly raised for offside.

  29. 66

    Dan from North Wales looks safe with his naked promise from earlier at this rate, but both teams are trying.

  30. 65

    Michel Bastos goes on a run down the left but balloons his cross over the bar.

  31. 64

    A wise move from Portugal as they bring off Pepe and replace him with Pedro Mendes.

  32. 63

    Simao delivers the corner and is headed by Ronaldo but hacked clear by Lucio.

  33. 62

    The physio is strapping up Cesar, who is now well padded to defend the corner.

  34. 61

    Julio Cesar sustained a back injury as he came out to challenge Meireles. A corner was awarded but I reckon that was a goal-kick.

  35. 60

    Portugal's best chance of the game as Ronaldo torments the defence on the right. He sends in a low cross to the far post where Meireles' body position is all wrong and he shoots into the side-netting.

  36. 59

    Another through-ball from the back for Tiago runs through to Julio Cesar.

  37. 58

    Portugal break forward and get a corner which is taken by Simao but easily headed away at the near post by Fabiano. Simao later shoots from distance but it's an easy stop for Julio Cesar.

  38. 57

    Michel Bastos gets half a chance but shoots well wide with his left foot. Later, dani Alves crosses from the right but it's slightly behind Fabiano, whose header loops into the arms of Eduardo.

  39. 56

    Poor period of play as Coentrao loses possession in a dangerous area, but Nilmar's touch is heavy and Brazil's chance has gone.

  40. 55

    Ronaldo is dispossessed and Brazil inch forward but Fabiano loses the ball on the edge of the area.

  41. 54

    Portugal make their first change as Duda comes off and is replaced by Simao.

  42. 51

    Tiago is fouled again 40 yards out - this timee by Dani Alves. Ronaldo's free-kick takes a heavy deflection off Pepe and sails over the bar.

  43. 50

    Another promising run from Portugal as Ronaldo gets down the left, passes Lucio and crosses only for Juan to clear with a diving header.

  44. 49

    Meireles' corner is headed by Alves, but only into the air and Brazil clear.

  45. 48

    Great run from Ronaldo down the left, whose cross is intercepted by Lucio. Great defending.

  46. 47

    Danny bursts forward and seems to be hacked down by Silva but the referee isn't interested.

  47. 46

    Portugal get the second half under way and are immediately awarded a free-kick for Michel Bastos's foul on Miguel Danny.

  48. Another betting update from Sky Bet, who make Portugal 3/1 to win now, the draw is 11/10 and Brazil are 13/8. A goalless draw was 7/1 at the start but is now 2/1. Nilmar had a good chance for Brazil and is 10/1 to open the scoring.

  49. The half-time whistle goes. Seven bookings in a half which never really took off. Two chances for Brazil, one for Nilmar which was brilliantly saved by Eduardo, and the other for Fabiano. Let's hope for better after the break.

  50. 45 + 2

    Portugal break forward through Ronaldo but his long-range effort is well wide.

  51. 45 + 1

    Brazil earn a corner which is swung in by Maicon and headed out by Carvalho. A spot of pinball ensues in the Portugal area as Nilmar gets in a shot from outside the box which is blocked by Pepe.

  52. 45

    Another yellow card, this time for Coentrao for his foul on Dani Alves.

  53. 44

    Felipe Melolo has been replaced and Anunciado Josue comes on instead.

  54. 43

    I make that six bookings. Think Felipe Melo is going to be dragged off to prevent a red card.

  55. 42

    Felipe Melo is booked for a heavy block on Pepe, who is really in the wars.

  56. 41

    Another foul but the ref plays advantage for Portugal as Ronaldo bears down on goal and shoots. The ball takes a few bounces but is safely held by Julio Cesar.

  57. 40

    Pepe and Lucio continue their spat as the Portugal midfielder gets in a sneaky foul on the Brazil centre-back which earns him a booking.

  58. 39

    Great chance for Brazil as Maicon's looping cross from the corner flag falls perfectly for Fabiano but he heads wide from around eight yards. Should have hit the target.

  59. 38

    Lucio heads the ball back to Julio Cesar under pressure from Ronaldo.

  60. 37

    Cravalho comes across to knock the ball out for a throw.

  61. 36

    Brazil launch another patient attack before Nilmar shows breathtaking skill to lift the ball over Ricardo Costa but shoots wastefully over the bar. First part 9/10, second 3/10.

  62. 35

    You get the sense that there's no love lost between these two teams and that usually signals one thing - a red card.

  63. 34

    Pepe brings down Julio Baptista and astonishingly avoids a booking. That 'tackle' belongs to the egg-chasing fraternity.

  64. 33

    More pressure from Brazil as Maicon delivers a cross from the right for Fabiano, but Eduardo runs out and catches the ball at the second attempt.

  65. 32

    Dani Alves is in the mood to impress and he tries to score from a tight angle but doesn't even touch the side-netting.

  66. 31

    Portugal break quickly and Tiago gets into the box and falls over after the slightest brush from Silva. Instant booking for the Portugal midfielder. I really like this ref.

  67. 30

    Dani Alves passes the ball out wide to Luis Fabiano, who sends in a beautiful cross to the far post where Eduardo pushes Nilmar's shot against the bar.

  68. 29

    Dani Alves on the overlap earns a corner off Pepe which is headed out by Mereiles.

  69. 28

    Ronaldo nips past two players, but is eventually tackled running backwards. First signs that Ronaldo is waking up.

  70. 27

    It's not quite the game we expected but a goal can change all that.

  71. 26

    Duda is upended by Nilmar near the centre circle. Free-kick is played short and sent back as Portugal slow the pace of the game down. Carvalho sends a long ball forward which drifts out of play for a goal-kick.

  72. 25

    Ronaldo shoots from 45 yards and probably wishes he hadn't bothered.

  73. 24

    Sergio Duda's long ball is handled by Juan, who is booked. Duda is then booked for demanding more than yellow. Again, quite right.

  74. 23

    Nilmar bursts forward and plays the ball inside to Luis Fabiano on the edge of the box. His shot deflects for a corner off Bruno Alves.

  75. 22

    Brazil still struggling to find any gaps but retaioning possession well.

  76. 21

    Lucio follows through on Pepe having moments before been the victim of a late challenge from Tiago. The ref tells everyone to cut it out. Quite right.

  77. 21

    Incredible pace from Juan in going across to tackle Cristiano Ronaldo, who has had a very quiet start.

  78. 20

    Portugal sitting very deep now as Brazil trry to find a gap in the defence. None so far.

  79. 19

    The game has upped in tempo as neat play from Gilberto Silva gives Dani Alves a chance, but he chips the ball through to Eduardo. Moments later, Dani Alves is fouled by Mereiles.

  80. 18

    Lovely move from Portugal again as Meireles crosses from the left for Tiago to volley wide from inside the 'D'.

  81. 17

    Dani Alves tries his luck from distance but the ball takes a bounce before landing in the mid-riff of Eduardo.

  82. 16

    Carvalho plays a poor pass straight to Lucio as Brazil regain possession.

  83. 15

    First yellow card of the game is shown to Luis Fabiano for going in late on Pepe.

  84. 14

    Good move from the Portuguese as Coentrao gets in a great cross which is punched clear by Julio Cesar.

  85. 13

    Dani Alves gets into a shooting position but checks his run abd is crowded out about 22 yards from goal. Good defending from Portugal.

  86. 12

    Cardoso Tiago's through-ball is intercepted by Lucio and Brazil bring the ball forward.

  87. 11

    Early momentum seems to have disappeared but Brazil are still on top.

  88. 10

    Deep cross from the right from Maicon is just too heavy as Nilmar fails to keep the ball in play with his head.

  89. 9

    Nilmar gets in a cross from the right which loops into the air and is caught by Carvalho Eduardo.

  90. 8

    Dani Alves flicks the ball on to Maicon, but Jose Raul Meireles makes a great tackle to knock the ball out for a throw.

  91. 6

    First chance falls to Brazil as Luis Fabiano's powerful shot whistles past the post.

  92. 4

    Free-kick to Portugal on thee halfway line as Luis Fabiano catches Kleper Pepe. Bit unlucky there.

  93. 3

    Both teams are playing at a quick tempo and the signs are encouraging for a good game.

  94. 2

    Dani Alves' corner is cleared at the near post and Costa later concedes another corner which also comes to nothing.

  95. 1

    Brazil get the match under way and immediately earn a corner as Maicon's cross is headed out by Ricardo Costa.

  96. If you have any thoughts on the game e-mail them to

  97. If you fancy a punt on the game Sky Bet are offering 13/10 on a Portugal victory, the draw is 15/8 and a Brazil win is priced at 13/10.

  98. The teams are in and they line up as follows:

  99. Portugal: Eduardo, Ricardo Costa, Carvalho, Bruno Alves, Duda, Tiago, Pepe, Raul Meireles, Danny, Ronaldo, Fabio Coentrao. Subs: Beto, Ferreira, Rolando, Mendes, Liedson, Simao, Miguel, Veloso, Hugo Almeida, Fernandes.

  100. Brazil: Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Juan, Michel Bastos, Dani Alves, Silva, Felipe Melo, Nilmar, Julio Baptista, Luis Fabiano. Subs: Gomes, Robinho, Luisao, Thiago Silva, Gilberto, Josue, Ramires, Kleberson, Grafite, Doni.

  101. Our referee today is Benito Archundia Tellez from Mexico.

  102. Good afternoon and welcome to this afternoon's clockwatch for what promises to be one of the best matches of the group stage. Brazil, who have already qualified, take on Portugal, who need just a point to guarantee their place in the knockout phase. However, victory would see them top the group.



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