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FIFA World Cup

Cape Town Stadium (ATT 63,644) 21st June 2010 - Kick off 12:30

Portugal Portugal vs Korea DPR Korea DPR

Portugal 7

R Meireles (29)
Simao (53)
H Almeida (56)
Tiago Mendes (60, 89)
Liedson (81)
C Ronaldo (87)


Live Commentary

Last Updated at 2:35 pm, June 21st 2010

  1. You can follow all the action from Switzerland against Chile on, but it's goodbye from me.

  2. Well thanks for joining me for the commentary this afternoon, a real glut of goals in Cape Town.

  3. For me, Fabio Coentrao was the man of the match, the younster was a constant menace down the left flank, even though he did not find the back of the net.

  4. I have a slightly red face as I said a draw might not be a bad bet at half-time, thanks to Frazer Paterson for pointing that out: "What was that you said at half time about a draw being a good bet? :0)"

  5. Well North Korea are now out of the World Cup and what a way to exit the competition. Only one down at half-time, they collapsed as Portugal ran riot towards the end.

  6. It's all over! There was nearly an opportunity for another but Veloso couln't find a team-mate with his cross. The referee blows the final whistle and brings an unbelievable game to a close.

  7. 90+2

    Korea launch a final forray forward, but the striker loses his footing in the area just as he was about to pull the trigger.

  8. 90+1

    This is a pretty remarkable scoreline, considering it was just 1-0 at the break.

  9. 90

    Two minutes of added time to be played.

  10. This is embarrassing now. Duda crossed from the left and Tiago gets his second of the game with a pinpoint header into the corner.

  11. 89


  12. The Portugal captain breaks his goal drought but he got a bit lucky! He broke the offside trap and took it past the keeper, it hit the top of his head and he tapped it home!

  13. 88


  14. 86

    Coentrao lifts it into the box for Duda, but Jun-Il Ri heads clear. Veloso then has a pop from range, but it goes well over.

  15. 85

    Ronaldo brings it forward and Coentrao picks it up, this time he produces a poor pass though (for virtually the first time).

  16. 83

    Constant pressure once more from Portugal, are we going to see a sixth? Tiago aims for Duda but he missed his flick.

  17. 82

    Poor old North Korea. It's been damage limitation for a while now.

  18. With virtually his first touch the striker smashes it home. Duda swept the ball in from the left, the defender made a hash of his clearance and Liedson fired home with power, 5-0.

  19. 81


  20. 79

    Korea are still huffing and puffing as they enjoy a spell of possession. Jong miscues his shot and it nearly falls to Hong, but Eduardo gets down low to claim.

  21. 78

    Portugal sub: Almeida off, Liedson on.

  22. 77

    Will Ronaldo find the back of the net in the next 13 minutes? You can tell the Real Madrid man is desperate to score.

  23. 75

    North Korea sub: Cha Jong-Hyok off, Nam Chol-Pak on.

  24. 74

    Portugal sub: Simao off, Duda on.

  25. 73

    Jong is still working up front for North Korea and he lashes a shot into the side netting with great power.

  26. 72

    Ronaldo is again denied...this time by the keeper. He broke free of the defender and hit a low effort from the right, but Myong-Guk Ri got his body behind it.

  27. 71

    It is constant pressure now from Carlos Queiroz's men and Ronaldo, desperate to get on the scoresheet, hits a great shot from the bar!

  28. 71

    Portugal sub: Meireles off, Veloso on.

  29. 70

    Hugo Almeida picks up a booking.

  30. 69

    Jong gets a header away in the area, with Carvalho not jumping with the striker, but it flies wide.

  31. 68

    Portugal break and Ronaldo brings it forward...he slides in Coentrao and the full-back tries an effort into the far corner, but it is narrowly wide.

  32. 67

    Free-kick North Korea. Ji lifts it into the area but Eduardo claims with ease.

  33. 66

    Portugal are all over Korea now. They deserve a consolation from this game - at least they've given it a go.

  34. 65

    Kim Yong-Jun has a crack from outside the area, but it goes over the bar.

  35. 64

    Meireles goes so close! Ronaldo played the midfielder in with a lovely pass across goal, but the man who netted the opener could not hit the target this time.

  36. 62

    Jong goes in for a header as Korea have a rare opportunity, but Carvalho gets in with a solid defensive clearance.

  37. 61

    You've got to feel sorry for North Korea. They looked good in the first-half, but Portugal have been ruthless in front of goal.

  38. Lovely goal from Portugal, this time Ronaldo was involved as he broke the offside trap down the left, to pick out Tiago who ran onto the ball and slid it into the corner from the edge of the area.

  39. 60


  40. 58

    Korea subs: Kum-il Kim and Yong-Jun Kim on, Nam-Chol Pak and In-Gun Mun off.

  41. 57

    Korea try and respond but they look stunned. Two hammer blows at the start of the half.

  42. It definitely is all over now! Coentrao was the key man who flew down the left and his pinpoint cross was headed in by Almeida - 3-0!

  43. 56


  44. 55

    Well is that all over now? A killer blow for North Korea, after a classic piece of Portuguese play.

  45. Simao slides home to make it 2-0 to Portugal, after Almeida touched it off to Meireles who slipped Simao in, and he stuck the finish between the goalkeeper's legs. Nice goal.

  46. 53


  47. 52

    Close from Almeida! Lovely move and again it's Coentrao who gets forward down the left to cross low, and the striker can't quite get enough purchase on his flick-on.

  48. 51

    The ball is laid off for Jong who strikes it under the wall...but Eduardo holds onto it.

  49. 50

    Free-kick to North Korea on the left edge of the area after Carvalho fouled Jong. Danger here.

  50. 49

    Another shot from Ronaldo that bounces just before the goalkeeper, who spills it, but claims it on the second attempt.

  51. 48

    The game has started where it left off - brightly! A mistake from the Korea defender at left-back and Simao passes inside to Ronaldo who tries a first-time crack, well over.

  52. 47

    Portugal's short corner is cleared and Korea break, Hong takes it past the defender but his effort is tame and rolls into Eduardo.

  53. 46

    Tiago has a crack after good work from Ronaldo, and the keeper is forced to palm it over the top.

  54. 46

    No changes made at the break - who will take the impetus now?

  55. 46

    The game restarts in Cape Town.

  56. Kevin I am certainly not going to back England - even though it is only Slovenia there will be no jinxing from me!

  57. SKYBET now have Portugal at 1/14, the draw is 8/1 and a Korea comeback is 40/1. Worth a punt for the draw in my opinion.

  58. So, Raul Meireles' strike separates the two sides at the break. It was a nice finish from a lovely pass from Tiago.

  59. The half-time whistle goes. Portugal lead 1-0 at the break and Korea can regroup after a good start.

  60. 45+2

    The referee penalises Ronaldo for dissent - he needs to be careful as another booking will see him miss the Brazil game.

  61. 45+1

    Korea are hanging on a little bit here. They need the referee's whistle.

  62. 45

    Another lovely move from Portugal as they finish the half with a flourish. Simao beats his man and hits an effort across is deflected and evades the onrushing attackers.

  63. 44

    Coentrao is the danger man down the left and he puts in an excellent low ball...Almeida tries a flick through his legs but it doesn't find Simao.

  64. 43

    Mendes chips a ball over the top for Meireles...who is making some excellent runs. This time though he can't control it.

  65. 42

    Nice interplay from Portugal and Ronaldo has a crack just outside the area on the left....but he drags it wide.

  66. 41

    Meireles swings a ball into the backpost but Korea manage to clear. Portugal are pressing in the closing stages of the half.

  67. 40

    The rain seems to have eased off in Cape Town but the grass is soaked. Coentrao comes down the left and wins the throw in an advanced position.

  68. 39

    Hong strikes the free-kick with power but it smacks straight into Carvalho's face, ouch!

  69. 38

    Carlos Queiroz is not happy after a decision goes against Portugal on the touchline. The ball is pumped upfield and Korea win another free-kick as Mendes dives in and misses the ball - yellow card.

  70. 37

    Korea are looking a bit wayward at the back, they just need to hold it together until half-time.

  71. 35

    Meireles goes close! The midfielder almost found the net for a second time after the ball hit Ahn in the penalty area and fell to the Portugal man, but the effort was dragged just wide.

  72. 34

    Ronaldo chases hard but Pak Chok-Jin gets their first. The game has passed him by so far.

  73. 33

    Portugal look a bit more composed having netted that opener. They had been really edgy before Meireles broke the deadlock.

  74. 33

    Pak Chok-Jin receives a yellow card.

  75. 32

    Simao then launches a quick counter-attack but he can't find Almeida with his pass.

  76. 31

    Korea press down the right but the cross is intercepted by Coentrao.

  77. 30

    How will North Korea respond to that blow? They have been bright so far, but will the goal break their morale?

  78. Lovely run from the Porto man as he burst forward from midfield, Tiago slid him in and he fired it low into the net, great finish!

  79. 29


  80. 28

    Nice interplay inside the Portugal area and Korea play a one-two, but the flag goes up for offside.

  81. 26

    Simao's corner is poor and Korea manage to clear. Coentrao then advances down the left and fires it across goal...Simao nearly gets a first-time shot away but the defender slides in at the last.

  82. 25

    Both sides are having shots from way out. The rain is lashing down and the keepers will have to be on their toes as Meireles has an effort that is deflected wide.

  83. 24

    Ji then has a pop from range...that's a decent effort and it just goes over the bar.

  84. 23

    Excellent defending from Cha Jong-Hyok to nick the ball away from Almeida who was waiting to head in at the back post.

  85. 22

    Portugal corner but Meireles can't beat the first man. That's poor and he does the same with the second effort.

  86. 21

    Ahn Yong-Hak has a pop! It fizzes off the surface and goes past the post, but not by too much. One of these shots from range is going to slide in today I reckon.

  87. 20

    Korea advance down the left but the pass is too heavy.

  88. 19

    Miguel whips a low ball in from the right but Ri Jun-Il manages to cut the danger out at the front post.

  89. 18

    Great strike from Hong! He advanced into the area on the right and Eduardo parried the fell to Pak but he couldn't keep his header down.

  90. 17

    Injury to Cha Jong-Hyok who looks to have twisted his wrist, but he should be okay.

  91. 16

    Ronaldo does well to get to the by-line on the left and fire it across goal, but the Korea defender hacks it clear.

  92. 15

    Jong is played in with a lovely ball through the heart of the defence, but it runs away from him off the wet surface. Unlucky.

  93. 14

    Ronaldo produces a few step-overs but Meireles can't find him with the return pass.

  94. 13

    Well so far it has been a bright start from both teams. Carvalho was so close to breaking the deadlock, but North Korea are attacking dangerously too.

  95. 12

    Jong then tries from even further out from a free-kick, but his effort goes way over the bar.

  96. 11

    A great effort from Cha Jong-Hyok! The full-back smacked a shot from long range that drifted narrowly wide!

  97. 10

    Miguel tries to advance down the right but he can't get the ball under control. How will he do on the flank today?

  98. 9

    Hugo Almeida is played in but he is just offside. Very close there as the Korean's held a high line.

  99. 8

    Myong-Guk Ri will be glad his decision to come out and attempt the catch did not backfire.

  100. 7

    Carvalho hits the post with a header! So unlucky! The goalkeeper was nowhere to be seen as the deep cross drifted over him, but Carvalho's effort came back off the woodwork.

  101. 6

    Simao is played in by a nice pass from Almeida, and he wins a corner on the right.

  102. 5

    Korea are already looking more adventurous than against Brazil, and the game has been very open so far.

  103. 4

    Jong picks up the ball on the left but Carvalho gets a good foot in. Portugal break with pace and a cross is put falls to Carvalho who had charged upfield, but he slices his shot well wide.

  104. 3

    Ronaldo surges forward and hits a shot at goal with his left - it takes a deflection and nearly swerves away from the keeper, but Myong-Guk Ri holds onto it.

  105. 2

    Fabio Coentrao advances down the left but Ronaldo can't keep the ball from going out for a Korea goal-kick.

  106. 1

    Two players have already slipped over - it looks very wet under foot.

  107. 1

    The game gets underway.

  108. No tears from Jong today as the Korean anthem is sung inside the Green Point Stadium.

  109. The teams emerge from the tunnel and the national anthems are played.

  110. The weather isn't great in Cape Town today, it's wet and gloomy. Will this have a bearing on the game?

  111. I wouldn't complain if we had eight goals today! Fingers crossed...

  112. Let's cast our minds back 44 years to the 1966 World Cup in England. Favourites Portugal played North Korea in the quarter-finals and took a remarkable 3-0 lead at Goodison Park. But a stunning fightback from Portugal saw Eusebio net four goals and the game ended 5-3.

  113. Fancy a bet on the first game of the day? SKYBET have got Portugal at 1/3 for the win, the draw is at 7/2, while a Korea victory is 10/1.

  114. But don't underestimate the North Koreans. They defended admirably against Brazil and will be difficult to break down.

  115. Will Ronaldo shine today in Cape Town? He is due a goal for Portugal and has an excellent opportunity to break his international drought.

  116. The referee this afternoon is Pablo Pozo (Chile).

  117. Cristiano Ronaldo, seeking his first international goal for 16 months, spearheads Portugal's attack in a game they need to win by as many goals as possible. Ronaldo, who was harshly shown a yellow card in the opening game, will miss that tie if he is booked today.

  118. Carlos Queiroz has made four alterations for the clash, opting to start with Tiago and Simao Sabrosa in place of the injured Deco and Danny in midfield. Deco is absent with a hip problem and makes way for Tiago, as he did during the second half of the opener against Ivory Coast when Simao came on for Danny. Up front Hugo Almeida replaces Liedson while Miguel comes in for Paulo Ferreira at full-back.

  119. While North Korea have stuck with the same side that lost to Brazil 2-1, Portugal have made wholesale changes.

  120. The teams are in...

  121. Portugal need a win in this one as they take on Brazil in their final match, and after their excellent performance against the Ivory Coast last night, Carlos Queiroz's men will want a points cushion to keep the pressure off.

  122. Hi there and welcome to our live text commentary of Portugal versus North Korea from World Cup Group G.

  123. Live updates will appear here from 1230 BST...



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