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FIFA World Cup

Soccer City (ATT 84,455) 20th June 2010 - Kick off 19:30

Brazil Brazil vs Ivory Coast Ivory Coast

Brazil 3

L Fabiano (25, 50)
Elano (62)
Kaka (S/O 88)


Ivory Coast 1

D Drogba (79)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:39 pm, June 20th 2010

  1. 90+4

    It's all over. Deserved three points for Brazil, but the headlines that should have gone to Luis Fabiano for his high-class brace - although his second was not without controversy of its own - will no be dominated by Keita's scandalous simulation to get Kaka sent off.

  2. 90+4

    Luis Fabiano is bundled over 35 yards from goal. Alves goes for goal but hits it straight at the keeper. That's surely the last action of the game.

  3. 90+3

    Ramires replaces Robinho as Brazil look to eat up a few more seconds. Bit nervy in these closing minutes, but the game is safe.

  4. 90+2

    Brave headed clearance from Lucio even though he knows he's going to get clattered by Drogba.

  5. 90+1

    Three added minutes at the end of an increasingly chaotic clash in Joburg.

  6. 90

    The corner comes to nothing, but Ivory Coast have shown such urgency in the last 15 minutes. Where was it in their first 165 minutes of the tournament?

  7. 89

    Yaya Toure tries to lob Julio Cesar from 35 yards, and the back-pedalling keeper has to tip the ball over the bar. Probably going over the bar, but he couldn't take a chance.

  8. 88

    Well, the last 10 minutes have seen the gloss taken off a fine night for Brazil. Gross injustice if Kaka now has to miss the final group game against Portugal.

  9. 87

    Absolute disgraceful antics from Keita get Kaka sent off. Keita basically runs into Kaka, and then throws himself to the ground clutching his utterly untouched face. Appalling. But the referee, who presumably didn't have a great view of that off-the-ball incident, gives Kaka a second yellow.

  10. 87

    Good hard tackle from Keita on Robinho. It enrages Dunga though.

  11. 86

    Silliness taking over here now, as Tiote is booked for taking a wild swing at Luis Fabiano, who adds to the nonsense by making an awful meal of things.

  12. 85

    Bit of aggro involving Yaya Toure and Kaka, who earns a booking from an unimpressed referee. Bit silly really.

  13. 84

    Drogba penalised for pulling Lucio back as he tries to get beyond the Brazil centre-half.

  14. 83

    Far too late in the day, Ivory Coast are belatedly having a real go at Brazil. Maicon heads clear.

  15. 82

    Excellent defending from Lucio, standing his ground against Gervinho before making a perfectly-timed tackle.

  16. 80

    Dunga furious with his defence. They all screamed for offside, but Drogba was comfortably onside. Caught square at the back.

  17. 79

    GOAL - DROGBA! Only a temporary let-off for Brazil, as Drogba catches the defence square to find himself all alone in the penalty area to glance his header beyond Julio Cesar. Lovely cross from Yaya Toure to pick him out. Won't change the result tonight, but goal difference could yet prove decisive in determining second spot in the group.

  18. 79

    Gervinho shows a great turn of pace to get away from Lucio and run at the Brazil defence, but Juan stays on his feet until the last moment before making a superbly-timed challenge.

  19. 78

    Great spell of intricate, neat passing from Brazil's forward players. Lovely to watch, but Robinho's shot is blocked to deny the perfect ending.

  20. 77

    Another free-kick for Brazil in midfield. Ivory Coast a beaten side, and now they're going down kicking.

  21. 76

    Frustration mounting for Ivory Coast. Romaric bundles Alves to the ground in the centre-circle to concede another free-kick.

  22. 75

    Keita goes into the book after catching Bastos with a clumsy late challenge.

  23. 74

    After a spell of easy possession football, Alves lets fly from distance but doesn't make the sweetest of contacts. Easy save for Barry.

  24. 73

    Romaric straight into the action with a fizzing, curling 30-yarder that Julio Cesar beats away after being partially unsighted by Lucio.

  25. 72

    Final change for Ivory Coast as Eboue somewhat huffily departs the scene to be replaced by Romaric.

  26. 71

    Drogba tries to turn Lucio, but that's a pretty tough thing to do and Brazil's captain gets a foot in to turn the ball behind for a corner.

  27. 70

    Space opening up for Brazil now. Two shots from range within 30 seconds, both after stunning build-up play. First Alves tees up Kaka superbly before Maicon skips past a challenge and fires just wide.

  28. 69

    Elano was on his feet after being stretchered off. He's helped off down the tunnel, but the fact he's off the stretcher must be a positive.

  29. 68

    A change for Ivory Coast too as Kader Keita replaces Kalou. Again, doesn't really change the shape of the side, but it is by now surely academic anyway.

  30. 67

    That looks a nasty one for Elano, just minutes after settling the contest with Brazil's third goal. He's stretchered off, and Dani Alves comes on.

  31. 65

    Problems for Elano here, who is caught on the shins by Tiote's studs-up challenge.

  32. 64

    Corner for Ivory Coast, but it comes to nothing.

  33. 62

    GOAL - ELANO! Another wonderful Brazil goal. They work the ball out to Kaka on the left, he gets to the byline and cuts the ball back for Elano. He's timed his run perfectly and turns it home for his second of the tournament.

  34. 61

    Another one of those sudden bursts of brilliance from Brazil as Maicon is picked out in space on the right. He squares the ball for Kaka, who lets it run on to Robinho. He slides the ball back in for Kaka, whose fierce shot is beaten away by Barry.

  35. 60

    Demel fouls Robinho on the left, but his free-kick comes to nothing.

  36. 59

    Gervinho has definitely given Ivory Coast's football a bit more oomph since he came off the bench, and he's almost on the end of a Kalou pass before Julio Cesar slides out to gather.

  37. 58

    Drogba almost in for Ivory Coast, but he's flagged offside. Desperately close that, and replays suggest he was level.

  38. 57

    Elano harshly penalised for a foul after appearing to win the ball.

  39. 56

    No change of shape from the Ivorians, but a change of emphasis since the second Brazil goal. They're looking to get some midfielder beyong Felipe Melo and Gilberto Silva, making their life a tad more difficult.

  40. 55

    Gervinho replaces Dindane for Ivory Coast. Not gung-ho from Sven, it must be said. Like for like.

  41. 52

    Ivory Coast surely have to change something now, otherwise they will continue to come to grief against the Felipe Melo-Gilberto Silva wall.

  42. 51

    GOAL - LUIS FABIANO! Even better from Luis Fabiano, who ball juggles his way through three admittedly shoddy Ivory Coast challenges before firing a shot to Barry's left that the keeper can't keep out. Suspicion of handball in the build-up - rather more than a suspicion judging by early replays - but some fabulous skill and a glorious finish. Two moments of Brazilian brilliance from Luis Fabiano have illuminated an otherwise low-wattage game here.

  43. 50

    Lucio almost gets in Julio Cesar's way before the Brazilian keeper gathers a cross safely.

  44. 49

    Sven looking pensive on the touchline. Looks less comfortable in Ivory Coast tracksuit than he did in England suit.

  45. 48

    Maicon hares down the right flank before losing the ball to Tiene and tumbling to ground in theatrical fashion.

  46. 47

    Tidy start to the second half from Brazil, knocking the ball around midfield seemingly without a care in the world.

  47. 46

    Brazil get the second half under way.

  48. 45+1

    The half-time whistle blows. Not vintage stuff from Brazil for the most part, but they lead thanks to Luis Fabiano's precision strike. Felipe Melo and Gilberto Silva are on cruise control as they keep control of the central third, and it's hard to see Ivotry Coast forcing a way through. Drogba short of ammunition and, surely, fitness.

  49. 45

    Just one added minute at the end of this first half.

  50. 45

    Wonderful pass from Felipe Melo out to Bastos on the left. He slips the ball through for Kaka, but his cross is calmly chested back to Barry. Nice move though: every now and then, Brazil suddenly go up three gears.

  51. 44

    Dunga furious on the touchline. He's ditched the shark fishing boat captain look today. Dodgy shirt, though.

  52. 43

    Fabiano penalised for a foul on Tiene as they compete for an aerial ball. Ivory Coast take the free-kick quickly and promptly lose the ball. The ref then blows his whistle to allow Tiene to receive treatment. Kaka and co unsurprisingly unhappy at Ivory Coast apparently being allowed to have things both ways there.

  53. 42

    Dindane played in on the right side of the penalty box, but he just failed to hold his run and is flagged offside. Looked tight, but replays confirm it's the correct call.

  54. 41

    Eboue fires a 25-yard shot goalwards, but it deflects behind off Juan. The ref fails to spot the deviation, though, and awards Brazil a goal-kick. Eboue unamused.

  55. 40

    Lucio breaks down the right but his penalised for an offence I didn't spot. Didn't look much of note there.

  56. 39

    Dindane goes for goal from distance. The ball bounces awkwardly just in front of Julio Cesar, whose handling is secure. We've seen plenty of those spilled so far.

  57. 38

    Bit more open in the last couple of minutes. Brazil break through Fabiano, but his attempt to find Kaka goes five yards behind the number 10 and Ivory Coast clear.

  58. 37

    Eboue spreads the ball out wide to Demel on the right. Good spell of pressure for Ivory Cast here. Demel scuffs his cross, but it still finds Dindane whose first-time shot is blocked.

  59. 37

    Eboue in a decent position on the right, but he stumbles over the ball and Brazil clear.

  60. 36

    Felipe Melo has made a string of important tackles in midfield, halting Ivory Coast breaks before they really get going. Each such tackle is enthusiastically and unsurprisingly applauded by an appreciative Dunga.

  61. 35

    Maicon lets the ball squirm under his foot and out for an Ivory Coast throw.

  62. 34

    Brazil playing the game at walking pace since bursting briefly and thrillingly into life to take the lead. What makes them dangerous, I suppose.

  63. 33

    Bitty passage of play in Joburg. Meanwhile, there's a Glasgow ding-dong kicking off on the emails as Kev from Glasgow notes: "Wasn't long before Dan from Glasgow was was silenced, good old Fabiano!"

  64. 31

    Brilliant quick feet from Elano, who gets the ball away a good couple of seconds before Tiene comes bumbling in to challenge. Booking for the Ivorian, and he can have few complaints.

  65. 29

    Moment of concern for Ivory Coast fans as Drogba stays down after a challenge with Bastos. But he's soon back to his feet with no apparent harm done to that injured arm.

  66. 28

    Decent inswinging corner from Elano, but Drogba's powerful defensive header clears the danger emphatically.

  67. 27

    Kaka wins a corner off Demel. Bastos unhappy with his number 10 for not playing him in on the overlap.

  68. 26

    Interesting to see how the Ivorians respond. Can't see a wholesale change in their approach: they're well in the game still.

  69. 25

    GOAL - LUIS FABIANO! From nowhere, Brazil spark into life with a wonderful goal. Robinho and Kaka combine to play Luis Fabiano in, and the Sevilla striker lashes the ball into an almost non-existent gap at Barry's near post. Almost Fabiano's first touch of the match. Superb technique, lovely goal.

  70. 24

    Drogba concedes a free-kick on halfway and expresses his displeasure at the decision.

  71. 22

    Poor corner, easily claimed by keeper Boubacar Barry.

  72. 21

    There's a bit of handbags before the corner is taken, and the ref calls the offenders over for a chat and some needlessly over-dramatic hand gestures. 'Cut it out' seems to be the gist.

  73. 20

    Elano's clever dummy sets Maicon away in acres on the right-hand side. He tries to stand the ball up for Robinho beyond the far post, but Demel jumps highest to turn the ball behind for a corner.

  74. 19

    The corner's driven in low, and Gilberto Silva thumps it goalwards from the edge of the area. Might have been on target, but it was blocked anyway. Robinho blazes the rebound well wide.

  75. 19

    Brazil bring the ball clear through Maicon. Kalou tracks him back without apparent discomfort, and nicks the ball behind for a corner.

  76. 18

    Kalou appears to be limping a bit. We'll keep an eye on him.

  77. 17

    A bouncing ball causes problems in the Ivory Coast defence before Demel eventually gets it clear. Throw to Brazil, which comes to nothing.

  78. 16

    Not the most convincing punch from Julio Cesar, but he does get the ball out of imminent danger and Lucio completes the clearance.

  79. 15

    Kaka caught in possession too easily again, and it ultimately leads to another dangerous Ivory Coast free-kick out on the left this time.

  80. 14

    Another poor free-kick into the Brazil box, and it's easily cleared.

  81. 14

    Bastos makes a mess of an initial clearance but manages to scramble the ball away at the second attempt.

  82. 13

    Horrible free-kick from Drogba. Seems like he went for goal in the end. Hard to tell. Whatever, it sails miles high and wide.

  83. 12

    Gilberto Silva concedes a free-kick. Dangerous position on the right for Ivory Coast, who send Kolo Toure forward.

  84. 11

    Brazil struggling to string a few passes together in the early stages here. Ivory Coast on top.

  85. 9

    Dindane loses possession to Bastos and then concedes a free-kick trying to get the ball back.

  86. 8

    Decent start this for Ivory Coast. They've seen most of the ball since that early shot from Robinho.

  87. 7

    Kaka is muscled off the ball in midfield, but Yaya Toure's attempt to pick out Drogba is foiled. Quickly crowded out there, the Chelsea striker.

  88. 6

    Kalou tries to free Drogba throug the middle, but Julio Cesar is out smartly to gather the ball.

  89. 5

    Patient build-up play from Brazil, but it comes to nothing as a heavy touch from Robino allows Guy Demel to get his foot in.

  90. 4

    Free-kick for Ivory Coast out on the right, but it's overhit and sails out harmlessly for a goal-kick.

  91. 3

    Ivory Coast settle after that early scare.

  92. 1

    Brazil straight onto the attack as Robinho goes for the spectacular from 35 yards and fizzes his shot over the bar.

  93. 1

    Ivory Coast get us under way in Joburg.

  94. Sky Bet customers aren't worrying about all the upsets, with most of the bets in this one for the Brazilians at 4/6. Drogba's the most popular first goalscorer punt at 8/1. An Ivory Coast win can be backed at 9/2, and the draw's a 5/2 chance. Punters also expect goals in this one, with 'over 2.5 goals' proving popular at 6/5: let's hope they're right.

  95. The teams are in, and the big news is that Didier Drogba is fit to start for Sven-Goran Eriksson's side after coming off the bench against Portugal.

  96. Brazil: Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Juan Bastos, Melo, Gilberto, Elano, Kaka Fabiano, Robinho.

  97. Ivory Coast: Barry, Eboue, Toure, Deme, l Tiene, Tiote, Zokora, Toure, Dindane, Drogba, Kalou

  98. Welcome to our coverage of a mouth-watering Group G clash between Brazil and Ivory Coast in Johannesburg. Brazil were made to work incredibly hard for victory by North Korea first time out, while Ivory Coast played out a cagey 0-0 draw with Portugal. Both should surely improve for that run-out but, frankly, the last seven days have been so increasingly mental that I'm reluctant to make any kind of prediction for tonight's action. One confident prediction: team news follows shortly. Probably.



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