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FIFA World Cup

Moses Mabhida Stadium (ATT 62,453) 16th June 2010 - Kick off 15:00

Spain Spain vs Switzerland Switzerlnd

Spain 0


Switzerlnd 1

G Fernandes (52)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 5:40 pm, June 16th 2010

  1. OK, thanks for all your e-mails - far too may to publish. Don't forget to tune in later for the start of the second round when South Africa take on Uruguay.

  2. 90 + 6

    Xavi has the last chance for Spain but his long-range shot clears the bar. What a shock! It's all over. Wonder if anyone grabbed that 14/1?

  3. 90 + 5

    Free-kick takes a deflection but finds Vill standing on his own by the by-line near the post. He pulls the ball back too far though. Navas earns a corner for Spain off Lichsteiner.

  4. 90 + 4

    Yakin is booked for handling Capdevila's cross. Ridiculous decision from Webb.

  5. 90 + 3

    Free-kick from the left floated in by Xavi and punched out by Benaglio but Webb spots an infringement and the Swiss have a free-kick.

  6. 90 + 2

    Final change for Switzerland sees Mario Eggiman replace Barnetta.

  7. 90 + 1

    Xavi's corner falls to Pedro but he chips the ball over the top and out for a goal-kick. Benaglio is booked for time-wasting.

  8. 90

    Five minutes of stoppage time! Navas kicks the ball against Ziegler and it's a corner to Spain.

  9. 90

    Inler looking for Nkufo but he overhits it and Casillas races out to pump the ball up front.

  10. 89

    Puyol sprays the ball out wide right to Navas, but his cross is booted clear by Inler.

  11. 88

    Villa chests the ball to Torres, who must surely have a one-on-one, but no - his touch is awful and he overruns the ball straight through to Benaglio.

  12. 87

    Torres shoots over the bar from a good position. How are Switzerland holding on?

  13. 86

    Webb steps in to have a word with Capdevila and Nkufo after a minor dust-up.

  14. 85

    Nava is again proving a menace down the right as he fires in a cross which lands safely into the hands of Benaglio.

  15. 84

    This is going to be a tense final five minutes. Deep cross to the far post sees Villa get above Von Bergen but his header is too far for Torres.

  16. 83

    Inler bursts down the right and his cross is knocked out for a corner by Alonso. The corner is well worked and Barnetta squeezes in a shot from just inside the area only for his effort to be blocked.

  17. 82

    The Swiss launch a counter-attack through Lichsteiner. The ball is worked outnto the right where Barnetta bears down the goal and just clears the bar. Good effort.

  18. 81

    Swiss coach Ottmar HItzfelkd is sensing a famous win now as he comes out of the dug-out to urge on his troops.

  19. 80

    Navas has been a real threat down the right since he came on. Spain looking much better after the changes.

  20. 80

    Hakan Yakin comes on for Derdiyok as the Swiss make their second change.

  21. 79

    Superb drive from Navas outside the area which flashes past the far post.

  22. 78

    Villa tries to work an opening down the left but gives away a goal-kick trying to cross.

  23. 77

    In fact Iniesta comes off and is replaced by Rodriguez Pedro.

  24. 76

    Iniesta goes down after a shuddering challenge from Lichsteiner outside the area. The midfielder limps off for treatment.

  25. 75

    We have a game on our hands! Nkufo plays in Derdiyok, who takes on both centre-backs and flicks the ball past Casillas but it hits the post. A scramble ensues and Spain eventually clear.

  26. 74

    Ramos gets on the end of Xavi's free-kick but heads it to Pique , who is offside.

  27. 73

    Inler penalised for a foul on Xavi. Ziegler is booked for fouling Navas nar the right touchline.

  28. 72

    Iniesta sprays the ball out wide right to Navas, whose first touch isn't great but it's still good enough to get past Ziegler. He scuffs his shot into the ground and Benaglio makes a comfortable save.

  29. 71

    Xavi pulls the ball back again to Alonso whose sensational first-time shot from 25 yards thunders against the bar. Spain getting closer.

  30. 70

    Another good chance for Torres as he finds yards of space inside the area but his shot to the near post is poor. However, Benaglio pushes it out for a corner.

  31. 69

    Half a chance for the Swiss as Nkufo looks to get on the end of a cross. Puyol heads it out but Spain are awarded a goal-kick.

  32. 68

    Navas gets on the ball down the right but Grichting heads clear. Spain are back on the ball and Villa looks to send Torres clear but the ball gets stuck under his feet. He looks up though and curls his shot over the bar.

  33. 67

    Ziegler's throw-in down the left runs straight through to Casillas.

  34. 66

    Again Xavi sprays the ball to the D area where Iniesta eventually receives the ball but his cross is too deep.

  35. 65

    Grichting concedes a corner as Torres causes panic in the Swiss defence.

  36. 64

    Spain starting to up the tempo a bit more now.

  37. 63

    A roar goes up as Torres gets on the ball for the first time. Fernandes' tackle leads to him flicking the ball into the path of Iniesta, who curls his effort just wide of the far post with Benaglio rooted to the spot. Good chance.

  38. 62

    Double substitution for Spain sees Torres and Jesus Navas come on for Silva and Busquets.

  39. 61

    Xavi at the heart of the action again as Villa bursts on to his through-ball but Benaglio rushes out of goal to make the save.

  40. 60

    Xavi floats in a looping corner and Ramos is there to get above a couple of defenders only to head the ball over.

  41. 59

    Fernandes gives away a corner after a good spell of play from Ramos.

  42. 58

    Lichsteiner concedes a corner which is swung in by Xavi and headed out at the near post by Benjamin Huggel.

  43. 57

    Villa tests Benaglio with a curling left-footed shot from the edge of the area which the keeper clutches on to with ease.

  44. 56

    Iniesta's through-ball to Villa is again cut out by Von Bergen but Spain are soon in control again.

  45. 56

    Switzerland have never beaten Spain in 18 attempts apparently. That 14/1 is looking quite good now.

  46. 55

    Diagonal pass to Iniesta is too far for the midfielder. Torres is warming up.

  47. 54

    Ramos gets down the right and his looping cross is caught at the second attempt by Benaglio with Villa waiting to pounce.

  48. 53

    Spain are just going to have to attack even more now, if that's possible.

  49. 52

    GOAL FERNANDES! Eren Derdiyok is sent clear and looks to be fouled on the edge of the area as Casillas charges out. The ball falls to Fernandes, whose first shot is stopped by the prostrate Pique but he makes no mistake at stabbing in from close range at the second attempt. Incredible.

  50. 51

    Spain get another corner and Iniesta floats one to the back post where Puyol mystereriously heads it back to the edge of the area where Busquets' shot goes out for a goal-kick.

  51. 50

    Iniesta gets into the box but his cross is ckeared by Von Bergen straight to Alonso, whose long-range shot deflects off Grichting for a corner.

  52. 49

    Spain get a corner which is taken short by Xavi to Iniesta, who floats in a cross which is headed out. The ball is soon back in the box with Silva, who twists and turns but runs out of space and the Swiss clear their lines.

  53. 48

    Grichting had better watch himself as he hacks at the legs of Villa.

  54. 47

    Xavi plays the ball low to Alonso, who runs on to the ball 25 yards out but clears the bar by some distance.

  55. 46

    Spain get the second half under way. No changes at the break. Alonso supplies a lovely pass to Silva, who gets to the by-line and forces a corner off Fernandes.

  56. Mike Triffitt gives us an update from Sky Bet. He writes: "All Spain in the first half but dogged defending from the Swiss means it's 0-0 at half-time.Under 2.5 goal backers look like collecting once again and for the optimists its 10/3 for a rare over's win. It's hard to believe the Swiss can last out and punters continue to back all things Spanish with David Villa still a 5/2 chance to open the scoring. Spain are now 4/9, the draw is 2/1 and Switzerland are out to 14/1."

  57. Spain had 72% possession in the first 45 minutes. Let me know what you though about the half by e-mailing

  58. 45 + 1

    One minute to be added. Iniesta has been the best player on show and he thinks about getting in a cross but decides there isn't enough space and passes the ball back before the half-time whistle blows.

  59. 45

    Busquets goes up for a header and the ball is half-cleared and crossed into the danger zone where Villa and Lichsteiner are grappling each other. Villa goes down looking for a penalty but Webb tells him to get up.

  60. 44

    Iniesta plays a great ball to Villa, who arches his run and gets into the area. He shapes to shoot but cuts back on to his right foot but the ball is slightly behind him as he tries to flick the ball over Benaglio only for his effort to run across the face of the goal.

  61. 43

    Great ball over the top from Ramos for Villa, who whows great skill on the edge of the area. The ball is worked out to the left and Iniesta has a shot on goal which he drived over the bar.

  62. 42

    Ramos loses the ball but Spain are soon back in possession. Iniesta tries to slip Xavi through but the ball runs through to Lichsteiner.

  63. 41

    Alonso latches on to a clearance but volleys over the bar. I'm afraid it's another disappointing game but at least Spain are going for it.

  64. 40

    Another long ball from the Swiss, this time from Lichsteiner looking for the run of Nkufo is straight into the mid-riff of Casillas.

  65. 39

    Von Bergen's first touch is awful as he knocks the ball down the wing and out of touch.

  66. 38

    Barnetta finds space down the right but his cross is knocked out for a corner by Puyol. The ball is half cleared to Inler but his ball over the top runs through to Casillas.

  67. 37

    Iniesta foule for the umpteenth time - this time by Barnetta. Spain break downthe left through Iniesta, who slips in Silva but his cross is blocked for a corner which is taken by Xavi. Ramos gets up with a header but it runs through to the keeper.

  68. 36

    Senderos limps off after hurting his ankle while tackling his own player - think it was Ziegler. Steve Von Bergen is on.

  69. 34

    Xavi plays the ball down the lwft to Iniesta, who plays it back to Capdevila. His cross to the far post is a good one and Villa gets in a header but the Swiss scramble the ball away.

  70. 33

    Great keep-ball spell by Spain, but Capdevila's low cross is intercepted and Switzerland eventually have possession, but only for a moment.

  71. 32

    Iniesta is fouled by a combination of Inler and Lichsteiner down the left. Xavi whips in the free-kick but the Swiss eventually scramble the ball away.

  72. 31

    Xavi's corner is headed away by Senderos.

  73. 30

    Xavi is lining it up but Villa takes it and his shot deflects off the wall for a corner.

  74. 29

    A great break as Busquets plays the ball over the top for Iniesta, who cuts back and is brought down by Grichting on the edge of the area. The centre-back is booked.

  75. 28

    Swittzerland break down the left but Capdevila hacks clear.

  76. 27

    Spain break forward with more attacking intent as Silva tries to play in Villa, who just can't quite control the ball.

  77. 26

    Ziegler penalised for a foul on Iniesta down Spain's right.

  78. 25

    Xavi fouls Fernandes 30 yards out. Ziegler's free-kick is low and beats the wall but Iker Casillas makes a decent enough save.

  79. 24

    First chance of the game falls to Spain. Iniesta plays a brilliant through-ball to Gerard Pique, who is onside in the box. He cuts inside Grichting, but Benaglio spreads himself and makes a fine save.

  80. 22

    Pedestrian approach play from the Swiss down the right as they lose possession. Spain slip the ball out to the right and Silva puts in a low cross which is hacked away by Senderos.

  81. 21

    Capdevila slips the ball inside to Iniesta, who shoots from 25 yards but his shot takes a slight deflection off Fernandes and runs through to Benaglio.

  82. 20

    The Swiss threaten to launch an attack but decide it's best to playthe ball back. Fernandes then passes pack to Benaglio.

  83. 19

    The Swiss are on the ball for a good 10 seconds before Fernandes is fouled by Ramos. The free-kick eventually ends back at the fet of the keeper.

  84. 18

    Mexican wave runninng round the stadium, it's usually a sign of boredom.

  85. 17

    Its fair to say Ramos is playing on the wing now. He controls the ball with his right foot, cuts into the box but makes a hash of his left-footed shot. Should have crossed into the danger zone.

  86. 16

    Spain are constantly looking to get down the left. This time Silva shoots from the left hand side of the area but his low shot is easily saved by Benaglio.

  87. 15

    Silva has made a poor start for Spain as he allows the ball to slip under his feet for a Swiss throw.

  88. 14

    Iniesta and David Silva both try to break through down the left. Silva looks to be caught by Senderos in the box but Webb isn't interested.

  89. 13

    Would love to know the possession stats so far, must be 80% Spain. Busquets is brought down by Gelsen Fernandes, and Spain take a quick free-kick.

  90. 12

    Xavi finds a yard of space as Villa flicks the ball to the midfielder, who is flagged offiside inside the area.

  91. 11

    David Silva loses possession and Blaise Nkufo smells an opportunity to break but the pass is overhit and Spauin are back in control.

  92. 10

    Poor corner is headed out by Alonso at the near post and Spain break. Villa cuts into the box but his first touch is too heavy and Benaglio nips the ball off his feet.

  93. 9

    Switzerland get the first corner of the game down Spain's left.

  94. 7

    Senderos clears the ball as Xavi tries to burst into the box. Steady stuff from Spain and you just feel something spectacular is brewing.

  95. 6

    Switzerland have barely touched the ball for five minutes. Gokhan Inler goes through the back of Xavi, another free-kick to Spain which is taken short.

  96. 5

    Xabi Alonso links up well with David Silva down the right. His cross is blocked and Sergio Ramos goes in for a challenge with Ziegler but is penalised for a push.

  97. 4

    Xavi chips it in but Philippe Senderos heads it out and Reto Ziegler hacks clear. Spain back on the ball though.

  98. 3

    Sergo Busquets is upended by Stephane Grichting 40 yards out. Danger for the Swiss.

  99. 2

    Already Sergio Ramos seems to be playing a right midfielder as Spain start to attack. Joan Capdevila sends over a cross from the left but it's too far for David Villa as Diego Benaglio collects.

  100. 1

    Switzerland get the game under way and they concede a free-kick inside Spain's area almost immediately after Tranquillo Barnetta fouls Carles Puyol.

  101. The teams are in and they line up as follows:

  102. Spain: Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Puyol, Pique, Capdevila, Busquets, Silva, Alonso, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa. Subs: Valdes, Albiol, Marchena, Torres, Fabregas, Mata, Arbeloa, Pedro, Llorente, Javi Martinez, Jesus Navas, Reina.

  103. Switzerland: Benaglio, Lichtsteiner, Senderos, Grichting, Ziegler, Barnetta, Inler, Huggel, Fernandes, Derdiyok, Nkufo. Subs: Wolfli, Magnin, Von Bergen, Padalino, Yakin, Bunjaku, Schwegler, Eggiman, Shaqiri, Leoni.

  104. Our referee today is Howard Webb from England.

  105. Betting news from Sky Bet, and Spain are overwhelming 1/4 favourites to win this game, the draw is 9/2 and Switzerland are a whopping 11/1 to take three points. Not too many goals at the World Cup so far and Spain are 11/2 to win 1-0 and 4/1 to secure a 2-0 victory. David Villa is 5/2 favourite to open the scoring.

  106. Good afternoon and welcome to the final first-round game of the group stages of the World Cup. It's the Group H match between tournament favourites Spain and Switzerland, and should be a cracking game and atmosphere at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. Early piece of team news has just come in and it's good news for Spain, who have key midfielder Andres Iniesta in the starting line-up despite being a doubt before the game with a minor thigh injury. Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas and Liverpool striker Fernando Torres both start on the bench. If you have any thoughts about this match send them to me at



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