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Barclays Premier League

Ewood Park (ATT 29,912) 11th April 2010 - Kick off 13:30 Ref: P Walton

Blackburn Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester United Man Utd

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 3:26 pm, April 11th 2010

  1. Thanks for joining me for today's commentary. I'll see you next time.

  2. Well that is a big blow for United in the Premier League title race. They stay second in the table and miss the chance to go top.

  3. The referee blows for full-time! 0-0 the final score at Ewood Park.

  4. 90+4

    Gibson and Scholes play a one-two and Gibson tries a strike...blocked. Nani then hits it, deflected, and Robinson claims!

  5. 90+3

    Nani brings it forward again and puts it in the box..cleared. Paul Scholes goes down in the area, it falls to Neville who hits it...narrowly wide!

  6. 90+2

    Blackburn are standing tall and look set to deny United two points in their quest for a league title. This would be a big blow.

  7. 90

    Four minutes to be played of injury time.

  8. 90

    Nani brings it forward with great pace and United have a man over, but that man is Rio Ferdinand and the move breaks down. Ferdinand is playing as a striker with his injury!

  9. 89

    Park is fed in by Berbatov at the other end but instead of hitting it he takes it forward and loses it.

  10. 88

    Pedersen goes for glory from ridiculous range, blocked well. Blackburn come again though and they have a shot from inside the area!...super block from Gary Neville, who threw his body in front of it!

  11. 87

    Nzonzi brings it out of defence and Blackburn manage to clear. Gibson then shoves Kalinic to the ground and picks up a yellow card.

  12. 86

    Blackburn break as the ball is played up to Kalinic. He finds Diouf and the African forward hits it...blocked. Ferdinand is struggling out there.

  13. 85

    Park and Berbatov try and link-up on the edge of the area, but Rovers have got all their men back!

  14. 84

    Ferdinand looks to be struggling with a groin problem but Ferguson has made all his changes already. United press now and Nani appeals for handball in the area...nothing given.

  15. 83

    From a long throw Berbatov has a strike on the turn...but it goes comfortably wide.

  16. 82

    Park hits it at Phil Jones and United win a corner. Nani puts a high one in and the header is blocked by Blackburn, it nearly falls to Park but the defence clears.

  17. 81

    Great chance Berbatov! Lovely ball from Scholes to Neville who touches it back from the by-line. It bounces to Berbatov but his strike is straight at Robinson.

  18. 80

    Nani gives it away on the edge of the Blackburn box. Can the Red Devils grab a late winner?

  19. 79

    United sub: O'Shea off, Evra on.

  20. 79

    Pedersen whips it in, but the referee blows for a free-kick to United inside the area.

  21. 78

    Ferdinand makes a hash of a clearance after no communication with Van der Sar. Corner to Blackburn - their first today.

  22. 77

    Nani takes the corner but it is a poor ball in, much to the frustration of the United fans.

  23. 76

    Valencia in oceans of space down the right. He takes his time before delivering into the front post, turned behind by Nelsen.

  24. 75

    United press once more as a looping ball comes over the top for Berbatov. He is sandwiched by two defenders and goes down, but he had already handballed.

  25. 74

    Park drives forward and goes past two players - the South Korean then goes down but no foul says the referee. Gibson is furious.

  26. 73

    Berbatov refuses a simple pass to Nani out wide and instead tries a difficult ball through the middle that doesn't come off. Nani is not happy.

  27. 72

    Ferdinand's boot was raised there but no foul says referee Walton, although Kalinic went down. Blackburn have upped the tempo.

  28. 71

    Rovers sub: Diouf on, Olsson off.

  29. 70

    Neville dives in on Olsson on the touchline. Poor challenge and an obvious booking.

  30. 69

    United are beginning to turn the screw here, but Rovers are defending well, as Berbatov is down clutching his face.

  31. 68

    Lovely chip to Gibson who tried a first-time flick on to Nani, but it was just a tad too heavy.

  32. 67

    Nani wins a free-kick after persistent play down the right. He takes it himself and it falls to Berbatov in the area who cracks it...great block Jones! Gibson then strikes it...wide!

  33. 66

    Risky backpass from Gary Neville but Van der Sar manages to clear. Can we please have a chance in this game soon!?

  34. 66

    United sub: Macheda off, Park Ji-Sung on.

  35. 65

    Salgado and Nani are having words down there, as Park prepares to come on.

  36. 64

    Olsson nearly latches onto a long ball with Ferdinand unawares...but the Swede handballed as he controlled it.

  37. 63

    Lovely play between Gibson and Nani and the ball falls for the substitute who strikes it...but he drags it well wide. Woeful effort.

  38. 62

    United are knocking it around aimlessly at the back but they are creating very little going forward. Macheda is a mere spectator out there.

  39. 60

    Nani strikes it...narrowly over. Robinson looked like he had that one covered though.

  40. 59

    The Portuguese winger aims for O'Shea at the near post...headed clear. Gibson drives forward and is fouled by N'Zonzi. This is within shooting range.

  41. 59

    Nani wins the corner off Grella. Can United make anything of this?

  42. 58

    Long ball from Rovers again into the box and Nelsen wins the header....but it drifts wide.

  43. 57

    United sub: Darron Gibson on, Ryan Giggs off.

  44. 56

    Sloppy play from both teams giving the ball away in midfield.

  45. 55

    Gary Neville hacks away the long ball in from Robinson. United try and attack but Nani's ball to Macheda is poor. Gibson is warming up and ready to enter the fray.

  46. 54

    Paul Scholes fouls Kalinic in the centre-circle. Needless challenge from the midfielder.

  47. 53

    Persistent run from Giggs down the left and Salgado eventually tackles the winger. Macheda then puts it in but Nelsen clears.

  48. 52

    Givet goes into the header really hard with Gary Neville. The Frenchman won the ball and there is no complaint from Neville.

  49. 51

    Jones does really well to keep the ball alive in the area from the long free-kick. He puts it to the front post but United clear. Good pressure from Blackburn though.

  50. 50

    Kalinic gets the ball to his feet and he goes to ground after turning

  51. 49

    Ferdinand receives treatment and Van der Sar restarts. United try and come forward as the central defender comes back on.

  52. 48

    Rio Ferdinand looks like he has dislocated his finger..ouch! It is pointing sideways!

  53. 47

    Van der Sar slices his clearance out of play. Rovers put it in and Olsson wins the flick-on in the box, but he was offside.

  54. 46

    Early pressure from Blackburn and a shot comes in, but it is blocked before it reaches Van der Sar.

  55. 46

    The game restarts.

  56. Rovers sub at the break: Emerton off, Dunn on.

  57. Updated Skybet odds: Blackburn 11/2, draw 2/1, Man Utd 8/13.

  58. Blackburn are working hard but there is no creativity out there. I get the feeling that United will nick a goal or two after the break and secure a win without having to get out of second gear.

  59. Not the most entertaining first half by any means, but United could have stolen a deserved lead had Valencia tucked that chance away.

  60. The referee puts the whistle to his mouth and blows for half-time. 0-0 the score at the break.

  61. 45+2

    Ferdinand turns expertly on the ball in defence. He has been excellent so far today, as has Vidic.

  62. 45+1

    The opening period seems to be peetering out.

  63. 45

    Two minutes of added time to be played in the first half.

  64. 44

    Credit to Berbatov in the build-up to that chance, but Valencia really should have scored.

  65. 43

    Great save Robinson! Valencia was fed through by Berbatov and he had all the time in the world to pick his spot but Robinson stood up brilliantly!

  66. 42

    Olsson picks up the ball on the edge of his own box and drives forward up to the half-way line and wins a free-kick after Nani fouled him. Another long ball from Rovers, but yet again, well dealt with.

  67. 41

    Blackburn launch a series of long balls into the box, but United stand up to the task well. Rovers have hardly threatened so far.

  68. 40

    Scholes catches Grella who was breaking out of defence and Blackburn get some respite. Minimal contact though.

  69. 39

    This time the Red Devils come down the left but Nani's cross is headed clear. They are getting a lot of joy down the flanks.

  70. 38

    United attack again down the right and the ball is fed in to Macheda, but he can't beat the defender. The Italian has made little impact so far.

  71. 37

    Pedersen launches a long throw into the box, the header is flicked on but Van der Sar claims it.

  72. 36

    Rovers win a free-kick just inside the opposition half. Pedersen knocks it long, headed clear by Vidic.

  73. 35

    Berbatov goes down in the box under the challenge of Nelsen! He appeals for a penalty....not given by referee Walton! The arm did go up from the defender.

  74. 34

    The corner it taken short and it falls to Nani on the edge of the area...he tries a curler into the far corner...but it flies wide.

  75. 33

    Blackburn sub: Samba off, Nelsen on.

  76. 33

    Scholes twist on the edge of the box but can't get a shot away. Neville then puts a cross in and Salgado concedes a corner.

  77. 32

    Grella fouls Berbatov in the middle and United can come again after Blackburn tried to launch a concerted spell of pressure.

  78. 31

    The ball is put in low from the corner but Blackburn clear well. Samba looks to be struggling with a knock out there.

  79. 30

    Valencia comes inside off the right but he doesn't shoot with his left, he finds Nani who wins the corner.

  80. 29

    The corner eventually comes in and it falls to Nani on the edge of the area...but his shot flies well over.

  81. 28

    More possession from United. Lovely play to find Giggs on the left and he puts in a great ball across goal...turned behind by Givet.

  82. 27

    Scholes feeds it to Berbatov's feet on the edge of the box, the Bulgarian tries to nick a little ball through to Macheda...snuffed out at the last!

  83. 26

    That was the first real test of Robinson. A fierce effort from Valencia, well saved.

  84. 25

    Pressure from the Red Devils and Valencia has a stinging shot from the right...saved by Robinson at his near post!

  85. 24

    United try and break and Nani shows his pace. Salgado hacks him down - yellow card.

  86. 23

    Long throw from Pedersen and the ball rebounds in the middle off a number of players. It just didn't quite fall for Blackburn.

  87. 22

    Olsson controls a long ball well but Neville tracks him and puts it out of play.

  88. 21

    Olsson is flagged offside as Blackburn played it over the top. United launch another attack as Macheda turns in the middle, he feeds in Nani but the cross from the left is headed clear.

  89. 20

    Blackburn try and hoof it foward...straight out of play. Rovers need to stem the pressure.

  90. 19

    A cross from the right is deflected off Olsson and Robinson has to come out and claim with good agility. United are enjoying most of the ball here.

  91. 18

    Blackburn try and break and Kalinic goes down under the challenge. No foul given by the referee.

  92. 18

    Giggs crosses and Vidic goes in with the header, but under good pressure from the defender, he can't quite get enough on it.

  93. 17

    United break with great pace and Nani clips in a ball from the right. Cleared behind for a corner.

  94. 16

    Pedersen launches a long throw into the box but Vidic clears, it goes back to Pedersen who hits it...blocked.

  95. 15

    Giggs clips it into the backpost for O'Shea but it goes all the way out of play. Looking at a replay of that earlier Rovers free-kick, Phil Jones went down in the area under the challenge of Neville.

  96. 14

    Grella fouls Macheda in the Rovers half. Free-kick United.

  97. 13

    Pedersen drifts it in but O'Shea heads it away. A second ball is put in but Ferdinand's defensive header is beautifully weighted back to the keeper.

  98. 12

    More pressure from United but Rovers stand up well. At the other end O'Shea catches Blackburn on the right.

  99. 11

    Great play Giggs to bring it out of defence. He then finds Berbatov who twists and turns into the Rovers box, but the Blackburn defence get back well.

  100. 10

    Valencia crosses from the right but Grella smacks it clear. United then go long through O'Shea, but the Irishman can't find Berbatov, who is unhappy with the ball.

  101. 9

    That was a half-chance, but you can't blame Samba for not scoring there.

  102. 8

    Chance Samba! Great hold up play from Nzonzi who lays it back to Grella, he crosses and Samba heads low at goal...saved by Van der Sar!

  103. 8

    Nice build-up play from United in the Blackburn half. Scholes finds Nani but the Portuguese trickster can't find a way past Samba.

  104. 7

    Robinson launches a long ball forward aiming at Chris Samba, but it runs all the way out for a United goal-kick.

  105. 6

    Macheda tries to slip Berbatov through...the flag goes up for offside, that was really close.

  106. 5

    Rovers attack and Grella lays a ball off and there is a strike from the edge of the area...into the defender and through to Van der Sar.

  107. 4

    Berbatov chipped it over the top and Robinson came charging out to hack clear. United come again though and Valencia goes past the defender down the right, but he slices his cross straight out of play, looking down at the turf.

  108. 3

    Olsson is down now in the centre-circle but the ball is not put out - he clashed with Neville.

  109. 2

    Nani goes down clutching his head but the injury is not a serious one. Giggs chips the ball forward but Blackburn clear through Samba.

  110. 1

    United having all the ball in the opening minute as the midfield and defence all get touches.

  111. 1

    The game gets underway.

  112. The teams emerge from the tunnel into the Blackburn sunshine.

  113. Five minutes from kick-off at Ewood Park. The atmosphere is building.

  114. Fancy a bet on the game? Skybet have priced Blackburn at 6/1, the draw is 10/3, while a Man Utd win is 4/9. Plenty of short priced looking bankers today and United start the afternoon in many accumulators and the big hitters have forced them into 4/9 in singles too. Berbatov and Macheda lead the line at Ewood Park and of the two the Italian looks the better value at 9/2 to open the scoring.

  115. The referee today is Peter Walton (Northamptonshire).

  116. Patrice Evra is replaced by John O'Shea, who was handed his first start since November, whilst Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce springs a surprise by selecting Vince Grella ahead of David Dunn in midfield.

  117. Sir Alex Ferguson hands Federico Macheda his first Premier League start of the season as United look to revive their flagging title campaign. The Italy Under-21 international partners Dimitar Berbatov in a much-changed line-up, showing six changes to the side that bowed out of the Champions League to Bayern Munich in midweek.

  118. Man Utd: Van der Sar, Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic, O'Shea, Valencia, Scholes, Giggs, Nani, Berbatov, Macheda. Subs: Kuszczak, Evra, Park, Jonathan Evans, Fletcher, Obertan, Gibson.

  119. Blackburn: Robinson, Salgado, Samba, Jones, Givet, Nzonzi, Grella, Emerton, Pedersen, Olsson, Kalinic. Subs: Brown, Nelsen, Dunn, Roberts, Andrews, Diouf, Di Santo.

  120. The teams are in...

  121. Arsenal, meanwhile, are in action on Wednesday against arch-rivals Tottenham, meaning United must win this afternoon to keep the pressure on.

  122. Chelsea currently lead the Red Devils by two points and as they were in FA Cup duty yesterday, they don't play in the league until Tuesday when Bolton travel to Stamford Bridge.

  123. United can go back to the top of the table with a win at Ewood Park today, but make no mistake, Rovers will not be rolling over.

  124. Hi there and welcome to's live text commentary of Blackburn versus Manchester United in the Premier League.

  125. Updates will appear here from 1315 BST...



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