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Barclays Premier League

Turf Moor (ATT 18,397) 12th December 2009 - Kick off 15:00 Ref: M Jones

Burnley Burnley vs Fulham Fulham

Burnley 1

W Elliott (60)


Fulham 1

B Zamora (50)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 5:08 pm, December 12th 2009

  1. That's it! Well the second-half was slightly better than the first as Zamora opened the deadlock but Elliott's volley cancelled out the Fulham striker's effort ten minutes later. 1-1.

  2. 90+3

    Elliott delivers a poor cross and can't do much with the rebound either.

  3. 90+3

    However, there may be a twist in the tale as Alexander wins a corner.

  4. 90+2

    I can't believe neither side are launching it straight into the box when they have the chance, precious seconds are ticking away as Burnley opt to play it back rather than upfront.

  5. 90+1

    Elliott gets a second stab at a cross to the far post, Nugent heads down for Fletcher to lay off into the path of sub Guerrero but he lashes way over the bar.

  6. 90

    There's three minutes of time added, can either side make it count?

  7. 89

    Time is ticking away as Jordan takes a throw down the left.

  8. 88

    It's almost as if Fulham seem content with the away draw because Konchesky is taking an age with this throw-in.

  9. 87

    It's entering the final minutes now and Burnley are looking the more likely to find that dramatic winner as they enjoy the lion's share of the possession.

  10. 86

    Fletcher wins a throw-in down the left as both sides are lethargically looking for that elusive winner.

  11. 86

    Guerrero has five mins to make an impact as he comes on for Eagles.

  12. 85

    Eagles seemd to be caught in two minds as his cross-come-shot goes out.

  13. 84

    Eagles is causing Pantsil a few problems down the left this time as the Fulham man takes down Burnley's winger for a freekick.

  14. 83

    Elliott's cross is disappointing as Burnley work the ball well from midfield down to the right flank. The midfielder should've done better there.

  15. 82

    Jensen is first to a throughball and claims before the advancing Zamora can get a touch.

  16. 81

    Gera wastes a pass down the line in favour of one through the middle which saw Zamora marked by two. Terrible decision.

  17. 80

    We're entering the last ten minutes now, you Burnley and Fulham fans have been rather quiet - is anybody expecting a dramatic winner?

  18. 79

    Gera has his first strike on goal as he turns well, find a yard on the edge of the box and fires in a low shot which goes wide.

  19. 79

    It's getting into a scrappy period again as both sides look to be tiring.

  20. 78

    Jensen punches away another freekick well.

  21. 77

    McDonald comes on for Andre Bikey.

  22. 77

    Nevland comes off for Zoltan Gera.

  23. 76

    Schwarzer gets away with a poor clearance and Fulham have the ball once more.

  24. 76

    Bikey gets a firm connection from outside the box but it's straight down the throat of Schwarzer.

  25. 75

    Fulham skipper Hughes is looking strong at the back as his side cancel out another bit of Burnley possession.

  26. 74

    Nevland is forced wide as he had a sight of goal down the right and can only fire an effort towards the wrong side of the post.

  27. 73

    Nugent loses possession and Duff goes down under a challenge as he counters.

  28. 72

    Schwarzer goes flapping for a cross and looks like he's waving to his relatives in the crowd as he crashes to the floor under a challenge but Burnley can't capitalise.

  29. 71

    There's some good football from the home side and Nugent is looking confident upfront. Their possession just needs that final ball though.

  30. 71

    Jensen punches away a Greening corner all the way to the other side of the pitch, cracking clearance from the big man!

  31. 70

    Greening rides a Carlisle challenge but wins a corner.

  32. 69

    Pantsil chips a hopeful effort into the box, Dempsey looks to have lost his marker but is adjudged to have fouled him in the process on the edge of the box.

  33. 68

    Zamora's unlucky there as he finds himself in some space but doesn't time his run and is pulled back for an offside decision.

  34. 67

    Elliott's enjoying more of the ball this half and wins his side a corner. Again though Burnley can't make their set-pieces count and Konchesky clears.

  35. 66

    Nugent goes for a rather speculative strike down the right as he takes it first time on the bounce but doesn't get enough behind it.

  36. 65

    It falls to Mears who tries to send it back into the melee of players but it cannons off a Fulham leg and goes out for a throw.

  37. 64

    Burnley win a corner and Eagles is the man to take it as Caldwell ventures up into the box.

  38. 63

    Dempsey goes for the spectacular as Zamora lays off a harsh pass to the American who does well to connect with it as it flicks up and he attempts the scissor kick. Carlisle got there first though and sent it out for a corner.

  39. 63

    That's certainly livened up the Burnley faithful as they push their side towards another goal.

  40. 60

    GOAL ELLIOTT!!! Superb finish from the midfielder as a cross from Jordan comes off a Fulham head and Elliott storms in from the farpost to side foot his volley past Schwarzer first time.

  41. 59

    Eagles has switched to the left but fails to connect to a Jordan throw as Fulham eventually clear.

  42. 58

    Burnley are having a spell of possession as they win a few throw-ins down the left.

  43. 57

    The game's slowly livening up, despite Fulham taking the lead, there hasn't been another clear cut chance yet.

  44. 57

    Duff works the ball well and it finds Pantsil who plays it into the box, I think it comes off a Burnley player because rather than collect it Jensen shuffles his beastly feet to volley it away.

  45. 56

    Blake comes off for Nugent.

  46. 56

    Dempsey has a free header from a Duff corner but it looks to be going slightly wide, however Carlisle takes no chances and clears at the back post.

  47. 55

    Pantsil pressures well down the right and wins back possession and even wins a corner for his work-rate, great stuff.

  48. 56

    The game resumes after Zamora's momentary few seconds of treatment. Fulham are powering down the flanks now.

  49. 54

    Zamora's down after a knock to the head, he's back up though and ready to lead the line from the front once more.

  50. 53

    Hughes does a bit of dancing on ice skills as he clears the ball whilst skidding to the floor, slightly lucky but he scores a 6.0 from me!

  51. 52

    Well that's upset the balance there as Zamora's goal has silenced the Turf Moor crowd who were previously in buoyant mood.

  52. 50

    GOAL ZAMORA!!! Baird takes a quick freekick and launches it towards Zamora who takes it down, and pulls it back across goal past the left arm of Jensen, well taken from the striker.

  53. 50

    Elliott shot as if he had lead in his boots there as his first-time effort to grass cut it, fires wide.

  54. 49

    Burnley have the ball down the right again as Mears enjoys a decent amount of possession.

  55. 48

    Pantsil aims another cross into the box, but it's cleared once more.

  56. 47

    Elliott could've done better there, he worked himself into an excellent position towards the byline and tried to cut the ball back on the bounce - but lobbed his cross over the bar.

  57. 46

    Greening gives away the first freekick of this half about 35-40 yards out. Fulham clear a lofted cross into the box.

  58. And we're off for the second-half. Even before kick-off just now, Zamora was having a go at his team-mates - me thinks the striker is extremely fired up for this 45.

  59. And that's it for this half, the best chance has probably fallen to Duff in the first few seconds of the game when his lob was just wide. Eagles is having a lot of joy down the right and has had a few tame efforts saved by Schwarzer. Let's hope there's more goal action in the second-half!

  60. 45+1

    It's getting a bit scrappy now as the half is nearing to an end.

  61. 45

    It's Nevland this time who feels he's being pushed in the back from Carlisle, nothing given.

  62. 44

    Zamora finally wins a decision and it's probably the softest of the lot as Caldwell pushes the striker as they both go up for a header. Caldwell's skating on thin ice here it seems after having a telling off from the ref.

  63. 43

    Zamora's having a bit of a 'mare at the moment, everytime he gets the ball Burnley are producing some excellently timed tackles on the striker which is frustrating him massively.

  64. 43

    Eagles does his defensive duties and plays the ball back to Jensen from the edge of his own box, fantastic work.

  65. 42

    Bikey is having a fantastic game, I've just jinxed him there because he's just given the ball away cheaply...

  66. 41

    Eagles again works good space for himself down the right, he cuts inside onto his left but rather than spreading the play, opts to shoot and its not the best of efforts I must say! Schwarzer claims.

  67. 40

    Zamora gives a foul away on Alexander, the striker seems to be quite frustrated up top as his sounds his disapproval to whoever will listen!

  68. 39

    Konchesky's bellyaching over those previous challenges has earnt him a yellow card for dissent.

  69. 38

    Konchesky's in the spotlight again as he challenges Fletcher late but the ball breaks to Eagles, the ref plays on, and the winger cuts inside but fires in a weak effort for Schwarzer to gather.

  70. 37

    Konchesky hurriedly clears the ball from an advancing Eagles for a throw-in.

  71. 36

    Greening goes into the book for a kick on Bikey.

  72. 35

    Brilliant goal-saving header from Caldwell there in the box after great work from Zamora who pulled a header back into the danger zone, but no-one was there.

  73. 34

    Eagles tries to thread a ball through the eye of a needle - but that needle happened to be the towering Hangeland who cleared.

  74. 33

    Another misplaced pass and another attack goes begging from Burnley.

  75. 32

    Who will get the breakthrough? Could it be Dempsey for Fulham or Fletcher for Burnley (both of which I have in my flagging fantasy football team)...

  76. 31

    Jordan does well under pressure from Nevland and plays the ball back to Jensen to begin another Burnley attack.

  77. 30

    Zamora's letting his displeasure known to the ref as Caldwell floors him after a tackle from behind, freekick - but nothing comes of it again.

  78. 29

    Burnley did fantastic there, Fulham had the ball and could've put in a few telling passes but the home side pushed them back and forced a misplaced throughball to reclaim possession.

  79. 28

    Duff wins a freekick for a late challenge as Hughes steps over it to take and lofts a ball into the box, Burnley clear.

  80. 28

    Bikey breaks in the middle but again the clarets lose possession after promising build-up play.

  81. 27

    Elliott 'aves it' into the stands for a Fulham throw-in.

  82. 26

    Great tackle from Jordan to send Duff down, perfectly timed which relieves the pressure from the home side.

  83. 25

    Bikey does well to halt a Fulham attack as he slides in to intercept a pass and sends his side on the counter.

  84. 24

    It's a good battle between Mears, Eagles and Konchesky down the right - all have a quick turn of pace which is causing problems early on.

  85. 23

    Dempsey lines up for a 35 yard freekick... he dummies the shot and lays it off to Pantsil who returns the favour by sending the ball into the box for the American to head towards goal - easy save for Jensen though.

  86. And Matt is also in favour of Chris' tricks and skills after he's emailed in to say he expects an Eagles' hat trick!

  87. 21

    Burnley are getting a lot of joy down this right flank, the Cottagers seem to be struggling with the speed and ganglyness of Eagles' quick feet.

  88. 20

    Eagles tries some silky skills on the ball near the touchline and Konchesky tries to kick him up in the air! Freekick.

  89. 20

    Eagles wins a freekick for a foul in Fulham's half now - this is decent end-to-end stuff at the moment.

  90. 19

    Zamora does well in his own half to keep the ball in play as he pulls it back to Dempsey who piles forward for another Fulham attack. But again Burnley do well to break it down.

  91. 18

    Dempsey's yellow boots latch onto a lofting ball in the centre circle, the American strides towards the goal and launched a dipping effort towards Jensen's goal - just over but decent chance.

  92. 17

    Blake takes it, Bikey can't reach it and Fulham, clear.

  93. 17

    Mears does excellently well on the overlap to win another corner.

  94. 16

    As for the corner... could they make it count, in a word... no! the ball goes disappointingly over the bar.

  95. 15

    Mears wins a corner from a Konchesky challenge, can the home side make this one count?

  96. 14

    Coyle's even managed to get a ticking off from the ref for having a white shirt on which clashes with Fulham's kit!

  97. 13

    Eagles zig zags his way through a ropey Fulham defence and tries to curl one into the bottom left hand corner, Schwarzer saves.

  98. 12

    It's Fulham's turn to peg back the opposition as Pantsil is released again down the right, he fires in a decent ball into the box which falls to Baird and... well that's a defender's effort alright! Sky high and wide it goes.

  99. 11

    Pantsil is seeing a lot of the ball early on as his long throw from the right is eventually cleared from Burnley's box.

  100. 10

    Duff has a fantastic strike saved bu Jensen to his left as the Irishman latches onto Zamora's lay off, he jinks into the box, cuts back onto his favoured left peg and lashes an effort, but Burnley's number one is equal to it.

  101. 9

    Burnley are powering into the Fulham half now, pushing the Cottagers back well, they just need to find a few killer passes to capitalise on this early pressure.

  102. 8

    Bit of swerve on Robbie Blake's half volleyed effort caused Schwarzer a few problems, but the Aussie collects well second time around.

  103. 7

    Fletcher's got his work cut out today playing as a loan striker.

  104. 6

    Nearly a great dummy there from Nevland but Zamora didn't read it and couldn't latch onto the pass in the box. Pantsil is enjoying acres of space down this right hand side.

  105. 5

    Pantsil clears Burnley's first corner of the day under no pressure.

  106. 4

    A flapping Burnley side are slowly getting into their stride, with the early panic over they're spreading play nicely.

  107. 3

    Fulham are all over Burnley at the moment.

  108. 2

    Nevland has a cracking chance there, Pantsil's ball into the box finds Dempsey who holds the ball up and lays it off to Nevland. The striker fires in an effort first time and Jensen gets down well to his near post.

  109. 1

    Wasted chance from Damian Duff there! His deft lob is slightly off course as it lofts over Jensen's head but goes wide. Great chance, Burnley were caught there.

  110. 1

    Eagles has an early run down the right, Greening stops his progress.

  111. And we're off!

  112. Fulham first XI: Schwarzer, Konchesky, Pantsil, Hangeland, Baird, Hughes, Duff, Dempsey, Greening, Nevland and Zamora. Subs: Stockdale, Smalling, Gera, Murphy, Riise, Dikgacoi, Elm.

  113. Burnley first XI: Jensen, Alexander, Carlisle, Caldwell, Mears, Bikey, Jordan, Elliott, Eagles, Fletcher and Blake. Subs: Penny, Kalvenes, McDonald, Gudjonsson, Guerrero, Nugent and Thompson.

  114. Erik is the first to send in his score predictions for the day, he's hoping for a Clint Dempsey double to sink the Coyle's clarets. The team line-up will be in shortly.

  115. Welcome to today's live commentary as Burnley take on Fulham in the Premier League. Send me your thoughts, score predictions and all things football to: Team news to follow...

  116. Will follow here from 1500GMT ...



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