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Barclays Premier League

White Hart Lane (ATT 36,012) 12th December 2009 - Kick off 15:00 Ref: S Attwell

Tottenham Tottenham Hotspur vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolves


Wolves 1

K Doyle (3)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 4:57 pm, December 12th 2009

  1. Thanks for being with me for today's commentary. Who would have predicted this result?! I'll see you next time.

  2. Absolutely unbelievable win for Mick McCarthy's men! They defended like lions and come away with the three points!

  3. 90+6

    Hahnemann pumps it long and the final whistle is blown! What a win for Wolves!

  4. 90+6

    Wolves break and Ebanks-Blake heads to the corner. Surely it is all over now. Goal kick to Wolves!

  5. 90+5

    Huddlestone runs up but his shot is charged down by the wall. The ball is put back in but Hahnemann claims the flick-on.

  6. 90+4

    Mancienne is penalised for a sliding challenge on Modric. Dangerous free-kick now for Spurs at the death.

  7. 90+3

    Crouch wins another flick-on but it is too narrow and Hahnemann claims.

  8. 90+2

    The ball runs to Gomes and Spurs try and launch another attack.

  9. 90+1

    Assou-Ekotto breaks down the left but his cross is poor. Ebanks-Blake then wins a free-kick at the other end.

  10. 90

    Hahnemann booked for time-wasting

  11. 89

    Six minutes of added time here!

  12. 89

    Crouch has a header at the back post but he misses the target. Should have done better.

  13. 88

    Lovely exchange from Modric and Corluka before Dawson's shot looped into Hahnemann's arms.

  14. 87

    Defoe tries a bicycle kick inside the area but it goes high and wide. It is not Tottenham's day.

  15. 86

    They have a corner, taken short and then Spurs win it back. They pump it forward but Berra heads it clear well.

  16. 85

    Wolves are keeping the ball at the Spurs end. Ebanks-Blake has a shot from outside the box and it is a whisker wide of the post.

  17. 84

    Crouch wins another knock-down but Defoe can't latch onto it. Wolves are looking good for the three points here.

  18. 83

    Another attack and the ball falls to Huddlestone who has another shot saved by the goalkeeper.

  19. 83

    Great save from Hahnemann as Huddlestone unleashed a shot from the edge of the box.

  20. 82

    Scramble in the box for Spurs but Wolves manage to scrap it clear. This game is slipping away for the home side.

  21. 81

    Iwelumo comes on for Stearman

  22. 80

    Modric has a shot from outside the area but it flies over the bar. He wants a corner, nothing doing for the referee.

  23. 80

    Giovani comes on for Kranjcar

  24. 79

    Kranjcar misses a great chance! Corluka crossed but the Croatian missed from close range.

  25. 77

    Doyle holds the ball up at the other end. If Wolves pull off this win it will be a remarkable result.

  26. 76

    Ward then hammers it out next to his own corner flag. Lennon is then tackled as he tried to break past him.

  27. 75

    Ward is booked for time wasting

  28. 74

    Jarvis breaks and holds it up really well. They need a spell of possession to ease the pressure.

  29. 73

    Kranjcar has had a poor game in my opinion. He looks off the pace.

  30. 72

    Wolves remain a threat on the break and Ebanks-Blake almost broke through there.

  31. 71

    Crouch wins another knock-down but Kranjcar can't get on the end of it.

  32. 70

    Defensive move for Wolves - Milijas off and Mancienne on

  33. 69

    Wolves get a corner but Gomes claims it well. Spurs break but Lennon's cross is poor.

  34. 68

    Spurs go long again but it is really poor. They just lack the cutting edge in the final third.

  35. 67

    Crouch gets half a yard on Craddock and gets a head on goal - easily saved by Hahnemann.

  36. 66

    Crouch is proving a handful at the moment. Spurs have threatened more since his arrival.

  37. 65

    Spurs have not had a clear-cut chance as yet. Crouch is penalised yet again for a leap in the box and the home fans are not happy.

  38. 64

    Craddock stands his ground and holds off Crouch in the box. Goal kick.

  39. 63

    Spurs are looking a lot more direct after those subs. Crouch goes in with Berra and the striker is penalised for a shove in the back.

  40. 62

    It goes just over from Bassong! But Crouch was in a better position. At the other end Wolves win a free-kick.

  41. 61

    Corluka gets another head on it but it drifts just wide. Another corner.

  42. 60

    Edwards makes way for Foley

  43. 59

    Peter Crouch comes on for Robbie Keane and Luka Modric is brought on for Wilson Palacios.

  44. 58

    Kranjcar puts in a great ball but it is nicked out for a corner. Edwards looks in pain after going down in the middle of the pitch.

  45. 57

    Spurs have been dreadful in this second half. Can the new players provide a spark when they come on?

  46. 56

    Milijas whips it in but it is headed clear. Spurs are preparing to make two changes here.

  47. 55

    Wolves win another corner. There's pressure on Spurs now.

  48. 54

    Dawson concedes a corner. No communication at the back. The ball is headed clear and then Ebanks-Blake is offside.

  49. 53

    Ebanks-Blake crosses from the left and Dawson nearly gives it away with his header. Kranjcar then commits a foul on Milijas.

  50. 52

    Stearman gets in a block as Defoe tries to pull the trigger.

  51. 51

    Berra is penalised for a foul on Keane in the centre circle. Palacios then mis-places a pass.

  52. 50

    Huddlestone smacks it long straight through to Hahnemann. Not much joy for the Spurs strikers so far.

  53. 49

    The second half has started much like the first ended. Although Wolves are enjoying a tad more of the ball.

  54. 48

    At the other end Spurs attack but it's all a bit laboured and Kranjcar's touch is poor.

  55. 47

    Ebanks-Blake has a shot in the left side of the area. Saved at the near post by Gomes.

  56. 46

    Lennon immediately presses down the right and wins the throw. From the throw, Keane tries to hook it back across goal but it goes out for a goal kick.

  57. 46

    The game restarts.

  58. Wolves will be absolutely delighted with that first half display. It may be a bit negative after getting that early goal, but they have defended with great spirit.

  59. 45+3

    The referee blows for half-time.

  60. 45+1

    Jarvis is booked for diving after Corluka put a foot in.

  61. 45+2

    Kranjcar twists and turns and the ball falls to Defoe, but his shot is blocked. Kranjcar then volleys it but it flies well wide.

  62. 45+1

    Lennon jinks in from the left but has a shot that rolls into the goalkeeper's arms.

  63. 45

    Kranjcar mis-places a pass. Wolves attack and Henry tries to shoot from way, way out and it goes over the bar.

  64. 43

    Huddlestone breaks into the box and nicks the ball just past the post. Unlucky.

  65. 42

    Huddlestone loses the ball in the middle and Wolves have some respite. They hit the ball forward from the free-kick but it goes all the way out from Craddock.

  66. 41

    Defoe comes into the area but Jarvis gets back excellently to help out the defender Berra and Hahnemann collects.

  67. 40

    Spurs are having so much of the ball but Wolves are standing firm. Ward keeps Lennon out on the left and when the ball comes in from Dawson it eventually runs out for a goal kick.

  68. 39

    Wolves give the ball back but they thump it out for a goal kick. Keane is not happy with Karl Henry.

  69. 38

    Milijas is down with a head injury and the game is temporarily paused.

  70. 37

    Chance Defoe! Kranjcar sprays it to Corluka who crosses for Defoe but Berra gets vital pressure in and Hahnemann saves.

  71. 36

    Wolves are lacklustre going forward, but they've already got the goal. There is no denying their gameplan now.

  72. 35

    Keane is offside...yet again. But sooner or later one of those runs is going to pay off.

  73. 34

    Wolves break down another attack but whenever they win the ball they can't move it out of their defence. Keane latches onto a ball from the left but his header is over the bar.

  74. 33

    Lennon breaks into the box and has a shot but Ward stands up and gets the block in. He's had a great game so far.

  75. 32

    There are gold and black shirts everywhere breaking down Spurs' attacks.

  76. 31

    Assou-Ekotto tries to play in Keane but Berra reads it well and intercepts. Then Defoe tries to advance down the right but his touch is too heavy.

  77. 30

    The tempo has been upped now. Spurs attack but Berra does really well to shove Kranjcar off the ball and clear.

  78. 28

    The free-kick breaks down and now Wolves attack but Stearman is tackled by Huddlestone. Spurs counter but Defoe's pass is poor.

  79. 27

    Henry is booked for another foul on Huddlestone

  80. 26

    Assou-Ekotto tries to bring it forward but his heavy touch allows Henry to come in with a solid challenge. Henry is then penalised for a foul on Huddlestone.

  81. 25

    Stearman gets a good tackle on Kranjcar. There is just no room for Spurs.

  82. 24

    Just as I say that Keane has a shot that goes just over. It looked like it had taken a deflection but the referee gives a goal kick.

  83. 23

    I've been really impressed by Wolves so far, they're defending really well.

  84. 22

    Defoe tries to play in Keane but he is just half a yard off the pace and Hahnemann claims down low.

  85. 21

    Defoe has a shot from long range but Hahnemann claims it easily. The Wolves keeper has not really been tested much as yet.

  86. 20

    Kranjcar can't beat the first man with the corner. Wolves attack now and Milijas tries to find Edwards but the ball is too long.

  87. 19

    Keane lays the ball off for Palacios to have a strike but he can't get anything on it. Lennon then comes down the right but Ward gets a great tackle in. Corner.

  88. 18

    Palacios wastes possession in the middle with a sloppy pass. Spurs are not firing as yet.

  89. 17

    Doyle gets up from the corner but can't get enough on the header. Half-chance there.

  90. 16

    Wolves are coming it a bit more now. They have a throw on the left, Ward takes it short and they win a corner.

  91. 14

    Robbie Keane is offside again. Mick McCarthy needs to have a tactical think because his side will not be able to defend for the whole game.

  92. 13

    Lennon has been the brightest player so far but Jarvis and Ward are keeping tight on him and sticking to their job.

  93. 12

    Spurs are really pressing now. There's no outlet for Wolves at the moment.

  94. 10

    Keane is played through well by Kranjcar but Craddock uses his strength to sheperd him off the ball and Hahnemann comes to claim.

  95. 9

    It's back to the walls stuff already for Wolves! They won't be able to hold out till the final whistle!

  96. 8

    Lennon crosses from the left but Hahnemann comes and claims it well, with Defoe waiting to pounce.

  97. 7

    All the movement and passing is happening in front of the Wolves back-line, which Mick McCarthy will be very happy about.

  98. 6

    Spurs are enjoying the ball now. But Wolves are pressing them well and forcing them back.

  99. 5

    Keane is played over the top by Dawson but he can't quite pull it back for Defoe. Can Spurs hit back immediately?

  100. 4

    What a start from Wolves! Well, now they've got 86 minutes to defend!

  101. 3

    DOYLE GOAL! Wonderful start for Wolves! Milijas crosses from the free-kick and his great ball is flicked in by Doyle with a deft touch.

  102. 2

    Both teams are going long early on. Henry tries to advance down the right and Tom Huddlestone is penalised for a shove.

  103. 1

    Spurs press early on here but Jarvis blocks Lennon's cross. They need to do that throughout today.

  104. 1

    The game kicks off here.

  105. The teams emerge from the tunnel and we are just minutes away from kick off.

  106. Robbie Keane will want to impress on his return to the side today, with Peter Crouch waiting in the wings.

  107. The referee today is Stuart Atwell (Warwickshire)

  108. I'm going to stick my neck out and go for a home win this afternoon - bold I know. If Wolves can stay tight at the back then they have a chance, but if they concede early it's curtains i'm afraid.

  109. Fancy a bet? Spurs are at 4/1, the draw is 9/2 and Wolves are 11/1

  110. Wolverhampton: Hahnemann, Stearman, Craddock, Berra, Ward, Milijas, Henry, Edwards, Jarvis, Ebanks-Blake, Doyle. Subs: Hennessey, Surman, Iwelumo, Mancienne, Foley, Maierhofer, Castillo.

  111. Tottenham: Gomes, Corluka, Dawson, Bassong, Assou-Ekotto, Lennon, Huddlestone, Palacios, Kranjcar, Keane, Defoe. Subs: Alnwick, Hutton, Bale, Modric, Crouch, Giovani, Rose.

  112. All the talk before this game has been of a Spurs win today. Wolves are struggling in 18th place in the Premier League and will have to be on top form to get anything from the match.

  113. Hi there and welcome to our live text commentary of Spurs versus Wolves from White Hart Lane.

  114. Will follow here from 1500GMT ...



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