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Barclays Premier League

Turf Moor (ATT 20,219) 31st October 2009 - Kick off 15:00 Ref: M Jones

Burnley Burnley vs Hull City Hull City

Burnley 2

G Alexander (pen 20, 77)


Hull City 0

Geovanni (S/O 70)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 5:10 pm, October 31st 2009

  1. And that's it! Controversy may overrule this excellent win from Burnley. Alexander fired in a penalty in the first-half as Hunt was penalised for bringing down Mears in the box, however on the replay that looked rather sceptical. Then Geovanni curled in the equaliser in the second-hlaf only for it to be disallowed for a foul in the wall. Moments later Geovanni got a second yellow card and then Alexander scored his second to make sure of the points.

  2. 90+3

    Burnley are stalling on the free-kicks in the corner, Altidore gets in the mixer and tidies up at the back well.

  3. 90+1

    Guerrero tries to hold Mendy off at the corner flag and wins the free-kick, the winger makes a meal of the challenge and Mendy gets booked.

  4. 90

    There's four minutes of stoppage time... at least!

  5. 89

    Jensen touches the ball out for a corner. This is Hull's first corner of the game as the looseball finds its way to Dawson on the edge of the box, he strikes well and the ball goes inches past the post, unlucky.

  6. 88

    Jordan gifts a free-kick after taking out Mendy on the right wing.

  7. 87

    Elliott leaves a pull back to McDonald who can't get a hold of the ball - another chance goes begging.

  8. 86

    The young Ecudorian, Guerrero, surges aimlessly into the box as the ball falls for Bikey who fires over.

  9. 86

    Jensen palms away the free-kick under immense pressure.

  10. 85

    Altidore wins a free-kick near the Burnley box to give Hull a bit of breathing space, there's still time for a comeback...

  11. 85

    Guerrero comes on for Burnley.

  12. 84

    Nugent has another chance after Gardner tries a clearance and it hits the Burnley striker in the leg, Duke saves.

  13. 83

    A comedy of errors in Hull's box ensues, but not from City - from McDonald and Nugent! The pair can't decide who will shoot and at best managed a Chuckle Brothers "to me to you" laying off situation before Hull clear.

  14. 82

    McDonald holds the ball up on the edge of the box, he lays it off to the advancing Mears as Gardner lunges in and takes out the full-back.

  15. 81

    Zayatte has hurt himself in the process of tackling Nugent who managed to wriggle clear and surged into the box. The defender has been sensational today.

  16. 80

    Mears opts to shoot from the right rather than cross and goes for the top corner but fires over.

  17. 79

    Chants of "You're getting sacked in the morning" rings around the ears of Phil Brown from the Burnley faithful, harsh!

  18. 79

    Fletcher comes off for Nugent.

  19. 78

    GOAL ALEXANDER!!! A grass-cutter from the defender 25 yards out eludes Duke's left hand for 2-0.

  20. 76

    Altidore is looking lively for the away side which is a little deflated at the moment.

  21. 75

    Eagles wins another free-kick from Gardner down the right and steps up to take it, but fires it into the nearpost and fails to clear the first man.

  22. 75

    Nugent is preparing to come on for the hosts.

  23. 74

    McDonald is on for Robbie Blake.

  24. 71

    You can't take your eyes off this game now as Altidore shows good strength down the right to pull away from his marker and fire in a useful cross to the backpost.

  25. 70

    Nick Barmby comes on for Hunt.

  26. 69

    That few minutes could make or break this game for Hull now, Geovanni is a little hard done by to be dismissed.

  27. 68

    Geovanni is off! The midfielder sees red in a matter of minutes after earlier getting booked for dissent and then tackling Fletcher late.

  28. 66

    Geovanni talks himself into the book now - I can't see the infringement to be honest and Brown is going mad with the decision.

  29. 66

    Geovanni goes off celebrating after curling his free-kick into the top corner but the referee disallows for a foul in the wall.

  30. 65

    Altidore talks himself into a booking after voicing his displeasure at the referee not booking Bikey for that last challenge.

  31. 64

    Hunt goes down and wins a sceptical decision from the referee right on the edge of the box. He looks to have fallen over rather than been tackled.

  32. 63

    Mendy piles into the Burnley half and rides a challenge before firing an effort across goal. Jensen gets down well to claim.

  33. 63

    Geovanni attempts a bizarre pass back from almost the halfway line as Fletcher closes the ball down, Duke gets to it first and clears.

  34. 62

    Another cracking tussle between Fletcher and Zayatte and the City man comes out on top again.

  35. 61

    Hull are enjoying far more of the ball. Marney seeks out Ghilas but the big man Jensen collects from the air.

  36. 60

    Mendy went straight on his bike as possession shifted to the right, but the wing-back just can't get to the ball.

  37. 60

    Marney blasts an effort 25 yards out which is blocked.

  38. 59

    McShane looks far from happy at being taken off as he throws a water bottle away! He must've been carrying an injury for him to make way for Mendy who goes straight in at right back.

  39. 58

    Vennegoor of Hesselink goes off for Jozy Altidore. McShane goes off for Bernard Mendy.

  40. 58

    Elliott gets a booking for upending Geovanni.

  41. 58

    Zayatte again cuts out the danger, he deserves some plaudits for how he's played today as he clears a whipped in cross from the left.

  42. 57

    Bikey turns far too easily in the Hull half and releases Fletcher, City clear.

  43. 56

    Looks as though Altidore and Mendy are coming on soon as they warm-up down the line.

  44. 55

    Eagles wins a free-kick just a few yards into the Hull half after a Dawson foul.

  45. 54

    Elliott is seeing a lot of the ball down the channels, he's causing a few problems to the Hull fullbacks as he continues to switch flanks.

  46. 53

    Decent ball in, Elliott should've done better with the header as it goes wide.

  47. 53

    Great run from Blake at the backpost, but Mears' cross can't find him and the chance goes begging. Corner given.

  48. 52

    Great ball into Elliott who tries to get inside Zayatte but the strength of the Hull defender is fantastic as his shields the ball towards his keeper.

  49. 50

    Coyle is shouting from the dugout to get his midfield to drop back more and help out Bikey and Alexander.

  50. 49

    That last attack has lifted Hull a little now as Caldwell rushes a clearance from his area, the pressure is on in Burnley's half now.

  51. 48

    Olofinjana should've scored as he's smack in front of the goal, instead he lays it off to Ghilas who drags it out of his feet and no real pace behind the ball. Why didn't Olofinjana leather that one into the back of the net??

  52. 47

    Hunt does his defensive duties well and surges down the left in an aggressive run. Hull will be hoping to see him more on the ball this half.

  53. 46

    Ghilas hears the first whistle of this second-half as he strays into an offside position.

  54. 46

    And they're off, no changes to either side.

  55. What do Hull fans think to the season so far and today's game? Do the Clarets faithful see their side scoring more this half? Let me know your thoughts:

  56. Burnley go into the interval the better side, the penalty is massively controversial after it looks like Mears fell over his own feet rather than a Hunt challenge. Alexander made no mistake though in his 100th appearance for the club to break the deadlock from the spot. Hull look a little lost all around the pitch, Phil Brown needs to make some changes quick if his side are going to show any signs of a comeback.

  57. 47

    Moments of indecision from Caldwell there who let the ball bounce in the box, luckily it was flagged offside. The defender doesn't escape the Jensen hairdryer treatment however.

  58. 46

    Blake floats in a deep ball to the back post, it falls to Caldwell on the bounce who goes for a first time effort and scuffs the chance. Might've been better taking a touch there.

  59. 44

    Eagles drives in a great effort from the right, Duke parries and the rebound just evades Elliott as Hull are lucky enough to clear, good save in the end.

  60. 43

    Marney runs down the right into a dead end as Burnley clear.

  61. 42

    Hull just can't get the ball moving at the moment as Burnley dominate possession.

  62. 41

    Great spell of pressure from Burnley, Elliott sees his drive drag just wide of Duke's right-hand post.

  63. 41

    Cracking cross towards Fletcher, just needed a touch in the six yard box, Hull do well to force the ball away.

  64. 40

    A good team move by Burnley which started at the back from Bikey, Eagles lays it off to Mears who curls it into the danger area.

  65. 39

    Blake is playing out of his skin at the moment, he's tracked back to dispossess Vennegoor of Hesselink and stop the Hull attack.

  66. 37

    Brown continues to bark orders at his City side who need to start getting a foot on the ball, Burnley are so far ruling possession.

  67. 36

    The ball has been changed by the referee - he'll know by now not to have two balls on the pitch at the same time... luckily this is a Nike version and not the beach variety.

  68. 35

    After a terrible lay-off from Elliott for the short corner, he gets the ball back from Blake and cuts onto his right foot firing in a decent effort towards Duke's near post, good save though.

  69. 34

    Eagles forces Dawson into conceding the corner and also loses his boot in the process.

  70. 33

    Bikey is inches away from getting good contact with the header from the corner and can only glance the ball wide.

  71. 33

    Hunt's having no joy today as he gives away another free-kick in Burnley's half. Gardner heads the resulting set-piece out for a corner.

  72. 32

    Burnley are always looking to release Eagles who is enjoying a lot of space down this right hand side.

  73. 31

    Great ball to Eagles, he breaks to the byline and pulls it back to Blake but his first touch sends him wide and he attempts an audacious chip which goes over the bar.

  74. 30

    Under-fire boss Phil Brown's making a few notes... I hope it's not details to update his CV...

  75. 29

    The game is starting to liven up now as tackles are flying in from all angles and both sides are getting more of the ball.

  76. 28

    Fantastic defending from Carlisle, he gets to a cracking Hunt cross on the left to clear the danger.

  77. 27

    Jensen gets lucky with an awful clearance as Hull close him down but he manages to get it away and send Burnley on the attack.

  78. 26

    Good play from Ghilas down the left, he cuts back onto his right foot and curls in a teasing cross. The Beast is equal to it and clutches the ball from the air.

  79. 25

    This is a superb position on the left-hand side for an inswinger, Mears fakes and lays it off to Blake who shifts the ball from his left and fires in a great effort on goal, which just gets blocked.

  80. 24

    Fletcher wins a free-kick from a dangerous position right on the edge of the box after a McShane foul.

  81. 23

    Elliott runs down the left to latch onto a Jordan ball, however lunges into Zayatte and gives away the free-kick.

  82. 22

    Hull look shell-shocked after that goal and are flying in with a few mis-timed challenges.

  83. 20

    ALEXANDER GOAL!!! The home team have broken the deadlock from the spotkick, Alexander hits it low and hard into the bottom corner past Duke's right arm.

  84. 19

    Hunt gives away the penalty as Mears goes under the challenge. On the replay it looks like the Burnley man has mis-kicked the ball however. Controversy!

  85. 18

    Blake sends over a fantastic ball to Eagles on the right wing.

  86. 17

    Geovanni's taking a deeper role rather than his usual attacking prowess and seeing a lot of the ball early on.

  87. 16

    Both sides are going for the early ball, however seem to be getting too much pace and losing possession

  88. 15

    Hull breakaway from Burnley's set piece, Ghilas cuts inside and lays it off to Olofinjana in the middle who fires in a low effort, Jensen collects.

  89. 15

    McShane and Duke have a minor mix-up in the box as the defender tries to head back to his keeper and sends it out for a corner.

  90. 14

    Mears sends Elliott on a run down the right, however the ball is cleared to Geovanni and Hull regain possession.

  91. 13

    A tight offside decision against Fletcher who was released down the left. He looked onside to me but the linesman flagged otherwise.

  92. 12

    Ghilas tries too much in the middle of the park and as it's nicked off his toes, Eagles goes for a run towards Duke's goal but City recover well.

  93. Remember to email in your thoughts on today's game:

  94. 10

    It's been a scrappy start so far with more fouls than possession as Elliott gives another free-kick away.

  95. 9

    Flag goes up against Ghilas who just mis-times a clever run down the right wing.

  96. 8

    Geovanni is down under a challenge from Elliott, minimal contact but the tricky midfielder limps away.

  97. 7

    Zayatte is back on his feet as play continues.

  98. 6

    Eagles fires a decent ball into the far post as Zayatte and Elliott clash heads, the Hull defender looks a little worse for wear and receives treatment for a head injury.

  99. 6

    Mears does well and releases Eagles down the right who wins the first corner of the day.

  100. 5

    Alexander lofts an intelligent ball down the right flank but Zayatte shields well and Duke clears.

  101. 4

    Eagles surges into the middle of the park and attacks Hull's back four. But the City defence stand strong and retain possession.

  102. 3

    Alexander arrives late in the box and tried to latch onto an Eagles flick-on but misjudges the ball and the danger is cleared.

  103. 2

    Marney gives away the first free-kick about 30 yards out after a foul on the in-form Fletcher.

  104. 1

    Bikey attempts a long ball into the box but Duke collects comfortably.

  105. And they're off, the atmosphere is fantastic, let's hope the football is just as good.

  106. Burnley welcome the news that goalkeeper Brian Jensen starts after he passed a late fitness test regarding an injury to his ankle he sustained against Wigan last week. Stephen Jordan has managed to shake off a thigh strain and features at left-back for the Clarets. For Hull, Matt Duke deputises in goal for the injured Boaz Myhill - who suffered knee ligament damage in last week's draw with Portsmouth. But there is no place for Jimmy Bullard in the squad after he reported a shin problem during Thursday's training.

  107. Sky Bet odds: Burnley win 5/6, Draw 12/5, Hull win 7/2

  108. Welcome to today's Premier League clash at Turf Moor as Burnley look to carry on their impressive home form versus a Hull City side without a win on their travels this season. Email me your thoughts on today's encounter at:

  109. Kick off is at 1500 GMT.



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