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<a href='/f1/presenters/martin-brundle/profile'>Martin Brundle</a>

Martin Brundle

Martin was actually being modest when he reflected "my motor racing career turns out to have been a fact-finding mission for my TV work". Modest because his F1 career deserves greater recognition than that wry dismissal. And modest because his TV work requires no introduction. He truly is the voice of F1.

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<a href='/f1/presenters/david-croft/profile'>David Croft</a>

David Croft

There aren't many sports commentators who are instantly identifiable by their nickname, but 'Crofty' is certainly one. A sports broadcaster throughout his working life, the acclaim David received during his stint as Five Live's F1 commentator made him the obvious choice to be Sky Sports F1's lead commentator.

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<a href='/f1/presenters/anthony-davidson/profile'>Anthony Davidson</a>

Anthony Davidson

Despite still being professionally active in as a driver, Anthony is already flourishing in his second working life as a F1 analyst. It's a balancing act he has long been familiar with - Anthony's commentary debut in 2006 occurred four years after his first grand prix and two years before what proved to be his last GP.

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<a href='/f1/presenters/johnny-herbert/profile'>Johnny Herbert </a>

Johnny Herbert

Harnessing the respected experience of a three-times GP winner with an infectiously-popular colourful and charismatic personality, Johnny has established himself as a leading member of the Sky Sports F1 team since forging a new motorsport career behind the microphone, impressing both as a regular expert pundit as well as an occasional co-commentator.

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<a href='/f1/presenters/damon-hill/profile'>Damon Hill</a>

Damon Hill

A former World Champion and BRDC President , Damon Hill is uniquely well-qualified to speak on F1. But it's arguably his 'likeability' which makes him such a valued pundit. Retiring from the cockpit in 1999, Damon now moves behind the the mic and his affable nature is sure to go down just as well.

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<a href='/f1/presenters/natalie-pinkham/profile'>Natalie Pinkham</a>

Natalie Pinkham

Don't be fooled by the glamorous good looks. A self-confessed adrenaline junkie and political activist, the ever-active Natalie combines her love of sports with charity campaigning and supporting grass-roots initiatives whilst also finding time writing on health and travel, presenting, and, of course, reporting on F1.

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<a href='/f1/presenters/ted-kravitz/profile'>Ted Kravitz</a>

Ted Kravitz

A renowned pit-lane reporter, Ted's insights into strategy and the sport's secrets have made his on-the-spot updates essential listening. Able to articulate complex intricacies in layman's terms, Ted's skill is to speak to F1 aficionados in a way that all members of the audience can comprehend and relish.

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<a href='/f1/presenters/simon-lazenby/profile'>Simon Lazenby</a>

Simon Lazenby

A recruit to Sky Sports in 1998, Simon has defied his relative youth to pack in a lifetime of experience in presenting live sport ever since. Already known to viewers for his work on cricket, golf and Sky Sports News, Simon's relentless but envious task is to present every session from every grand prix.

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<a href='/f1/presenters/skysports-news/profile'>Sports News</a>

Sports News

For 2014, Sky Sports News HD has two dedicated reporters - Rachel Brookes and Craig Slater - to work amongst the teams as the sport traverses all corners of the globe. Entirely dedicated to F1, Rachel and Craig will provide breaking news updates and explore the latest intricacies of the world's complicated sport.

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<a href='' class='instorylink'>Sky F1-HD</a>

Sky F1-HD

Launched in March 2012, Sky Sports F1 HD is a channel entirely dedicated to the fastest sport on the planet and the challenge of taking F1 broadcasting to a new level of excellence. For the assembled cast of experts, the challenge will be to provide a script worthy of the setting.

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