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Curious about what our much-mentioned Red Button service provides? Want to know how you can access it? Then this feature is just for you...

Last Updated: 22/09/12 1:23pm

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Race Control in all its glory - and it's just a single clock away

Race Control in all its glory - and it's just a single clock away

Envious of the Sky Sports F1 team visiting all corners of the globe to provide dedicated coverage of the 2012 season? Well, don't forget about the Red Button team putting in plenty of hard graft of their own in the rather less glamorous surrounds of Sky F1's West London headquarters to produce all the Race Control content that appears on the Red Button, on ipad and online. Here's what it's all about...

Right then. So what can I see on the Red Button?
Everything that's going on during a F1 race weekend!

Such as?...
To start with, you'll find a selection of multiple on-board cameras to choose from, each of which will offer a thrilling driver's view of the action as it unfolds.

Try out our onboard camera

And this is on the Red Button?
It is - along with the 'Pit Lane' option which allows users to listen in to the pit-radio communiqu├ęs between drivers and their pitwall, offering fly-on-the-wall insights into strategy and technical feedback!

Do I get to choose what to watch?
Absolutely. The choice is all yours. We have put together a selection of everything we believe the viewer would want - and now it's up to you to decide how and what you view on screen during a race.

The lap times - and sector times - of every driver are available

But will I be able to keep in touch with what's occurring in the race?
Of course. For every session, the official Grand Prix timing screen will be available so you can stay in the know about everyone's times. Plus, the ever-popular driver tracker is also available, enabling you to follow the position of every driver at a glance.

And stats?
Yup, we have plenty of stats available - just press 'i' on your remote for tables, biographies, circuit information and lots more.

Is there a difference with the Race Control available through the ipad?
On ipad Race Control we have the same video but this version also has a cool scrub function that lets you go back and forth on the live action. There's also a timeline of interviews and highlights right at your fingertips.

How do I find this on the ipad?
Download the Sky Sports app, select Formula 1 and follow the live link straight into Race Control. It really is as straightforward as that.

Our popular Driver Tracker

And what about online users?
For anyone watching online, go to Skysports.com/F1, follow the live link, and from there you can watch the Online Race Control.

Is there a social aspect to the coverage?
Absolutely, we encourage conversation and, along with the main programme, post tweets throughout our coverage. It's essential to know what people are saying and to be able to interact instantly - it really adds to our coverage.

So who has access to the Red Button on Sky Sports F1?
Sky Sports viewers have access to everything and HD subscribers can use Race Control on the Red Button.

How easy is it to access?
Very. If you're watching live track action on Sky Sports F1 you only need to press the red button on your remote and within seconds you'll have everything in front of you - and be able to continue watching Sky Sports F1 in HD, which was something you couldn't do previously.

When's the coverage on?
We are live at the same time as the main channel. Every Practice session, Qualifying and of course for the race.

See you there!

The Ways To Watch F1 On Sky Sports F1

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