2013 Quiz of the Year - The Questions

So how much do you remember about the 2013 season?

By William Esler.   Last Updated: 23/12/13 9:41am

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So how much do you remember about the 2013 season? Here are 30 questions to test your knowledge.

1) In which country did Sebastian Vettel wrap up the title?

2) Who won the first race of the season in Australia?

3) Can you name the five rookies on the 2013 grid?

4) How many of the rookies scored points?

5) Who replaced Kimi Raikkonen for the final two races?

Who is at the wheel of Kimi's Lotus?

6) What was the infamous radio call given to Sebastian Vettel in Malaysia?

7) Which driver was dropped by McLaren after just one season with the team?

8) Which British driver joined Force India as reserve driver in Italy?

9) Which team found themselves in hot water following a Pirelli tyre test at the Circuit de Catalunya?

10) Numerous tyre blowouts at which grand prix forced Pirelli and the FIA to change the construction of the Pirelli tyres?

11) Which 2014 driver made their F1 debut in Practice One at the United States GP?

Who is this making their F1 debut in Austin?

12) What was McLaren's best result of the season?

13) Who qualified a shock third at the Canadian GP?

14) At what race did Lewis Hamilton take his only win for Mercedes?

15) What did Mark Webber do on the slow-down lap in Brazil?

16) Who opted against pitting for a new front-wing in Malaysia and subsequently crashed out of the race at the first corner on the second lap?

17) Who said Sergio Perez needed "punching in the face" after the Monaco GP?

18) Who started the season as Technical Director at Lotus and finished it as Chassis Technical Director at Ferrari?

19) How many races did Sebastian Vettel win in succession at the end of the season?

Another win for Sebastian Vettel, but how many in succession?

20) What happened to Jules Bianchi's car after he retired from the German GP?

21) What pop star did Lewis Hamilton dedicate his United States GP helmet to?

22) Which two drivers were involved in taxi-gate in Singapore?

23) What vehicle randomly appeared on the track in Korea?

24) What two problems for Mark Webber in China prompted Christian Horner to angrily deny conspiracy theories?

25) Who crashed into Valtteri Bottas as the Finn tried to unlap himself in Brazil?

26) What became Sebastian Vettel's trademark ontrack celebration during the final four races?

27) On the morning of what race did stories of Testgate first surface?

28) Contact with which rival at the start of the Japanese GP caused Lewis Hamilton's only DNF of 2013?

Who did Lewis Hamilton make contact with in Japan?

29) What British F1 record did Jenson Button break at the Brazilian GP?

30) Who said "They are on a tour - they go around on a bus"?

Ready for the answers? Then come this way

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