Watch Lewis Hamilton's Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso near-miss in Singapore

Both Mercedes drivers had to take avoiding action

By Sky Sports Online.   Last Updated: 23/09/13 2:00pm

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Alonso stops on parade lap

Watch the footage of the moment that "shocked" an oncoming Lewis Hamilton when Fernando Alonso stopped on his slow-down lap at the end of the Singapore GP to give Mark Webber a lift back to the pits.

Alonso and Webber were found to have breached separate Articles of Formula 1's Sporting Regulations in the hours after Sunday's race and both were handed retrospective reprimands from the Singapore stewards - the third Webber has received this season, triggering an automatic ten-place grid penalty for the next event.

While Webber, whose car had ground to a halt on the final lap, was punished for re-entering the track without permission, Alonso was rebuked for forcing two cars to take avoiding action at Turn Seven - the Mercedes pair of, first, Nico Rosberg and then Hamilton.

"Today, I was doing my in-lap and came round the corner and Fernando was there - I was really shocked," Hamilton said afterwards.

"If Mark was walking across where I went, I would have run him over. Fortunately, that wasn't the case."

Watch and see you for yourself...

In this week's F1 Midweek Report we'll have more analysis of the Singapore GP and the rights and wrongs of Mark Webber's penalty, with Mark Gillan and Will Buxton joining Anna Woolhouse in the studio. The show is first aired on Sky Sports F1 at 7pm on Wednesday night.

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