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Paul Hembery hopeful International Tribunal will let Pirelli explain their situation

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By William Esler.   Last Updated: 15/06/13 12:02pm

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Pirelli will appear before an FIA international tribunal following their in-season test with Mercedes.

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Paul Hembery has welcomed the opportunity to present Pirelli's version of events in the testgate saga when they face the FIA International Tribunal next week.

The Italian tyre manufacturer have been summoned along with Mercedes to Paris next Thursday after carrying out a 1000km test at the Circuit de Catalunya following the Spanish GP.

However, rather than fearing any sanction against the company, Hembery is hopeful that they will be presented with the opportunity correct certain things which have been reported.

"There are a lot of things being said that aren't quite correct and we would like the opportunity to explain our situation in particular and we will participate with willingness," Pirelli's Motorsport Director said.

"From our point of view, obviously there are two aspects to the enquiry, but from Pirelli's point of view, we hope it will mean we have a better chance of doing our job better. That is all we are trying to do - do our job in quite difficult circumstances."

Hembery added Pirelli are still committed to Formula 1 despite receiving criticism from some teams and drivers over their 2013 tyres.

The Italian manufacturer are yet to agree a deal to for next season and there has been speculation that the firm's bosses are unhappy with some of the negative press coverage.

"They are unhappy with some of the comments and a lot of those are largely unjustified," Hembery said.

"We will see how things progress over the next period of time to see how the mood changes. But we came into Formula 1 to stay in the medium-term and we still want to be in the sport medium-term. An easy reaction would be to say 'this is madness, get out,' but we are a company that likes to provide solutions."

However, Hembery conceded the results of the FIA Tribunal could see them leave the sport.

"There is always that scenario and you have to wait and see what happens over the next week, but we are trying to look at things positively," he added.

"We want to stay in the sport, we have enjoyed much of it and I think it shows the strength of the company that despite much of the comment now, we know we are better than that and we need to go forward.

"The season still has a long way to go and hopefully this period is marked as a period and is not reflective of the whole season and we can get back to concentrating on what my friends tell me has been a great season to watch."

Click here to read the full interview with Pirelli's Motorsport Director

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