Michael Schumacher's manager refusing to comment on 'pneumonia' reports

Legendary German remains in coma in French hospital

By Sky Sports Online.   Last Updated: 13/02/14 11:52am

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Michael Schumacher's manager has refused to comment on reports in his native Germany that the former F1 World Champion has contracted a lung infection, as he approaches a fiftieth day in a medically-induced coma.

The seven-times World Champion has been in a comatose state at Grenoble Hospital after suffering severe head injuries in a skiing accident on December 29.

The last official word on Schumacher condition was made public two weeks ago when it was announced that his sedation was being reduced 'in order to allow the start of the waking up process'.

No further updates have been forthcoming and on Wednesday German newspaper Bild reported that Schumacher had developed pneumonia.

"We are not commenting on speculation," Schumacher's manager and spokesperson Sabine Kehm told the newspaper.

Since news of the severity of Schumacher's condition first broke, Kehm has repeatedly pleaded with fans of the F1 legend to ignore all speculation on the 45-year-old's health.

However, the announcement that the 'waking up process' had begun was the first official update on his condition since January 17, with the intervening period inevitably filled by rumours and speculation that culminated last week in the hospital denying reports on social media sites that Schumacher had died.

The official updates on Michael Schumacher's condition

January 30
'The family of Michael Schumacher is again requesting to respect its privacy and the medical secret, and to not disturb the doctors treating Michael in their work. At the same time, the family wishes to express sincere appreciation for the world wide sympathy.

'Michael's sedation is being reduced in order to allow the start of the waking up process which may take a long time. For the protection of the family, it was originally agreed by the interested parties to communicate this information only once this process was consolidated.'

January 17
'Unfortunately I have to repeat that any information regarding Michael's health not coming from the doctors treating him or from his management must be treated as pure speculation. I also repeat that Michael's family is very happy and confident with the work of the team of doctors treating Michael, and they trust them completely. Michael's condition is still considered as stable.'

January 6
'The clinical condition of Michael Schumacher is considered as stable and is constantly monitored by medical treatments that are administered to him. However, the medical team in charge emphasises it continues to consider Michael's condition as critical.

'The privacy of the statement demands that we are not going into details of his treatment, and this is why we do not plan any press conferences, nor give out written press releases, anymore for the time being. We insist again that you respect medical confidentiality and you adhere to the information provided by the medical team in charge, or his management, as this is the only valid information.'

January 4
'Michael's condition remains critical but stable. We would like to clearly stress that any information regarding Michael's health not coming from the doctors treating him or from his management must be treated as invalid and pure speculation. The family cares only for Michael's health.

'Michael's helmet camera was voluntarily given to the investigating authorities by the family.That this should have been done against the wishes of the family is untrue. We ask you to respect the continued privacy of the family.'

December 29
'Mr Schumacher was admitted to the University Hospital of Grenoble at 12:40pm, following a skiing accident which occurred in Meribel in the late morning. He suffered a severe head injury with coma on arrival, which required immediate neurosurgical intervention. He remains in a critical situation.'

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