Taylor targets 15th title

14-time world champion still hungry for success and hopes for a 15th world crown

Last Updated: 03/03/09 11:29pm

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Taylor: Chasing yet another title

Taylor: Chasing yet another title

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Phil Taylor insists he will not be slackening off from his full-on training regime as he targets adding a 15th world title to his list of achievements.

"Against Kevin Painter, we would have come to blows, but I couldn't catch him! Kevin has aggro with everyone. He'd fall out with an empty room!"
Phil Taylor Quotes of the week

'The Power' is the greatest play ever to pick up the tungsten, and he proved all the doubters wrong when winning a 14th World Championship at Alexandra Palace in January.

Taylor's main asset has been his continued desire to improve though, and he never rests on his laurels - instead always looking for a way to improve just that extra percent or two.

The Stoke thrower hits the practice board more than anyone else on the circuit, and despite his lofty reputation in the game, and his list of achievements, he has no intention of slowing down now.

"On a typical day, I get up about 7.30am. I'm on the practice board from 11am-1.30pm and then I go swimming about 3pm," Taylor told Zoo magazine.


"Although the swim includes a sauna, a jacuzzi and a steam bath. It's like being on holiday every day!

"There's only one thing better than 14 world titles - winning 15 world titles!

"And this year was especially nice, because people had started writing me off, so I got to come back and show them who the daddy really is."

Taylor will not divulge what goes into his lengthy practice routines though, adding:

"People always ask me that, but I'm never telling. The others will just copy me!

"I don't think it would make much difference, but still..."

Taylor likens the confrontation on the oche to that inside the boxing ring, in the head-to-head mental battle if not the fisticuffs.

"Darts is actually a bit like boxing. Obviously we don't get thumped, but it's very similar mentally. Once you're out there, you can't run off, you can't hide and you have to go blow-for-blow.

"Against Kevin Painter, we would have come to blows, but I couldn't catch him! Kevin has aggro with everyone. He'd fall out with an empty room!"

Premier League

The Premier League, live on Sky Sports, has taken darts to a new level, with up to 8,000 fans packed into sold-out arenas up and down the country every week.

"It's the new rock 'n' roll! We get 10,000 people now, all dressed up and out to enjoy themselves. It's totally different to how it was 10 years ago. It's so loud now, which is nice to see.

"We get them every week. Footballers, boxers, jockeys, pop stars, all sorts! I've become quite friendly with some of them.

"Robbie Williams. He loves his darts. He emailed last week to tell me his Sky had gone down halfway through my match. He wasn't too happy! He's back in England now, so I nip in and see him when I'm down his way, near Swindon."

Read the full article in ZOO magazine, out now

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