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Step-by-step guide to the Armstrong affair

Last Updated: 22/10/12 4:29pm

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Armstrong: Stripped of seven Tour de France titles

Armstrong: Stripped of seven Tour de France titles

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The UCI have ratified the United States Anti-Doping Agency's decision to ban Lance Armstrong for life and strip him of his seven Tour de France titles. Here we take a look at the timeline of cycling's most recent scandal:


May - Armstrong's former US Postal team-mate Floyd Landis launches allegations against the Texan.


May - Forced to deny claims made by former team-mate Tyler Hamilton that they took performance-enhancing drugs together.


February - An investigation into alleged doping by Armstrong is dropped by federal prosecutors in California.

June - United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) confirm they will file formal doping charges against Armstrong.

July - Armstrong files lawsuit against USADA accusing them of "corrupt inducements" to other cyclists to testify against him.

August 20 - Armstrong's legal action dismissed in court.

August 24 - Armstrong announces he will not fight doping charges filed against him but insists he is innocent. He is stripped of all his titles and banned from cycling for life by USADA.

October 10 - USADA claim 11 of Armstrong's former team-mates have testified against him.

October 22 - Cycling's world governing body, the UCI confirms it has ratified USADA's decision to ban Armstrong from cycling for life and to strip him of his seven Tour de France titles for doping offences.

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