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Ashes: Darren Lehmann warns Australia about sledging England over Jonathan Trott's illness

Darren Lehmann has promised Jonathan Trott's stress related illness will be off limits during the second test.

Darren Lehmann: Sledging yes, but Trott sledging is a no-no

Australia coach Darren Lehmann has warned his players to avoid the subject of Jonathan Trott's illness when they think about sledging England's players in the second Test in Adelaide.

Trott left Australia in the wake of the heavy defeat in Brisbane with a stress-related illness after being described a 'pretty poor and pretty weak' by Australia opener David Warner at a press conference.

Lehmann joined England's management in stressing Warner had no idea what Trott was going through, but did reveal he had been talked to about his conduct off the field.

Lehmann said: "I have spoken to David, and we have dealt with that in-house.

"He understands where the line is. I think he said himself he crossed the line. We know where we can go to a certain extent.

"If you cross that line, obviously the ICC [International Cricket Council] take over - and Cricket Australia.

"We want to play that brand that is quite hard and aggressive, as we always talk about - but not cross the line, play it fair.

"Obviously, we didn't know what was going on with Jonathan Trott - and that certainly won't be talked about in this Test match at all.

"We wish him all the best in his recovery ... Jonathan Trott, we're not talking about this Test match."

Lehmann also confirmed he is planning to play Ryan Harris in Adelaide despite talk the paceman might be saved for later matches, effectively bringing to an end a rotation policy that has been in place for years.

"If he's fully fit, he'll play," Lehmann said. "I have said that all along - we're not changing our stance on that. If he is fit to play, he will play.

"We don't rotate (bowlers), mate. If you're fit, you play. The best 11 will play for Australia each and every game."

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