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McCullum - IPL was tempting

Black Cap confirms he was tempted by IPL after signing NZC deal

McCullum: Tough decision

Brendon McCullum has admitted it was difficult to reject an IPL payday so that he could re-sign with New Zealand Cricket.

The 27-year-old wicketkeeper batsman was one of six Black Caps to have turned down an Indian Premier League contract so that they could play in New Zealand's tour of Australia in March.

However, while McCullum feels he did make the correct decision, he admits he found it very difficult to turn down NZ 500,000 (£195,000) and the chance to captain Kolkata Knight Riders again.

"The cold, hard facts are there for anyone to see," he told the Sunday News.

"It wasn't that I didn't want to play cricket for New Zealand, but I guess the immediate financial security that sort of money can provide for your family was a factor.

"You play the game for your family and you try and achieve for them and try and provide for them.

"It was difficult knowing how much money I was turning down and I also had to think about the captaincy at Kolkata."


He added: "In the end, I feel very comfortable with the decision I made and I feel that it was the right one to make.

"I'm completely ready to perform for New Zealand Cricket and it sits well with me knowing that the decision I made - while it hurts me financially - I know I will have the opportunity to play against Australia in a Test series."