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Tributes flood in for Inzamam

Miandad and Akram salute Pakistan's past master

Inzamam: Tearful goodbye

Pakistan legends Javed Miandad and Wasim Akram have paid tribute to retired batsman Inzamam-ul-Haq.

"A player like Inzamam is only born in centuries and his performances were proof of that."

Javed Miandad

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Inzamam fell agonisingly short of Miandad's Test runs record against South Africa on Friday.

Despite failing to break the record by just three runs in his final Test the 37-year-old will be remembered as one of the game's modern greats.

His 25 centuries and 8,830 career Test runs stand as testament to his ability, and Miandad, who played alongside the former Pakistan skipper between 1991 and 1996, believes the nation will struggle to find a replacement.


"Inzamam's performance is part of history," Miandad said. "He was a world-class player whose replacement will be hard to find in the near future.

"A player like Inzamam is only born in centuries and his performances were proof of that."

Inzamam also presided over some of the most controversial moments in Pakistan's cricketing history though.

He stood down as skipper and quit the one-day game after Pakistan's humiliating first-round exit and coach Bob Woolmer's death at the World Cup this year.

He was also captain during the first forfeited match in Test history, against England in the summer of 2006, after refusing to accept a penalty for ball-tampering.


But Akram is adamant the rotund batsman's legacy will be one of skill rather than controversy.

"Inzamam was right up there," Akram added. "He may not be as consistent as Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara but he matched them in class. The lazy elegance, the craft and the guile were all treats to watch.

"Inzamam made his mark and became one of Pakistan's top batsmen for nearly a decade. I was a great fan of his batting.

"He was famous around the world so I am sure he will be missed by the fans all over the world."