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James Anderson delivers Test bowling masterclass

James Anderson Masterclass - Part 1

James Anderson is the leader of England's seam attack.

So when the 30-year-old offered to show Sky Sports how he manages to swing the ball to such devastating effect it seemed too good to be true.

Sky Sports expert Ian Ward went along to Loughborough to meet James and find out the secrets of his success in a two-part masterclass that you can watch online here.

In Part One of the session, James gives us an insight into:

His rise through the ranks at Burnley to sign for Lancashire

How his grip and release helps him to swing the ball both ways

How he marks out his run and what he thinks about as he walks back

The importance of communicating effectively with the wicketkeeper

Building pressure and winning the mental battle against a batsman

How and when he will bowl a 'wobble' ball and the art of containment

In Part Two...

James explains the art of bowling with the older ball - including the variations he can call upon when the ball isn't swinging. Click here to watch.