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KP in quotes

Throughout his international career, Kevin Pietersen has hardly been short of a word or two. Sky Sports looks back at the remarks that have got KP onto the back - and sometimes the front - pages.

As he approaches his 100th Test, there will still be those who cannot forgive Kevin Pietersen's brashness and yet just as many others who will never forget his brilliance.

Throughout his international career, the South Africa-born batsman has hardly been short of a word or two.

Here we pick out some of his choice quotes.

On switching allegiance from his native South Africa to England:

"You are brought up to be loyal to the country you are in but I have never

been totally patriotic to South Africa. It is a case of how I was brought up at

home. My mum ruled the roost and she is English through-and-through."

"I knew I was going to cop a lot of stick but I just sat back and laughed at the opposition... some of them can hardly speak English."

KP on verbal abuse from South Africa

Quotes of the week

On the verbal abuse when he toured South Africa as an England player:
"I knew I was going to cop a lot of stick but I just sat back and laughed at the opposition, with their swearing and 'traitor' remarks ...some of them can hardly speak English."

On his first major slump in form in 2007:
"Right now I'm mentally fatigued. I'm just a very, very tired person. The England team is a team that never, ever stops."

On criticism over his innovative switch-hit:
"Everybody wants brand new ideas, new inventions and new shots. That is a new shot I played today and people should be saying it's a new way to go."

On his appointment as England captain in 2008:
"I'll have my own ways and it's very exciting. It's a brand new test and a bright new challenge for me. I don't think I would be sitting here today if I wasn't 100 per cent confident that everything is going to be perfectly fine."

On his resignation as England captain less than six months later:
"In light of recent communications with the ECB, and the unfortunate media stories and speculation that have subsequently appeared, I now consider that it would be extremely difficult for me to continue in my current position."

On reports of strained relationships with team-mates:
"I've got zero problem with walking back into that dressing room. I can look anybody in the eye."

We look back at Kevin Pietersen's magnificent 227 against Australia in 2010.

On being dropped from a Twenty20 series in 2010, via Twitter:

"Yep.. Done for rest of summer!! Man of the World Cup T20 and dropped from the T20 side too.. It's a f*** up!!"

On reports he was ready to turn his back on 50-over cricket at just 30 years old.
"There are so many people who say I'm not loving it, that cricket's not my thing any more. I love cricket, cricket is my everything. I have only achieved half of what I want in the game. I just want a fair crack at it, because there's a lot of people saying things about me that are not true."

Kevin Pietersen chats to Shane Warne on becoming England's top run scorer in all formats of the game.

On his retirement from 50-over cricket less than two years later:
"With the intensity of the international schedule and the increasing demands on my body, approaching 32, I think it is the right time to step aside and let the next generation of players come through to gain experience for the ICC World Cup in 2015."

On his future as an England player following an explosive press conference at Headingley:
"The saddest part about all this is that the spectators just love watching me play and I love playing for England. But the politics is what I have to deal with personally and it's tough being me in this dressing room. Playing for England is tough. We'll see."

On his contrition over his conduct:
"I was very emotional. I am who I am in terms of shooting from the hip occasionally, and I do make mistakes."

Denying giving South Africa tips on how to dismiss Andrew Strauss:
"I'd like to make it clear that at no time did I share tactical information with any of the South Africans. It's been a horrible situation for all involved but it is time to move forward."

On being out of the side due to injury:
"I've played 94 Test matches and 100-and-however-many international one-dayers, Twenty-20s... I've been around since 2004 and you still get that 'I'm an injured player' feeling. Sport gets you in, and it gets you out again real quick."

On his desire to play the 2013 Ashes despite fitness issues:
"It was a big decision. My knee was a shambles. I could have had surgery but the Ashes means too much. Everyone who has ever played cricket wants to play in the Ashes. I like to stand up and be counted."

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