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Langer unsure on future

Australian keen to lead Somerset in Champions League

Langer: Champions League chance

Somerset captain Justin Langer will wait until the end of the season before making a decision on his future.

"At the moment I still enjoy playing and we'll see how long my back keeps holding up."

Justin Langer

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The Australian batsman, 38, helped the Sabres finish as runners up in the Twenty20 Cup last Saturday - a performance that earns the county a place in the lucrative Champions League tournament in India in October.

Langer, who retired from international cricket two-and-a-half years ago, says he will be available for the Champions League regardless of what the long-term future holds.

"I love playing cricket. I know it is a cliche, that you are a long time retired, but we will see what happens at the end of the year," Langer said.

"I did it in Sydney. I made my mind up two nights before the last Test of the 2006-2007 series with England that international cricket was over for me.

"I'll be doing the same with Somerset. If I decide to retire now, I might as well retire rather than hang around for five more weeks.

"At the moment I still enjoy playing and we'll see how long my back keeps holding up."


On the Champions League, he added: "Will my decision impact on whether I can play in the Champions League? Look, I am sure if Somerset want me to go to India, I am sure the contract will be irrelevant.

"It seems to be a big event internationally now. I know it has had a huge impact in Australia. The teams are really vying to qualify.

"I've hardly even thought about it so I guess now the team and the club will start thinking about it.

"It has been one of the mistakes a lot of teams around the world have made in that they have put so much emphasis on making the Champions League that they have got a bit side-tracked by it.

"We haven't spoken about it once in the club. I literally have not spoken about it. I suppose we will start talking a bit more about it now."