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Inzy 'disgusted' by Hair's return

Umpire "reinstated like a hero" according to former captain

Inzamam: Disgusted

Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq is "disgusted" by the decision taken by the International Cricket Council to restore Darrell Hair to its elite panel of umpires.

Inzamam clashed with Hair when Pakistan played England at the Oval in August 2006 - a match his side forfeited, with the Australian umpire subsequently banned from standing in top-level matches.

Speaking from India, where he is to feature in the Indian Cricket League, Inzamam claimed the decision would mean that players would now be afraid to stand up to officials.

"I am terribly shocked and disgusted at the news," he said.

"I would blame the Pakistan Cricket Board for bowing down in Hair's case and no player will now stand against injustices at international level.

"Hair was at fault but he is reinstated like a hero," Inzamam added.


Hair was recalled on Tuesday after the ICC decided to reinstate him in a board meeting held in Dubai.

Together with his West Indian colleague Billy Doctrove, Hair penalised Pakistan five runs for alleged ball-tampering at the Oval.

The decision infuriated Inzamam, who subsequently refused to take to the field after tea on the fourth day of the match.

As a result the match was awarded to England on forfeit, the first such result in the history of the game.

Pakistan were later cleared of ball-tampering charges but Inzamam was given a four-match ban for misconduct.

Meanwhile, a negative report submitted about Hair led to his removal from the elite panel.

Inzamam added: "I don't know what happened in this ICC meeting. I don't know the details but what I know is that after the Oval Test, it was clear Hair should not supervise international matches.

"Why that has changed is surprising to me. Our board still needs to review this issue."

His sentiments were echoed by Shaharyar Khan, PCB president at the time the row broke out.

"I just don't understand it," he said. "Fifteen months ago this man was not fit for umpiring but now all of a sudden the ICC has changed its decision."