George Groves and Tony Bellew answer your Twitter questions

Last Updated: 14/06/13 11:45am

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Watch Groves and Bellew open up on Ringside Extra.

Two of Britain's best were put under the spotlight on another no-holds-barred Ringside Extra this week!

Tony Bellew and George Groves were each given six of the best - of fight fans' questions!

They were both open and honest in the answers as the tweets showed us another side to these two world-title hopefuls.

Scroll down to see what they had to say on all manner of things...


Steve McG @stevemcg82
On build up for Froch fight, he had in his diary he floored you in sparring. What's your take on this?
Yeah, categorically. If you read Carl's diary it's true and I know he documents everything he does and likes to have a permament record of what went on. He got me and I managed to haul myself up and scrape through the rest of sparring - and then show up two days later and spar again! This was before the Kessler fight. Yes, it definitely happened.

Habid @habidhussain
What did you learn about your self with the sparring session with Froch?

TONY SAYS: It shows you that you are at that level, you compete with the guys. But sparring 16oz gloves and face-masks are completely different to fight night. But it lets you know you are there or thereabouts with that level. I was happy and just got the work done.


shane brandon @shane198211
What does @StGeorgeGroves make of @Carl_Froch's claims he would be an easy win?
I've never, ever had Carl down as a delusional person but he knows I am not an easy fight - or an easy win. After he floored me in sparring he invited me back two days later and after that parts of his team were telling me that I am going to be a world champion and wanted their pictures taken with me! He knows I am good fighter; this is going back three years and since then I have put in good wins, a good win the other Saturday. I'm ranked, I'm ready to take on anyone and I think he's trying to put a little bit of distance between us for now.

Brad Bramall @BradBramall
What makes you so confident you can beat Dawson? What's key to that fight for you?
It's just another fight! I know he poses different threats like they all do but I know that what he lacks is one of the things I am really strong in that department - mentally he is very weak. He falls apart halfway through the fight and he lacks concentration, whereas I have been in different situations and I have found a way of coming through. I just feel against Dawson I will find a way. In fact I WILL find a way. At some stage questions will be asked and with him being as successful as he has been, has he still got the desire to answer them? Does he still have the desire to bite on the gumshield and get off the floor? I haven't been a world champion so I don't know where he is willing to go and I know how far I am willing to go - and its further than him.


Adam Hill @AdamHill1310
Will you give Kenny Anderson a rematch? The first fight was brilliant
If it was a possibility it wouldn't be a fuss. I am willing to fight anyone but I don't think Anderson has boxed for a while. I was stripped of my British title so he could fight for it, he won it and he has vacated it since, so he's kind of a redundant opponent. I am looking at fighting for the world titles; I am now ranked so until he is world-ranked as well, he would be a major step backwards.

Hassan @BoxerHassan
Is there anything you regret doing in the first meeting between Isaac Chilemba?
I regret falling apart after seven rounds! I regret being exhausted on my feet and going back into my corner and not being able to catch my breath! So yeah, things like that, but I don't really regret it because it's told me I am not a machine and I am not a robot and I can tire, and when you do too much in training and literally leave it in the gym, then it can happen. I found out the hard way - halfway through a fight! I am glad I have learned this lesson because I'd rather it happened at this stage than on the big stage when I'm fighting for the belt. Lessons are definitely learned from that fight!


Brad Johnson @ClaretBrad
Your jab is world class I think. Do you think it's your best attribute? Or something else?
It is a pretty useful attribute and it does work for me sometimes! In most fights if you can control someone with the jab you can dictate the pace of the fight and you can also set up the next wave of punches, so the jab is very important. I think its neglected sometimes, especially at the world stage because they are just looking for big shots and to load up with straight rights or a leading left hook. But you need to get yourself in these positions first and the jab is the key to doing that. It's a good shot that I am fond of!

Mark O Driscoll @MarkTownPark
Will you be moving up to cruiserweight anytime soon? Or is making light-heavy still relatively easy?
The most-asked question on my Twitter! It's easy to do the weight as long as I'm given time and notice to prepare, the weight is never an issue. I hit the weight the week before the fight. For the last fight I was on weight for 2-3 weeks! The last sparring me and Carl did he gets on the scales after we had finished sparring and I think he was 166lbs and I got on and was 176lbs. It's easily done as I said. Preparation is everything, it is the key to everything and given enough time to make the weight, it's never a problem for me.


Thomas williams @1tomtommytom1
Who was your favourite fighter growing up?
Nigel Benn, he was in some great fights and he was always good to watch. It sounds like I'm lying but the first fight I saw was Benn against Gerald McClellan - and I haven't seen a better fight since. We all like fighters with big hearts and are ready to leave everything in the ring and he did. He spoke his mind, he was bit controversial at times, but he was just awesome to watch. It wasn't that he was no good and just came out and let his hands go and take out opponents, it was just the fact that he boxed at the top level and was successful - and was so unpredictable.

BoxingNut @BoxingNut1
If you could fight at any venue in the world where would it be - and who against?
Without a shadow of a doubt it would be Goodison Park! And I think a fantastic fight would be against... well, I know it would be a rematch and I don't even need to have to say his name! A rematch at Goodison Park and I can finally put the record straight without having any questions asked.


carl stanfield @skratchalien
Tattoos are sometimes said to be the mark of a warrior. Is the cat you had done a warrior symbol of some sort?BR>GEORGE SAYS:
Not the cat, no! There's quite a few I've got but unfortunately, sorry it's not a warrior. He's just lucky for me and if you see it up close he looks quite gentle! You aren't going to get any troruble off him!

Jon Fowler @GrowlerJon
Do you read fan tweets before a fight on the day?
No, I'm switched off from Twitter, I think just before the weigh-in. I have a team around me that virtually wrap me in cotton wool and they really look after me and without that team around me, I'd be lost because in the past I would've been on Twitter - in fact I'd be on Twitter in the dressing room before the fight! I get people around me that just care about me, don't care about anything else, just my well-being and my state of mind going into the fight. I'm, very, very lucky to have that team around me and they would kill me if I told you their names on here! But I won't do that to them - they know who they are!


Sean @ganly788
Would you two consider fighting each other? Absolute barnstormer!
You couldn't disagree with him, could you? We've got two good styles and they would probably gel but I doubt Tony can squeeze himself down to super-middleweight and I've got a few things to do down here before I think about moving up to light-heavy!

TONY SAYS: I can't squeeze down to 168lbs! The amount of times people say it, but money talks and I am sure everyone wants to be a world champion and I am not sure which one of is going to get there first!

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