Glenn McCrory looks at what will be next for Tony Bellew

Last Updated: 02/12/13 10:33am

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Glenn McCrory says that Tony Bellew can hold his head up high despite losing to Adonis Stevenson.

Bellew lost his bid to take the WBC light-heavyweight title from Canada's Adonis Stevenson in Quebec City.

Stevenson won in a sixth-round technical knockout, the first time Bellew had been stopped in his 23-fight career.

A huge left-hand knocked Bellew off his feet and, although he beat the count, referee Michael Griffin intervened when Bellew was boxed into a corner and could not defend himself from Stevenson's powerful shots.

"The statistics said he was not going to win, it was going to take a superman performance for him to win - he hasn't won it but he went and gave it a go," said McCrory.

"It is difficult to go over old ground but a domestic clash against Cleverly may be next for Tony."
Glenn McCrory

"Tony followed his game plan which was to try and give him movement, try and keep out of the way and try and detonate the punches a little bit.

"But this was always going to be hard, Adonis Stevenson is a good fighter - he can punch, he can counter punch and again he showed us something different. He closed it down and he has a fantastic left hand counter, class just told at the end.

"I think anyone is going to find Stevenson difficult because he is a cagey fighter, has good defence and he can bang.


"Whenever Tony tried to commit himself and get his own punches off, he was caught by Stevenson. Tony was throwing punches into mid-air for a lot of the fight.

"Tony went down pretty heavy and did well to get up and to convince the ref to let him go on. But it was a good time stoppage from the ref because Tony was unable to defend himself at that point. You know it was the right result because there were no complaints."

Bellew is now considering his future and revealed straight after the fight that he may follow Nathan Cleverly - the only other man to beat him - up to the cruiserweight division.

McCrory believes a rematch with Cleverly is definitely on the cards.

"It is difficult to go over old ground but a domestic clash against Cleverly may be next for Tony," said McCrory.

"There is no shame in what he has done - he has gone out there and given it a go. It was a big step up - we knew that and he knew that. Unfortunately he was not up to the challenge but there are still plenty of fights out there for him."

Adonis Stevenson seemed more interested in fighting either Carl Froch or Bernard Hopkins than setting up the fight everyone wants to see - him against Sergey Kovalev.

"It was funny how Stevenson did not seem to be talking about Kovalev - that is the fight, two good fighters at their peak. It would be great to see them fight each other," added McCrory

"Froch is never going to step up to light heavyweight - he is comfortable at super middle so that is never going to happen."

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