Scott Quigg still has a lot to prove when he takes on Diego Silva in Manchester

By Adam Norman: Twitter @SkySportsNorm.   Last Updated: 17/11/13 3:25pm

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Scott Quigg: did not convince everyone with his performance against Salinas

Scott Quigg: did not convince everyone with his performance against Salinas

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Scott Quigg was the latest Briton to be crowned world champion but there is a sense that the Bury bantamweight did not convince everyone in his draw with Yoandris Salinas last month.

Quigg, who had held the WBA's interim belt, was upgraded to full status by the sanctioning body in the run-up to the fight with Salinas at the O2 Arena, officially his first defence of the title.

That in itself was enough to raise a few eyebrows, before Quigg was forced to come from behind in the fight to secure a majority draw (the third judge giving it to Quigg by a round).

"Sometimes you'll go and look at what they say and take criticism on board, you may not like it but they've looked for mistakes that you might have missed."
Scott Quigg

However, he is happy to take criticism on the chin as he looks to continue his evolution into an elite fighter.

"You get critics in any walk of life when you are doing well," he told Sky Sports. "They analyse your performance and look for the smallest thing, and you've got to take note of that - because they could be right.

"Sometimes you'll go and look at what they say and take criticism on board, you may not like it but they've looked for mistakes that you might have missed and say, 'you know what - they're right'.

"If people have their own opinions that's fine. They may have thought the tactics weren't right, I thought they were spot on.

"I thought I won the fight on the night by two rounds, and after watching it back I think I won it by three."


Quigg said the tactics had been to nullify Salinas's early threat before stepping on the gas in the later rounds. In that, he had undoubted success.

"We studied him and knew how tricky he would be," he added. "His jab is phenomenal - his timing and precision with it - and we had to take care of that.

"If you watch his earlier fights he was putting people down and they were trying to come back and put pressure on, but against a jab that sharp you throw your tactics out the window, what else is he going to hit you with?

"So it was about staying calm and doing what we worked on in the gym. We knew he likes to be clever early on, but he gets a bit macho later on and we knew he would stand there.

"If you watch early on, when I did feint and pretend to go forward he took two steps back, but from halfway he started getting macho and didn't step back and that gave me the chance to get in and it played into my hands.

"He wanted me on his chest early and set the traps, in the end he didn't have the energy to counter. But as I say you get the critics and if they spot something that wasn't quite right, you go back and put it right."

Trainer Joe Gallagher was more forthright in his assessment of Quigg's performance.

"Show me anyone who has beaten an undefeated Cuban for the world title. They're an avoided species - there are no bad Cuban boxers," he told Sky Sports.

"Tactics-wise we could have gone a bit earlier. Scott had a good fourth and fifth but then Salinas came out in the sixth and put a rocket up his backside.

"A few people were saying he lost six of the first seven but I don't really see that, and down the straight Salinas always stands his ground and I knew that would be his undoing.

"I had him winning by two, the draw was a little bit unfair. But you've got to remember Quigg has gone from fighting for the British title to world champion in two years, and that's unbelievable progress.

"Salinas is better than what you saw on the night - the fact we limited him to doing what he did do was a huge compliment to what Scott Quigg did.

"He will come again and I said before the fight, you'll either be saying 'Quigg did well to beat him' or 'wow, he's good, he is.' It's a great compliment to Quigg that he was able to subdue him the way he did.

"I do feel we got it right, and if we had gone earlier Scott could have been laid out."


Quigg may feel he has something to prove when he takes on Diego Silva in a voluntary defence on Saturday, but Gallagher believes the plaudits will come his way - as long as he sticks to what he does best.

"We've got to be careful - there's always a feeling that you've got to go out there and prove people wrong. Maybe you've got to take a leaf out of Andre Ward's book and go out there and do what you do best, keep winning.

"As long as he keeps winning that title there's no point trying to prove people wrong and entertain, he's got to do what he does best, and that gameplan is to keep winning.

"The kid he's fighting is heavy handed, throws good left hooks to the body and it's going to be more of a puncher's fight. They'll meet in the middle of the ring and let their shots go, so it'll be a different fight this time.

"But he's got to be careful not to get caught in the atmosphere of the 18,000 crowd and take unnecessary shots to keep the crowd happy. I know it's about bums on seats, but Floyd Mayweather 10 or so years ago wasn't a box office fighter, and we've got to make sure Quigg comes out of the fight with a win.

"It's a big stage and if he can't put on a good performance on then we'll need to have a chat."

Quigg - never one to get ahead of himself - is confident he will continue to deliver the goods for Gallagher.

"I'm just going to be myself and hopefully with my performance I'll make the right noise," he said. "The main thing is getting the win and looking good doing so. It means training well, I don't cut corners and I'm looking forward to getting in there in front of my home town supporters.

"You want to look good in every fight, I thought I looked good in my last fight but people have their own opinions. But it's not all about going in there crash, bang, wallop - I outsmarted and out-thought a Cuban, and people don't realise that."

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