Find out some secrets from some of the biggest names in the game on Seconds Out

Last Updated: 04/10/13 4:20pm

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Hard hits, the odd-low blow but plenty of laughs and the sides of boxers you never knew... welcome to Seconds Out.

Our exclusive quickfire Q&A will put the biggest names in the game under the spotlight.

Be they world champions, young prospects or former superstars, we put them through their paces.

It is not all about their boxing skills and secrets either as we quiz them a lot, lot more about their life outside the ring.

Family, food, films, football, it's all there, folks, so click on the videos below to see what your hero will reveal...


AGE: 41
FROM: Wales
IS: Former undisputed Super-Middleweight Champion of the World

IF I COULD FACE ANYONE: If our paths would have crossed, Carl Froch.


AGE: 24
FROM: Manchester
IS: Professional boxer, undefeated, 21 and 0.

BEST FIGHT YOU'VE EVER SEEN: Bernard Dunne-Ricardo Cordoba. I was there, actually there and it was an awesome fight!


AGE: 34
FROM: Salford
IS: Former British, Commonwealth and European light-middleweight champion

FIRST BOXING MEMORY: Would be Nigel Benn fighting Michael Watson and the only part I can still remember is Watson knocking Benn out with a jab!


AGE: 29
FROM: Coatbridge
IS: Current WBO lightweight champion

FAVOURITE PUNCH: Although I am right-handed, I hit harder with my left so I have to go with my left bodyshot.


AGE: 22
FROM: Hartlepool
IS: A Sky Sports Scholar in Boxing

FAVOURITE BOXER: It's propbably Muhammad Ali just because I remember walking into the gym for the first time at the age of 12 and seeing his poster in there!


FROM: Leeds
IS: A Sky Sports Scholar in Boxing

NELSON OR McCRORY: Erm... I'm not going to answer that one. Next time I come in here I'll be in trouble if I answer it!


AGE: 38
FROM: Barnet
IS: Former European Super-Bantamweight champion

IF I COULD FACE ANYONE: I think I would've liked to face Marco Antonio Barrera. At the time he was the number one in my division and I was ranked number two. That was a fight I craved.


AGE: 31
FROM: Barnet
IS: A middleweight

MY FAVOURITE EVER FOOTBALLER? For years it used to be [Gianfranco] Zola but after his performances and how many times he has got us out of trouble... [Didier] Drogba.


AGE: 25!
FROM: Sefton, Liverpool, now based in Bolton
IS: Former WBC super-middleweight champion of the world

IF I COULD FACE ANYONE? It will be Joe Calzaghe again! I'm waiting for that (second) fight still... and I would do it tomorrow! If I got a call and somebody put it on I'd take it!


AGE: Shrouded in mystery... and is staying that way!
FROM: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
IS: Former cruiserweight champion of the world

IF I WASN'T A BOXER? If I wasn't a boxer I'd probably have wanted to be an actor because I had quite a career in it. I even auditioned for James Bond.


AGE: Next question
FROM: Sheffield
IS: Former cruiserweight world champion

FAVOURITE PUNCH? A dirty little uppercut! I broke the nose of the Aussie Adam Watt and it knocked him out. You don't see it coming but it when it gets you, all you hear is the crack!


AGE: 27
FROM: Liverpool
IS: British and Commonwealth lightweight champion

BEST FIGHT EVER? Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti. I still watch them today, every one of them was a great fight so credit to both of them for being part of it. Unbelievable!


AGE: 27 (was 26 at the time!)
FROM: Sheffield
IS: World title contender

FIRST BOXING MEMORY? Walking onto the gym and seeing Johnny Nelson, Ryan Rhodes and Naz, sparing in the ring. I looked up to them... I was that young kid!


AGE: 34
FROM: Manchester
IS: Four-time, two-weight world champion

FAVOURITE FIGHTER: It was Roberto Duran. I felt blessed that I met him on several occasions and I tried to model myself on him in several ways, not just in fighting terms or technical ways. He was a man of the people.

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