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Last Updated: 11/03/13 9:12am

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George Groves: Successful on his debut for Matchroom

George Groves: Successful on his debut for Matchroom

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We've delved into the comments sections of our boxing stories and gathered together the best posts on the most contentious issues of the week.

This week the battle of the promoters heated up once again with the confirmation that George Groves had left Frank Warren to join Matchroom, while Ricky Burns was rumoured to be following his former stablemate across London. Amir Khan was also in the news while Bernard Hopkins once again proved that age is just a number...

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Burns and Warren to split

Nothing was bigger last week than the news that WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns was going to leave promoter Frank Warren after his unification fight against Miguel Vazquez was put back to April 20.

ozzy: I realize it's open season on Frank Warren however for this particular fight I think Warren has done everything right. The problems have occurred at Vazquez's end and Warren is unfairly getting the blame. This is so unlike Ricky I suspect someone has been whispering in his ear.

kamal: I don't enjoy seeing Frank Warren's number of good fighters slowly dwindling as there is less competition and the fact that frank has put on great fights over the years, however recently he hasn't been getting his fighters good testing fights and I think Cleverly will leave soon too. The real power in boxing is sky at the moment and any promoter on sky will get the best boxers, god knows what's happening with golden boy uk but hopefully they can give matchroom some competition.

rockcreed: Finally! Good move, I really rate Ricky as a Boxer, and he comes across as one of the nicest and most professional Boxers out there. Hopefully he'll join Matchroom who WILL help him progress.

golden-boy: Problem now is for Ricky, whoever he goes with is going to want to put him in with the PROBLEM Broner! Dont think Ricky really wants this fight and he will get battered. There isant much you can o if a fighter like Vaquez falls ill and has a doctors certificate for proof, Should have stuck with Warren, fought this fight in April, got the other belt, and then go elsewhere and get the Broner fight. He would have earned a lot more money this way as the Broner fight would be bigger again!

ben: The days of Prince Naseem are gone for poor old Frank, he just can't put on the shows like he used to. Time to step aside and let Eddie have his turn I think.

boxingbantz: Can't say I'm surprised. Another one for Eddie Hearn to snap up and add to his stable and we know WILL get the Broner fight made. He only has Nathan Clev left and he can't be happy with how his career is panning out? The term "sinking ship" springs to mind with regards to Warren fighters.

joy: This is the second high profile British boxer who has now quit on him in a space of a week! I think this says it all about Warren and his rip off Box Nation. He is ruining boxers, boxing entertainment and ripping off boxing fans. He is another boxing promoter too greedy and too big an ego, it is bout time he packed it in as a promoter.

adam: About time to be honest. Warren is fading away puts on some stinker shows and matches up his world class fighters and world champions up against quite frankly poor opposition. He's dragging Nathan cleverly back if he leaves warren is done for. The boxers are finally starting to realise now I think. Matchroom is where it is at!

Hopkins re-writes history books

The remarkable Bernard Hopkins bettered his own record as the oldest man to win a world title, when, aged 48, he defeated Tavoris Cloud to win the IBF light-heavyweight title.

maravilla: Nothing but respect for Bernard Hopkins, 48 years old and he took Cloud to the cleaners. Anyone striving to make it in boxing should study Hopkins, not only the way he has adapted over the years to remain at the top, even more impressive is his mastery in footwork and movement, even at the age of 48. Thoroughly deserves his place in the Hall of Fame.

dj: If folk on here are right about how good Hopkins is then Calzaghe must the greatest ever to lace up a glove. Moved up a weight and gave away home advantage, with some very ropey and biased US judges and still won going away. Can only imagine how that fight goes at super-mid in Cardiff and with neutral judging?

joy: Hopkins is a legend even though he can be Negative, but the same could be said about other defensive fighters like Mayweather but it is a skill. The issue is this is another division without many top fighters and Hopkins could beat most even if he was 58! Hopkins had a tough life but he is smart too he will know when he is ready to quit and I have a feeling he will fight another couple more years so he can break this records of being a world champ at 50!

inside: What a performance, well deserved title win and now a unification fight with Cleverly would be the icing on the cake for the future hall of famer. Should have gone out against Dawson with this gameplan but he has done the sport proud and anyone who supports boxing!

whl: Time to call it quits on top??

neil: I never understand why people insist on retirement based on age. Its like saying your life is over after a certain age! Why not just retire when he feels like he can no longer perform to his usual standards?

shane: I must have watched a different fight as i had Cloud winning 7 rounds to 5. The commentators were terrible and scoring points for Hopkins when he did not even land..The aggressor was cloud and i cant see him loosing that fight..Go watch again and block out the crowd and commentary and score the fight based on punches..

kevin-butler: Congratulations Bernard, a fantastic result in a fantastic career. Now, Frank Warren has now got to deliver for Nathan Cleverly a shot at Bernard,the kid deserves it. Bernard is a great match up for Nathan,just like Calzaghe was.and YES, Nathan will bring that belt home .... so please Frank make it happen..

Groves announces Warren split

News broke over last weekend that George Groves had been the latest to leave Frank Warren and join Matchroom. Groves made his debut for his new stable at Wembley on Saturday, resulting in a three-round stoppage win.

john: He's good and better than European level however there is such a gulf in class between guys like Groves and the World belt holders. If he's made the decision to fight and not worried about having 4 defeats on his record over the next 24 months then I commend him for doing so.

signal: Did Warren not get Groves a world title fight against WBO champion Stiglitz.. ?? am i missing somtin..Wasnt Groves the 1 who got injured? so people, dont just hate, get facts first..

jon: Before we bash Frank to much I just wanted to point out that he did get Groves a shot at the WBO belt which George had to withdraw from.

tjf81: Warren has certainly lost the power when it comes to promoting these days. Matchroom are leading the way in the Uk whilst golden boy are now making a move in to the UK market. I really feel Warren isn't delivering the fights his fighters want anymore and they are looking for better options.

alistair: I like watching Groves, he has tallent, heart, humility and ko power.Groves needs more regular meaningful fights if he wants to be a world champion. 3 fights to a world title shot? I hope so. I know he's had injuries but Warren fighters just seem to stagnate.

Khan not focused on Brook

As always with Khan, the former world champion stirred up emotion when he took a dig at Kell Brook while saying he was not thinking about his big domestic rival ahaead of a UK return next month.

k: Anyone who thinks that Brook has a chance against Khan is a joke. Khan's been in with the best in his division; Peterson, Judah, Garcia, Maidana, Malignaggi. Who's Brook been in with Carson Jones and he only just beat him and he will be outboxed by Alexander when they fight. Khan would destroy him if they ever fight.

mike: "But it will show I have more fans than him in his home city" Why does he say stuff like this??? That's why he is perceived as arrogant amongst a lot of boxing fans.

stuart: Enjoy both fighters styles, will make a very exciting fight when it happens. Personally I would like to see Amir beat Garcia which I think he can do, then Kell beat Devon which he can do and maybe one more fight at Welter, same with Amir. This still needs building up, so when it finally happens it will be huge!

studley: Why he is he considering fighting at 147 when he gets sparked out at 140? Surely even a dummy can realise that at 147 they hit harder....oh no sorry the dummy doesnt seem to realise that does he!!!

james: More fans than Brook in Sheffield? Get a grip of yourself Amir. Kell will finish your career once and for all. Go back to bolton and polish your silver olympics medal because you wont be seeing another world title.

shagster: Very good advice to yourself Amir, do not look ahead because when you have before previous fights we all know what happened! However if you did or didnt think ahead i think Kell would beat you by knock out between rounds 5 and 8.

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