Anthony Ogogo will hand-pick his trainer and fight in Britain after joining Golden Boy

Last Updated: 22/01/13 10:04pm

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Anthony Ogogo is going to wait before picking his trainer - even though he has just turned professional.

The Olympic bronze medallist has left the amateurs behind by signing for America's Golden Boy promoters.

Ogogo wants to make his debut in April or May - depending on a slight injury - but admits he is not sure who is going to be in his corner.

Carl Froch's trainer Robert McCracken famously took charge of Great Britain's Olympic success in the summer, but the 24-year-old admits he has no idea who will train him.

"I havent decided yet," he told Sky Sports.

"I am in a quite priveleged position where I can go and train with a few different trainers and I might not even have one in place by the end of the year, but using a couple for the first year - or as soon as I get someone I gel with.

"So I am going to spend some time working with guys and hopefully finding a good one that I like.

"I can go over to America and train when I want, just to get a different style.

"I'm British and really proud to be British and from this great country, so I will be boxin here as much as possible."
Anthony Ogogo

"I don't want to become too boxed-off, a European-style fighter; I want to go over there and learn some new training techniques

"I'm just going to be the best boxer I can."


Ogogo also admits that he looked at several promoters on home soil before he decided to sign for Golden Boy.

It means he joins Amir Khan in the same stable but is the first British boxer to start his career with the American giants.

They are believed to be setting up over here in England, but even if that doesn't materialise, Ogogo says there is now way he is going to spend all his time fighting across the Atlantic.

"I'm British and really proud to be British and from this great country, so I will be boxing here as much as possible," he said.

"But I will get the option, as well, to box over in Anmerica when I can, box on some of their massive undercards, a (Floyd) Mayweather undercard, or a Saul Alvarez undercard, so why would I not take that opportunity?

"I'll be boxing here mainly, boxing over there and just also the training."

Ogogo's first TV boxing appearance as a professional saw him line-up against David Haye, Khan, Froch and Johnny Nelson in Britain's Best: The Gloves Are Off.

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