'Amir Khan missed out on Floyd Mayweather but has desire back'

By Johnny Nelson.   Last Updated: 24/03/14 4:20pm

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Good place: Khan looks happy and hungry again, says Johnny

Good place: Khan looks happy and hungry again, says Johnny

I've got to say Amir Khan looks in a good place right now.

I know he turned down Devon Alexander and missed out on Floyd Mayweather - for now - but if you saw his interview on Ringside, you should be impressed.

"Time out of the ring has got him going again and made him realise that you cannot take anything for granted in this game."
Johnny Nelson

Amir looked happy again - everything he said came across with common sense and more maturity than before and what struck me is that he has accepted his fate.

The fact he had a chat with Mayweather on the phone was nice and while he can't guarantee their fight will eventually happen, booking a place on the undercard on May 3 against Luis Collazo is a good, sensible decision.

It is the perfect chance for Amir to shine, for him to show America how good he can be and, in my opinion, be a fighter who can give Money some problems.

With all due respect, Marcos Maidana will suit Mayweather down to the ground but Amir? I am not going to say he beats the best in the world but if he is on point and at the top of his game he can cause him problems.

The one other major factor Amir will bring to the table is hunger, that is the one thing that I noticed in him.

Yes, it will be over a year since he got in the ring but that has got him going again and it makes you realise that you cannot take anything for granted in this game.

When I was looking for my first world title shot I didn't box for 14 months - i wasn't through injury, it was just because of politics and business decisions that were made without me having a say.

It was hard but what it did was keep that fire burning. At first you lose interest but then all of a sudden you realise just what the sport means to you and how it is your life.


We will see the hungry Khan again and that could well be what he needs to take him into that showdown with Mayweather.

I get the feeling that we are also going to get the Tyson Fury we all know and love again, following last year's David Haye disaster.

We heard talk that he had had enough of boxing and was looking at packing in, but even though he said he is not worried about world titles or money any more, the familiar Fury at last week's press conference suggests he is back.

And finally that brings Kell Brook to the forefront as well because he HAS his dream fight lined up - right now it doesn't matter who he gets to fight for that world title, it is just nice to know he can start focussing again.

The win over Alvaro Robles means the banana skin did not slip him up and he looked good, he looked sharp and he looked like he is ready to move up a level.

I know Kell well and if I am honest the last two years have stopped us seeing the best of him, with the injuries and the fights with Alexander falling through making things hard, but he got that hunger back and is now ready.

Kell realises, I think, that the Khan fight is some way down the line - he knows Amir is at the elite level and has been for a couple of years and Kell knows he needs to join him.

Both of them will take the fight because neither are the sort to avoid anyone in the ring, despite the fact they have not had it easy of late.

So let's give them credit as it looks like both of them are happy again. And hungry...

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