Haye v Fury: The Panel are put on the spot

With the countdown well and truly on, we will put the Sky Sports Box Office experts, Jim Watt, Glenn McCrory and Johnny Nelson on the spot as we break down the battle between David Haye and Tyson Fury...

Last Updated: 19/11/13 1:48pm

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Giant step: Haye has already toppled the biggest of the lot, Nikolai Valuev

Giant step: Haye has already toppled the biggest of the lot, Nikolai Valuev

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QUESTION TWO: David Haye is the bookies' favourites yet as the saying goes, the big guy always beats the little guy. So does that mean Tyson Fury will come out on top? And does size guarantee success in the world of heavyweights?

GLENN McCRORY: The heavyweight division is anything over 14st 4lbs so you can have - and need - a good mix of sizes; Mike Tyson was 15st 6lbs when I was with him in 1997-1998 and he made that lightness work for him to become one of the most feared heavyweights of any era.That means Fury's size advantage won't count for everything against Haye and David has beaten someone massive before in Nikolai Valuev - but Fury is more athletic.

"This fight could be slightly too early for Tyson, as it was for Saul Alvarez against Floyd Mayweather, and David's quality could be too much, but there's no denying that Fury has improved a lot"
Glenn McCrory

JOHNNY NELSON: It's true, the big guys don't look out of shape these days, they don't look out of proportion, they just look big. When they are 6ft 9in they don't look lanky, they look like they grew up in the Land of the Giants. But look at Evander Holyfield, look at Mike Tyson, you can go even further back to Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, Rocky Marciano... these guys used brute force, speed, energy, tenacity to get in there and break a big guy up. And even though we've already had it, David v Goliath takes over and that is why we love it.

JIM WATT: Those guys Johnny mentioned were fighting guys their own weight, not these 17, 18, 19 stone guys. The huge heavyweights didn't exist then. If they were giant they were looked upon as a freak and considered too big to be athletic.That has all changed. Wladimir Klitschko is huge, but even he is athletic as well. You can't compare these guys with the ones back then, these are now proper, big, athletic, fit heavyweight boxers. And the whole division has changed - and ruled by the big guys.

GLENN: But let's not forget, David has been in with big, athletic young men before. He blew Audley Harrison away in ridiculous fashion don't forget - and so a few inches of height won't work against Haye too much. The one size that is going to matter if we are going to see an upset is Fury's heart.

JIM: Aye, he needs more than size to get through this. Yes, he has the size and the strength but he must have that belief because he went looking for this fight and I like that. He has handled himself quite well and although many people are expecting that to change, he has looked confident. Confident that he is going to beat David Haye.

JOHNNY: It's all he's got but he has got self-belief and that is even more important than being 100 per cent fit. Size and self-belief and if he really truly believes in his destiny, that is a big, big plus in his favour.

JIM: One of the things that worries me is the amount of basic errors we have seen him make. And he has been facing a lot of guys that wouldn't really hurt him and make him pay, but this one will. Even recently against a cruiserweight like Steve Cunningham he just didn't really pay full attention. Then I remember when he got in with Dereck Chisora, he showed great discipline throughout the fight. So maybe if he knows there is danger in front of him he will stick to the plan and keep his focus. He will concentrate. I think.

JOHNNY: I expect him to come in as southpaw and people are going to think that is a mad gamble at this level. But he will do it, I'm sure. If he plays safe and does what is expected and nothing else, he loses. They've got to come up with a specific gameplan and has to play it or he gets sparked.

GLENN: I just think he will be quite cautious. This fight could be slightly too early for Tyson, as it was for Saul Alvarez against Floyd Mayweather, and David's quality could be too much, but there's no denying that Fury has improved a lot and is better than he is often given credit for. Fury has all the rudiments to be really special and if he can beat someone of David's quality that will make him a big star and take him to another level.

So what do you think? Throw your thoughts into the mix by commenting below. And stay with The Panel because there are plenty more questions to mark your card ahead of the big one... Haye v Fury.

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