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By Adam Norman.   Last Updated: 04/03/13 12:53pm

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Amir Khan, or A Mere Con?

Amir Khan, or A Mere Con?

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We've delved into the comments sections of our boxing stories and gathered together the best posts on the most contentious issues of the week.

This week we heard that Amir Khan's return to these shores will be against former lightweight champion Julio Diaz, while the fall out from David Price's defeat continued. We also had Robert Guerrero talking up his chances against Floyd Mayweather jr in their mouth-watering May clash.

We don't make any apologies for the typing errors!

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Guerrero fancies his chances

Robert Guerrero was last week confirmed as Floyd Mayweather's next opponent and the Californian is confident he can inflict a first defeat on the pound-for-pound champion.

chris: Floyd has way too much for Guerrero. He will also retire unbeaten, 100% because the only fights he takes these days are ones that he can heavily stack in his favour. He's a business man first and foremost, hence why the Pacquiao fight didn't come off 3/4 years ago. Wouldn't be surprised if we see it happen in 18 months though.....

sam: I can't see Guerrero winning against Mayweather I'm afraid. In Guerrero's pervious fights, he took too many shots from the opposing fighters. You can't leave yourself open like that against Mayweather . In floyds next fight I'd love to see Alvarez or trout go against him, as I think both fighters pose a real threat against Mayweather.

liam: When floyd beats him all fans who saying its gonna be a hard fight will no doubt say well floyd should beat him an try to discredit the win

jon:Mayweather is finished, Guerrero is the same height similar reach, great chin, he is younger and will pressure Mayweather throughout who has not got the legs anymore, Americans score for aggression and Guerrero will win on points.

wellzeee: Most ridiculous prediction ever. Mayweather has made every fighter look ordinary. The only fighter who came close was Castillo and mayweather gace him another shot to prove he was better. This will be no different. Floyd will win every round except any where he decides to have a breather

dave: I'm a fan of Floyd from day dot, that being said give Guerrero credit, I believe he'll give Floyd a stern test and is right in one sense, time waits for no one...not even Floyd, i think he'll knock him out last few rounds.

ryan:To be fair to Guerrero, he's never quite got the credit he deserves but he's earned his shot and he's got a great attitude, It's difficult to predict how this fight will go, but I think Mayweather could find himself in another tough scrap here. Really interesting match up, can't wait.

john: Another good fighter getting exposed on 5th of May! Guerrero is world-class, but Mayweather will make another world class fighter look ordinary. He has done it so many times and people just keep on hating and naming new fighters he should face!

Diaz intent on Khan brawl

Nobody gets the forums going like a good Amir Khan story, and as ever there were two sides to the debate as Julio Diaz was named as his next opponent.

dave: How can people keep saying Khan deserves a rematch against Peterson & Garcia, Khan never gave Barrera or Mcloskley a rematch when it was stopped due a cut so why should he be given a rematch, also Team Khan are clever in picking there opponents, Khan should be fighting the people in the Top 10 like Marquez, Bradley, Guerrero, Alvarez, Pacman, Berto, Matthysse, Rios, etc people who will give him a proper test and can take a punch as well as give one.

golden: Dave your comments are absurd. What you on about give barrerra a reamtch and mcloskey. He beat both of them. And to be honest you must be new to boxing if you think Amir khan would go back down to lightweight (135) to fight barrerra. And if you had been listening to the news you would of known how lots of fighters rejected to fight him including bradley, lopez and marquez. Stick to barbie dolls mate.

keith: Once again against a half good opponent but who's clearly lacking that killer punch to put people down and out for me to really think this going to be much of a test for Khan... A bit unfortunate I mean people lose yes and they rebuild the career but you also get guys say in the UFC who go from one hard loss to a hard opponent in the next fight that's the problem with boxing we don't see enough of that.

rebecca: i commented the other day saying Khan would fight another bum and i have been proven right, i told you the only reason Khan is back in the UK is because no one in the US would pay one $ to see this fight, i mean the guy is been weight drained, is 33 and already lost 7 fights to people no one as every heard of bar one, its a pure joke he thinks he is world class

p4p: Khan, what a waste of time he is. Light welters not interested in Khan, nor do I blame them. Khan could of jumped up to welterweight & challenged anyone but no he choices to fight a catch weight. I have no time for Khan. Stay in the States

phil: I think he is a great fighter. Not the best in anyway but could become P4P due to the fact that the best are not getting old and will retire. He will fight the best but only when they are not as fit or as strong as they used to be. Amir is all about making money and he and his family know it. Fair enough, it is after all a business. Would love to see him fight Victor Ortiz though. That would really test him.

jim: Lol at the haters. Why bother reading his articles, then commenting, etc? Sad really. The funniest statement is: "I only watch his fights to see him get knocked out"; is one that proud and arrogant that they can't bring themselves to admit that they like watching him because he's exciting and a good boxer.

muhammad-fahid: Another fight for Khan to re-establish himself, Diaz not an ideal opponent, Golden Boy could have chosen a slightly more technical boxer who would test Khan. After this fight Golden Boy and Khan should look at Matthyse, Linares or even Rios as potential opponents.

mr-bump: Ex-lightweight champ Julio Diaz is a dangerous opponent and was very good last time out when getting a draw against Shawn Porter. I hope Amir wins this as I really want to see a rematch with Garcia. I know Khan has a lot of haters however I think he is very talented and great to watch - in fact because he doesn't posses the greatest whiskers in the world I would say his fights are absolutely compelling.

boxingbantz: Would love to hear his reasoning behind the catchweight. If he wants to stay at 140, fight someone at 140. Don't make a welterweight drain themselves and come down in weight just to fight him. No wonder Senchenko, Marquez and others have all turned him down. Amir Khan? A Mere Con more like...

Fury: Price fight is dead

Tyson Fury was predictably vocal after watching arch rival David Price get stopped inside two rounds by veteran Tony Thompson.

mossco: Why are people saying Thompson an Old Timer?? He's only been beaten off Klitschko in the last 12 years, Vital is 41 and still a world champion. I always thought Fury was ducking Price, but i think it's the other way round now to be fair.

lee: Who do you think you are kidding.. Tyson Fury, just keep running in the other direction of Price like you always have been, stop trying to mislead the public into thinking you ever wanted this fight, you've shown how cowerdous you are..

stevie: Does he really think people are stupid? He wanted nothing to do with Price then and he wants nothing to do with him now, even after seeing him knocked out. Fury is a coward and this has given him a way out.

cd: price hasnt had a fight with any big names and the best boxer he has come across knocked him out and even he was another OLD TIMER, fury has no reason to fight him if he wins against cunninham hes on to big and better things! end of

boxingbantz: Love him or hate him. Tyson Fury is great for boxing.

martyn: This guy is getting ridiculous, does he not think the boxing viewing public have memories that go back further then a couple of weeks? About 3 weeks ago on this website he was saying he had no interest in fighting Price as he's only British and Commenwealth champ which Fury has already given up (to avoid fighting Price). Now he see's the opportunity to say "i would have fought him, but now there's no point blah blah..". Just fight him, no doubt you now have some (misplaced) confidence at last that you may win. You won't. And your fight against Steve Cunningham, a pumped up cruiserweight that's lost 3 of his last 4 fights will prove nothing.

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