Jon Ridgeon backs Mo Farah to beat Usain Bolt in 600m showdown

Last Updated: 29/07/13 6:51pm

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Sky Sports Jon Ridgeon thinks Mo Farah will beat Usian Bolt over 600m but 550m would be the ultimate distance for them to race

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Sky Sports athletics pundit Jon Ridgeon says Mo Farah will be too fast for Usain Bolt if they race over 600m.

British distance superstar Farah - the Olympic 5000m and 10,000m champion - has challenged his friend Bolt to a race with the proceeds going to charity.

Farah has suggested 600m as the right distance, which 100m and 200m Olympic champion Bolt agrees would be fair.

"At 550m, right now, I think Mo Farah would take it. Usain has run 45.3 seconds at 400m but after that he's in unchartered territory."
Jon Ridgeon

Ridgeon, a former top 110m hurdler, believes a race over 550m would be too tight to call.

"For me Mo Farah wins it every time. He's so fit. His range is from 1500m all the way up to the marathon. I think it is easier from him to drop down a little bit than for Usain Bolt to step up," he told Sky Sports News.

"Usain Bolt would definitely win at 500m, Mo Farah would win at 600m. So to create the ultimate race where they are both dipping over the line at the same time I think 550m would be the ultimate distance.

"At 550m, right now, I think Mo Farah would take it. Usain has run 45.3 seconds at 400m but after that he's in unchartered territory.

"I think an over-distance challenge like this definitely falls into Mo's lap. You've got two pretty versatile athletes - wouldn't it be fun. I think there would be huge interest.

"Bolt is massive right the way across the world. Mo is big himself. London would be perhaps the ideal venue, perhaps end of 2015 when the Olympic Stadium re-opens."

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