Super Bowl XLVII: Sky Sports NFL speaks to Jack and Jackie Harbaugh in New Orleans

By Paul Higham in New Orleans - Twitter: @SkySportsPaulH.   Last Updated: 31/01/13 8:06am

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The highlight of the day, apart from the appearance of a live alligator and a marching band (also live) inside the media centre was undoubtedly the first ever 'parents press conference' taking place.

One of, if not the biggest, stories of the week is the tale of the two coaching brothers who will stand on opposite sidelines for the biggest game in the world on Sunday in New Orleans, and such is the clamour for more and more on this story the Harbaugh parents agreed to face the media.

And so, Jack and Jackie Harbaugh spoke to a packed press conference about their sons Jim and John (yes we've noted the 'J' theme in the names) who will be coaching the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens respectively in the Super Bowl.

It's a story that has captivated America, and you can understand just why with their biggest sporting event now becoming a brotherly battle - and the proudest parents put on a real show today, especially proud dad Jack who obviously loves the spotlight.

Jack regaled us with story after story, and it is clear where the two boys got their intensity from - and at this point spare a thought for Jerome Boger, the referee who will no doubt get an earful from both Harbaughs at some point on Sunday.


Jack says both of his sons have pleaded with him and Jackie to enjoy the experience and, apart from the knowledge that one of their boys will be heartbroken Sunday night, that is exactly what they are trying to do.

The other big story of the week was always going to be Ray Lewis, but it has turned slightly sour for the retiring Ravens linebacker as he's now been forced to more strongly deny taking a banned substance during his rehab from injury.

Lewis danced around the issue at media day, but the Ravens had a word and he came out with a much stronger wording today and all of his team-mates are all fully behind him but it was clear to see that the report had got to him.

He tried to laugh it off, but Lewis has to be seething behind the scenes that the last hurrah he wanted to enjoy this week has been taken over by this most ill-timed report.

The greatest

"The one thing both of them have been pleading with us is 'Mom, Dad, please try and enjoy the game and the experience' so we're trying to do just that - we really are trying."
Jack Harbaugh

Elsewhere, Randy Moss did not change his stance that he is the best receiver ever, despite some words of warning from Jerry Rice, and that was not the only storm here in New Orleans as the wind and rain hit the Crescent City, luckily we play under a dome on Sunday.

The teams finally got into some serious practice, and in the image of both their head coaches every single one we've spoken to seems to have a steely determination and single-minded focus that refuses to shift off the game despite the hoopla in New Orleans.

And this city can provide plenty of distractions - we got our own with the New Orleans host committee kindly providing a huge party for the assembled media from around the world to sample the food and entertainment of the locals.

The highlight was the Krispy Kreme bread pudding and the alligator burger - an alligator was later spotted in the media centre the day after, hopefully not chasing after the people that devoured his relative.

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